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Was The Opioid Epidemic Allowed To Become An Intentional “Killing Field?”

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Published on: July 18, 2019

On July 16, “The Washington Post” published a “breaking” article on 76 billion opioid pills unmasking the epidemic.  Further, they stated that in the many lawsuits filed across the country against the pharmaceutical industry, “plaintiffs have long accused drug manufacturers and wholesales of fueling the opioid epidemic by producing and distributing billions of pain pills while making billions of dollars.  The drug companies, along with the DEA and the Justice Department, have fought furiously against the public release of the database, the Automation of Reports and Consolidated Order System, known as ARCOS.  Until now, the litigation has proceeded in unusual secrecy.  Many filings and exhibits in the case have been sealed under a judicial protective order.  The secrecy finally lifted after The Post and HD Media, which publishes the Charleston Gazette-Mail in West Virginia, waged a year-long legal battle for access to documents and data from the case.  On Monday evening, U.S. District Judge Dan Polster removed the protective order for part of the ARCOS data.  Lawyers for the local governments suing the companies hailed the release of the data.”

This is NOT new news. Every governor, every senator, every congressman, every attorney general along with the FDA was aware of this out of control “man-manufactured” epidemic and did nothing. In simple terms, it did not matter to them that 100,000’s of thousands of addictions and deaths resulted because they put a value on $$$$ and not human life.

Attached is the reviewed and approved ARCOS by Health & Human Services overseeing the FDA, Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Agency, US Congress and US Senate, publicly as published in the Federal Register showing available narcotic quota by product and year.  Of course, there were 79 billion tablets produced, the government approved it.  This information was publicly available as well to every state governor, attorney general and elected official.  Any media or attorney who treats this as breaking news may need a credibility check.  The opioid epidemic is evident in 2000 and clearly peaks in 2013 as shown on the graph.  That is 13 years that a killing field ran rampant destroying human lives in the hundreds of thousands.

Referring to the ARCOS DEA Production History graph attached, look at the explosion of fentanyl (Subsys) from 2013 – 2016,   Insys Therapeutics killer opioid, Subsys was approved in 2012 and the founder of Insys, John Kapoor is awaiting sentencing in early 2020 to his being found guilty during trial because of lies to the medical community on the dangers of Subsys.

Ask yourself if this bogus “newly released federal data” was deliberately withheld to escalate the “killing fields” into the lunacy of providing “safe injection sites” of illegal heroin to addicts throughout the country under the guise of “harm reduction.” Let me know how much your loved one’s life is worth in the promotion of lies and distortion of facts for monetary gain by those without a conscience.


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