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Washington: After 15 Years, Police Finally Decide To Check Child Rape Victim’s Test Kit – They Catch The Predator

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Published on: October 28, 2019

This story is very concerning considering that it actually takes this long and it’s actually startling that there would be this many such crimes that require lab work.  The news comes out of Seattle, Washington in which police finally got around to checking a child rape victim’s test kit and were able to identify, charge and get a conviction on the rapist… 15 years after the fact.

J.D., as the child is identified, was 15-years-old and due to the embarrassment of the rape, wouldn’t even tell her father she had been raped on the drive home.

Earlier that day, in 2004, J.D. was approached by a man named James, who asked if she wanted to get high.  When she said she did, he took her behind a house to a shack and provided her crack to smoke.  He then proceeded to rape her.

J.D. eventually used a rape kit to provide police with evidence, but they failed to do anything with it until 2018.

When they examined it, not only did the state crime lab match the DNA to Michael Anderson, who was in prison at the time for holding up a gas station, but they were able to charge him and get a conviction.

Anderson pleaded guilty on July 8, 2019.

The story comes from KUOW:

The day after J.D., was raped she went to Harborview Medical Center.

“I wanted to make sure I didn’t get pregnant,” she told a Seattle police detective in 2018 when her case was reopened. “This was one of the first times I’d ever even had sex, and I didn’t know what to expect, what the risks were.”

J.D. also allowed a nurse to collect samples from her body as crime evidence. That day in 2004, J.D. talked to a police officer who met her at the hospital. She made an appointment for an interview with the sexual assault unit a few days later. But she didn’t show up, and didn’t call the detective back.

“I didn’t want to prosecute or do anything because I was so young and I was so ashamed that I’d use drugs that I thought, you know, I just made this happen,” J.D. told a detective in 2018.

A few days later, her case was inactivated. The evidence a nurse swabbed from her body was stored with the police—the same dead end many rape kits reached prior to 2015, as Seattle police did not send kits from inactive cases to the state crime lab for testing.

In 2015, lawmakers changed state law and mandated that all kits be tested, regardless of what action a police agency took in the case.

J.D.’s kit went to the lab June 2016; the DNA evidence didn’t come back to the police for close to two years, until May 2018.

J.D.’s case is one of 10,000 untested rape kits.  Yes, that’s right, 10,000!

Jack Burns writes, “To date, 1087 raped kits submitted prior to 2015 have been tested with 36% of those kits being associated with a match. In other words, there’s greater than a 30 percent chance all the rapes prior to 2015 can be solved if the kits would just be examined properly and in a timely manner.”

He’s exactly right.

The state has now appropriated millions of dollars to revamping the crime lab, but will that actually fix the problem.  I doubt it, and so should you.

Burns points out the obvious for anyone who would actually be a true manager of money and resources and those who would actually engage in upholding real law rather than the regular racketeering that the state promotes.

Testing these rape kits means more work for the police as detectives now have to reevaluate each and every case once the rape kits come back tested. Those investigations could be done more quickly if cops were reassigned from vice squads, or traffic enforcement to the sex crimes division for example. However, since solving rapes is not as profitable as writing speeding tickets or ticketing people for substances deemed illegal by the state, then rape kits will continue to pile up in evidence lockers all across the U.S.

That is exactly what will happen, but we can see the evidence of what will happen if police were pushed out of the fake drug war and the traffic infraction money-making scheme.  Which do you think they will actually do?  Isn’t it obvious?

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