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Wall Street Journal No Longer Politically Correct on Islam

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Published on: January 10, 2015

The Wall Street Journal is the most widely read newspaper in America. When it speaks, people listen. And they should, especially to today’s editorial on the dangers of Islam, written in the aftershock of the Muslim attack in Paris. (The editorial is hidden behind the paywall, but can be accessed through Google News here.)

The Journal points out that Syria has become the “Grand Central Station” of jihad, and quotes Andrew Park of Britain’s MI5: “A group of core al Qaeda terrorists in Syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the West…We face a very serious level of threat that is complex to combat and unlikely to abate significantly for some time.”

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In other words, Islam is at war with us, and the war is a long way from being over.

So the question naturally becomes, how do we respond? And here the Journal shows some testosterone. After arguing that we should “accelerate and intensify the campaign against Islamic State,” the editors go on:

The West also needs to cease its political campaign against the most effective antiterror tools. This means surveillance in particular. The same left-libertarian media who have canonized Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald now claim solidarity with Charlie Hebdo.

Sorry. You cannot favor antiterror disarmament and then claim shock at terror successes.

“My sharpest concern as director general of MI5 is the growing gap between the increasingly challenging threat and the decreasing availability of capabilities to address it,” Mr. Parker, the British security chief, also said this week. “The dark places from where those who wish us harm can plot and plan are increasing” and “we need to be able to access communications and obtain relevant data on those people when we have good reason.”

Surveillance by itself isn’t enough, given the many reports that French security had tracked this week’s killers. We’ll learn in the coming days if the French missed clues that the Kouachi brothers were ready to strike, but other countries have had similar oversights. The FBI was tipped off that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had visited the North Caucusus terrorist hotbed of Dagestan in 2012 but failed to act.

The West will have to consider more aggressive interventions, including arrest or exile, for citizens who visit terror regions and show signs of embracing jihad. Tracking Muslim student groups and clerics is also essential to preventing future attacks. The Associated Press campaign three years ago against the New York police for legal monitoring of Muslim groups looks more morally obtuse with each homegrown attack.

The Journal is right. At an absolute minimum, if we’re not willing to shut down mosques altogether (which would be the path of wisdom), we must step up surveillance on them, including monitoring every imam in the land. The vast majority of mosques in America are run by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the stated goal of the Brotherhood in North America is “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.” It’s about time we took them at their word.

According to the Center for Security Policy, 81% of all mosques in America either distribute literature or host speakers who advocate violence in the name of Islam. Since these are the most popular mosques, 95% of all Muslims in the U.S. who attend mosque on a weekly basis attend a mosque like this.

Every mosque in the United States is like an incubation lab for the Ebola virus, where the virus is nurtured, protected and fed until it escapes containment and contaminates and bleeds out its host, the United States.

If we continue to allow the ongoing flood of Islamic immigration into the United States – a mistake in my view – then we must immediately step up and intensify surveillance on the entire Muslim community, as New York did for an entire decade after 9/11 until it was called off three years ago.

We must surveil every Muslim Student Association (MSA), every one of which is an arm of the Brotherhood. MSAs are on hundreds and hundreds of college campuses across America, and are little more than centers for jihadist indoctrination and recruitment. In point of fact, MSAs shouldn’t be allowed to exist at all, but if we are going to be foolish enough to allow them, they must be infiltrated and monitored relentlessly.

The Journal calls not only for surveillance, but for “aggressive interventions” such as arrest and exile, even for those who only “show signs of embracing jihad.” I couldn’t agree more.

Any manifestation of support for jihad should lead to immediate detention and deportation. We should immediately revoke the passports and citizenship of anybody from America who travels overseas to visit, fight with or be trained by Muslim jihadists. Under no circumstances should someone who has traveled overseas for the sake of jihad be allowed to reenter the U.S.

The Journal is calling us all to remove the politically correct blindfolds we have tied around our own heads, look honestly and clearly at Islam, be alarmed at what we see, and immediately set out to do something about it. There is no time to lose.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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