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Watch What Happens When This Marine Calls Out California Riot Police Questioning Their Integrity At Capital Protest (Video)

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Published on: May 6, 2020

Over the weekend, a protest was held in Sacramento at the state capital, and I want people to be aware of what Communist Governor Gavin Newsom did.  He sent out police in full riot gear to not allow people to peacefully protest, which is their right and one that he should be protecting.  That’s right, they apparently assaulted one pastor and then sought to use their force to push the people back from the building, a building they are taxed to upkeep with representatives inside who serve those same people.

While there is some language, notice that this young man doesn’t seem at all afraid to call out these agents of the state for their crimes and challenge their integrity.

He shows tremendous courage.

See if these thugs don’t seem as though they are the modern-day Nazis.

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Near the end of the video, it appears as though the police are simply swapping out for a new team, but by the end, it appears that they are standing down all together.

Either way, the young man says that he will count it as a win.

Take a look and share it with your friends as more and more of this needs to be done on a daily basis.  Shame them into obeying the law, not tyrants.

The video has been viewed over a quarter of a million times.

Among some of the comments were these:

What a dude that young man could lead me into battle. He makes me piss American red, white and blue and I’m a Canadian!!!!

Now that Ladies & Gentlemen is what a Hero looks like.

I’m humbled by that Marine Vet’s courage and principles, knew I was watching something very special, a modern day Gettysburg Address.

Compare this to an Antifa protest!!! REAL AMERICANS don’t start violence, don’t burn cars or destroy/loot property, and can actually speak full sentences!!! Hope more people see this, and LEARN from it!! And may God bless America, and God bless President Trump!!!

We need more people like this. Bright, intelligent, brave, and honourable. This generation has hope.

Those cops were turing around and leaving NOT in an organized manner, there was no “switching out”. That was pure power of free persuasive speech.

He kept his points positive, honorable and loving towards the police officers.

And there were those that saw something else I saw and commented:

The police dressed like that in riot gear, reminds me of socialist countries.

What you are witnessing is a well-planned Bolshevik-style Marxist take-over of the USA by an insidious cabal of ethnic co-religionists who believe that God is giving them the whole earth for their own possession.

The government has become a monster, and that monster must be destroyed.

Well done, marine!

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