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Voter Fraud May Not Carry Hillary Clinton – Media Invents Russian Hacker Story

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Published on: September 12, 2016

In the following video, you’ll learn why the accusations made by Hillary Clinton about how Russian hackers are somehow involving themselves in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump secure a win are absolutely LUDICROUS. You’ll learn definitively why there isn’t a person in America that the Russians would rather see become President than Hillary Clinton, and why!

Like most utterances spoken by Hillary Clinton, there is absolutely nothing to support her wild accusations of Russian involvement for Trump. Sadly, what I fear is that this fabricated news story will be further built upon, and then elevated by a horribly corrupt and dishonest media as a means to force the DHS (or some other federal agency) to get involved and “oversee” the process, thereby guaranteeing corruption, and also guaranteeing a stolen win by Hillary. 
After the video, read the news article published by NBC giving legitimacy to the insanity of Hillary’s remarks, followed by a story that includes comments made by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. The comments within the story, direct quotes from Johnson I might add, prove that Johnson would be incapable of “overseeing” the election process in a way that would be anywhere near remotely resembling “objective” about the election process. 

Finally… If Hillary is so worried about voter fraud, why isn’t she talking about the lawsuit filed by The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity alleging Racketeering for Hillary’s role in stealing the primaries from Bernie Sanders in as many as ELEVEN STATES. That is the final video at the bottom before a number of very interesting links worth checking out FILLED with Hillary dirt. 

NBC News Reports:

Hillary Clinton accused Russia of trying to “interfere with our election,” suggesting that Moscow’s alleged hacking attempts against her party were designed to bolster Donald Trump.

According to U.S. officials, Russian intelligence agencies were behind cyber-attacks against the Democratic National Committee in July. Intelligence officials told NBC News last week that Russia-based hackers were also behind two recent attempts to breach voter registration databases.

Following the DNC breach, Trump appeared to publicly invite Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton’s emails. He later claimed he was being sarcastic and not inviting a foreign power to hack.

Clinton herself has largely avoided delving into the discussion on the cybersecurity breaches, but opened up Monday aboard her campaign plane.

When asked by reporters aboard her campaign plane whether she thought Moscow was trying to help Trump win the election, Clinton replied with a “great saying” she said she learned in Arkansas.

“If you find a turtle on a fence post, it didn’t get there by accident,” she said. “I think it’s quite intriguing that this activity has happened around the time Trump became the nominee.”

The Democratic nominee told reporters on her plane that Trump has “urged the Russians to hack more, and, in particular, hack me, and he has generally parroted what is a Putin-Kremlin line.”

The allegation against Russia by U.S. intelligence officials “raises further questions about Trump,” Clinton added, “and I think those are questions the American people should be asking and answering.”

The Republican nominee, she said, has “very early on allied himself with Putin’s policies … And he furthermore has praised Putin, he seems to have this bizarre attraction to dictators, including Putin.”

She later told a rally in Illinois that U.S. intelligence officials now believe there’s”credible evidence for them to pursue an investigation into Russia’s efforts to interfere with our election.”

Clinton’s remarks came hours after the Washington Post reported that U.S. law enforcement agencies were investigating what they see as “a broad covert Russian operation … to sow public distrust” in the election.

Rick Wells Reports  From

As previously reported, Obama is considering having DHS oversee the 2016 elections. How fair do you think DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson would be considering he considers himself one with Islam and has said he is against Trump? The people can not let it happen.

No one who have been watching the mad rush to import as many Islamists as possible by this regime, the proclamations that Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism and the CVE Islamic hand outs to terrorist incubating mosques will be surprised by the events of last Saturday.

Homeland “Security” Secretary, chief dismantler of our national defensive capabilities and invasion facilitator, Jihadi Jeh Johnson spoke to the annual meeting of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). He delivered his speech at their conference in Chicago, declaring himself one of them and pledging his allegiance in their fight against American “injustice.”

Johnson drew connections between himself, all black Americans and the Muslims intent on taking over our nation, referencing similar experiences with abuse, discrimination and disrespect delivered at the hands of the white devils.

Jihadi Jeh Johnson expressed his pride in being the first sitting Cabinet secretary and the highest ranking US official to address the group, telling the audience that he hopes he has set a precedent that others will feel compelled to follow” and be criticized and attempted to shame if they fail to do so.

“Do not despair,” Johnson told the crowd. “If you know American history, take comfort in learning from it.” He told his grandfather’s story, that of a man investigated for be a communist working against the United States and the irony that he now occupies the position he does. It’s quite ironic in view of the fact that he’s working against the United States under the protection of the first black communist to hold the office of foreign president. Johnson referenced the “transformational changes” proudly, and the “unprecedented period of inclusiveness and diversity in our political process.”Destruction comes in many forms and through many methods;  infiltration is but one.

Finding another of the sappy supposed construction deficiencies that the Democrats assign to  every social engineering target, Johnson said of his addressing the Islamist group,  “I am proud to have broken that glass ceiling.” Glass ceilings are a dime a dozen these days and incredibly fragile.

In what was undoubtedly the understatement of the evening, Johnson said, “President Obama has made it a priority for his administration to build bridges to American Muslim communities.” He added, “In 33 months as your Secretary of Homeland Security, I have personally visited American Muslim communities in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Detroit, Dearborn, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles. I have come to know many of you, and I hope you know me. Those are bridges, they’re sponsorships.

The Actions Of Johnson Speak Louder Than Words, They Scream Caliphate

In further vilifying the evil white patriots defending their nation against the globalist invasion, Johnson said, “You have heard President Obama and me call out the discrimination and vilification you face in the current climate. You have heard us say that the self-proclaimed Islamic State is neither Islam nor a state; you have heard us say that it is a group of terrorists attempting to hijack your religion.” That would be the runner up for the understatement of the night, earning the “Incessant Beating Of A Dead Horse Award.”

He continued, “You have heard us, before multiple audiences of different political stripes, refuse to bend to the political pressure to call terrorism “Islamic” extremism. We know that ISIL, though it claims the banner of Islam, occupies no part of your religion, a religion founded on peace.”

He referenced a time most patriotic Americans long for, the days following January 20th, 2017, saying, “After I am gone as Secretary, I hope you will always regard your Department of Homeland Security aligned in interest with you for peace, the safety of your family, and the protection of your homeland. I hope you will always regard our new Office for Community Partnerships as your partner.”

Johnson is attempting to commit future administrations, even those who are not communists or fascists seeking to overthrow America, to accommodation to this group.

He added, “I look out on this room of American Muslims and I see myself. I see a similar struggle that my African American ancestors have fought to win acceptance in this country.”

That’s no surprise for those opposed to the caliphate and the invasion, Jihadi Jeh, that’s what we see when we look at you and your boss as well.

Arguably, one of the most serious stories ignored by the mainstream media during this elections season is the massive voter fraud conducted by Hillary Clinton’s camp, and was caught in as many as 11 states. The story is covered in the video below starting around the 3:30 mark. 

The yardstick used by the US government to identify fraud in foreign elections is when there is a discrepancy of greater than 2% between actual election polls, and the exit polls. In Hillary’s case, there is strong indication of fraud in Democrat primaries in 11 states. All the discrepancies favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, and some by as many as FOURTEEN PERCENT!


Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand

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