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Valerie Jarrett & Obama Determined to Find Obama 2.0

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Published on: April 22, 2017

On Thursday, Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said she was not so much interested in pushing Michelle Obama into the White House as much as she said that she and Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah are interested in finding the next “Obama 2.0.”

Jarrett talked the nonsense of gender quality, along with other things, which for the most part were un-American at their core during an interview with Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe.

Keep in mind that this woman is probably the mind behind actions that resulted in the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and here at home in Oregon, as well as backing the sanctioning of child abuse.

Jarrett pretty much shot down any claims that Michelle Obama would run for president.  Thank God!

Following talks about a “rough” and “gut wrenching” night of watching Donald Trump win the 2016 election, Jarrett was asked, “Is it possible to have an impact post-White House and is there a political future for you?”

Of course, Brzezinski must know this woman is trying to have an impact.  In fact, it appears that she moved into the Obama’s anti-Trump command center, Organizing for Action, with the intent to sabotage the Trump presidency.  However, she knew all this was coming, as she commented in May 2016, “Obama is not going anywhere after his presidency.”

Of course, Jarrett attempted faking humility and said she wanted to help the “next generation” of “young people” run for office.

Then a more pointed question came, and that was with regards to Michelle Obama possibly running for office and employing Jarrett’s help.

“I don’t think that would be fruitful,” she said, speaking of discussing the contemplations of Mrs. Obama.

“I will encourage her to be a force for good,” she added.  “She doesn’t need much encouragement for that, obviously.  She was an extraordinary first lady, but I don’t think she really wants to run for office.”

According to Jarrett, that does not mean they aren’t going to be involved.  They most certainly will be.

She said Michelle “appreciates that she has this extraordinary platform’ she has in the post-presidency ‘as does her husband.”

“They’re young, they’re very popular, the president left office with very high approval ratings, as did she.” Jarrett added. “And so how do you take that and galvanize the American people, citizens, to actually work to solve some of the big challenges that we lie ahead…I think both of them are committed to that.”

Right, they just needed time apart immediately after the elections.

Brzezinski then asked, “Could you ask President Obama something for me? Could he come back and save the party? And tell them what to do?”

Save the party? My goodness, all his people are running the Democrat Party.  I don’t think there is any saving it.

However, Jarrett provided an answer and said that Obama was more interested in looking for “Obama 2.0.”

So, Obama wants to truly become Dr. Evil and have a “Mini Me” of himself in office.  This is what happens America when you do not prosecute a man who usurped the office of the presidency and committed all kinds of high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution and against the people of America.   You embolden him.  When will there be justice?

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