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What WAR on Christmas?

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Published on: November 20, 2014

There is a war on Christmas. Every year it starts around September or October. We start to hear about the Christmas, I mean holiday, programs at our schools or the Christmas displays at our city hall and community centers.

Every year, the “anti” Christ anything people come out of the woodwork. The “Arkansas Society of Freestinkers,” sorry I mean “freethinkers,” has been pushing the Little Rock School district to cancel its yearly school outing to Charlie Brown’s Christmas play!

Reason one the anti-theists are doing this is because there is a Scripture reading about the birth of Jesus, as there is in the cartoon version that has been airing for over 50 years, which consistently pulls high ratings on TV.

The second reason they oppose the outing is because it’s held at a church. Why is it held at a church? Well, it’s a very sinister reason. It’s the only place that could hold that many kids. Yep, can’t have that. How many parents have complained over the years? One. You heard right, just one.

A North Carolina College told a student group they would not post notices about the group’s Christmas tree sale. Why? Because the college could not allegedly contribute in the promotion of a religion. Since when was there a Christmas tree religion? And who follows it? Tree huggers?

Look, for you non-Christians, the Christmas tree used to be called a “yule tree.” It had, and still has, nothing to do with the Christian religion. The tree is sometimes referenced as a reminder of the cross, but that’s a recent development!

The tree, mistletoe, presents, Santa Claus, lights, and alike have nothing to do with the Christian religion.

Actually, the “Christmas” season is a mix of many religious, non-religious and cultural beliefs, Pagan, Nordic, and German just to name a few.

So why is it all aimed at Christians? Why not the Muslims, who celebrate Ramadan? Or Jews during their high holy days? Or anti-theists on April 1s … Sorry scratch the last one.

And not to make this political, but why is it that Democrats in power, Governors, Senators and others want to call it the Holiday Tree? It’s because we are told we can’t celebrate a Christian holiday in the public arena, but we can take off the Christmas holiday and get paid for it or work it and get paid time and a half or double-time. Really?

The so called “party of the people” want to squelch the wishes of over 77% of the American people who say they have no problem calling it Christmas, the Christmas season or a Christmas tree. AND the party of “No” is willing to allow all people to celebrate as they see fit.

People, we have lost our minds. Live and let live is yesterday’s news. Respect for other’s is passing away. You better pay attention before it gets to the point where you will have to read your Bible, Torah or Wall Street Journal in the closet with a flashlight.

I know it’s early, but I want to get a running start. Merry Christmas to all! And if you don’t celebrate, then Merry Merry to you and if you are offended, so be it!

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