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More Video Evidence in Gruber-Gate Exposes Obama’s Lies to the American People

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Published on: November 18, 2014

Gruber-gate. Another scandal has hit the Obama administration. Surely, no one has been surprised by this. Obama claimed Jon Gruber was “some adviser who never worked on our staff.” However, Gruber advised Obama’s first campaign in 2006, went to the White House some dozen times since Obama’s been in office and received an almost $400,000 contract to advise on the monstrous health care law known as Obamacare.

Video has surfaced showing Obama speaking at the Brookings Institute claiming he “stole” ideas from “some of the brightest minds from academia and policy circles” specifically naming Jon Gruber.

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While in Australia on Monday, Obama, in response to the exposure of Gruber-gate, stated, “The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is no reflection on the actual process that was run.”

As a wise man once said, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”

According to Obama himself in his 2012 campaign, “… we used the same advisors and they say it’s the same plan.”

In the 11/16/11 headline of “The Hill,” it was claimed Architect of Romney’s Health Bill Says It’s ‘The Same’ As Obama’s.

In an op-ed for The Republican on MassLive on 4/11/12, Jonathan Gruber, touted as the architect of Massachusett’s Romneycare, boasted that “the core of the ACA is the same ‘three legged stool’ [a technique used in copy-writing] that was first developed in Massachusetts” and claimed he himself worked closely with the administration and Congress.

If that isn’t enough, on 3/26/12, Bloomberg published an article claiming, Jon Gruber Who Helped Write Obamacare and Massachusetts Health Care Law: “The Federal Reform Is Simply A More Ambitious Version Of The Massachusetts Reform.

In a 2012 three minute Obama campaign commercial, Jon Gruber was personally featured in order to associate Massachusetts Romneycare with Obamacare, even touting Gruber as a health care consultant to both Romney and Obama.

But, remember, Obama said he never worked on “our staff” and he disagrees completely with Gruber’s statement in terms of the voters. Did you catch that? He only stated he “disagrees” with Gruber’s expressed opinion of the voters. Obama did not deny any other statement or claims that Gruber made, only the one about the voters. Granted, Obama is lying about that, as well as lying about Gruber’s role in authoring Obamacare. What Obama is banking on is the intelligence of the low information citizen to hear the word “disagree” and forget the qualifier. It’ll work too as liberal progressive left pundits will rally to his defense. Unfortunately, in the age of technology, video doesn’t go away.

For all the evidence indicating Gruber was instrumental in the design of the “Atrocious” HealthCare Act, no one in Washington knows him – not Obama and not one Democrat in Congress. Democrats passed this unconstitutional law, authored by an MIT economics professor, who some claimed only wrote computer code, without one Republican vote, in the middle of the night, behind closed doors, without even reading it.

Democrats, along with Obama, are liars and they lie to the American public every time they shove their face into a camera, put their oral orifice near a microphone and put pen to paper. For all intents and purposes, they might as well put their backsides toward the camera and microphone as it’s where what they are spewing originates.

What happens in the world of litigation when someone has been caught time and again issuing falsehoods, telling untruths, with-holding information and/or bold face lying? The individual loses all their credibility, can be tried for perjury, and are usually humiliated into the background. But, not Obama. Not the Democrats. Not anyone associated with the federal government. In the midterm election, it was reported that 94% to 96% of the incumbents, depending on the report, actually were re-elected. Amazing!

Scandal after scandal has riddled this administration since day one of Obama’s schlep into office. It has become the hallmark of this administration, the legacy of the supposed “first black president.” The administration has bathed itself with lies, deceit and “clear as mud” transparency. Despite the exposure of all the scandals, lies, deceit and lack of transparency, nothing has been done or will be done to stop it.

So, Americans can add Gruber-gate to the long list of scandals to include Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, IRS targeting, etc., that will not be resolved during this administration or any afterward. These criminal and lawless acts, perpetrated by Obama, his ilk, administration and members of Congress, will be gradually faded from view by the lame stream enemedia, touted as “phony” when brought up by alternative media outlets, labeled as “conspiracy theories” later in revised history that will be taught our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and forgotten by the majority of low information, liberal left, Democratic American and illegal alien voters as soon as the 2016 election push gears up.

Americans might, if lucky, get a “Warren Commission Report” or a “9/11 Commission Report” in the future regarding these “scandals.” Just as with those “federal” investigations and reports, Americans will be left with inconsistencies, unanswered questions and riddles that future generations will try to unravel. Unfortunately, the answers may not be found for the freedom to question the “official” reports may be lost.

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