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What the Nurses Saw in the Treatment of COVID-19 and their Resulting Punishment! (Video)

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Published on: March 28, 2024

In April 2020, I had an article published on COVID-19 and the damage to patients’ lungs in their treatment.  I considered a very brave physician named Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, an emergency room physician at a large NYC hospital a hero exposing the dangers of ventilators being used in the treatment of COVID.

Dr. Sidell’s video on what he has witnessed on the frontlines treating COVID-19 patients:

FROM NYC ICU: IS COVID REALLY ARDS?!!! from Cameron Kyle-Sidell on Vimeo.

FROM NYC ICU: IS COVID REALLY ARDS? from Cameron Kyle-Sidell.

This is one interesting reply to Dr. Sidell’s video:

Amy Kosari

“Doctor, I have seen what you are describing with my own eyes. The blood does not flow. It’s slower than motor oil. It is quite startling. I am a Presbyterian minister with 23 years of experience, I have been in more hospitals than I can count and I have never seen this before.

This is why in China they decided to give heparin, but they also added intravenous vitamin C because they knew what this does to the blood. Look, I am not a doctor but I know what happens when people get high dose intravenous vitamin C, their blood changes color, it gets brighter it has life.

This is probably why the Chinese started to do this. There’s a whole lot more but here are the protocols first from Dr. Marik in Eastern Virginia Medical School and then the Shanghai report. This is not ARDS per se. They are dying of lack of oxygen just as you say.

Again, I am not a doctor but when I saw the blood NOT flowing it was quite startling. Please read the Shanghai Report, I have been posting it everywhere, but no one will listen. When my husband contacted Dr. Marik said that he is currently updating his protocol with respect to heparin and getting the D-dimer level back to normal. please just read these.”

I am currently reading a book entitled What the Nurses Saw – An investigation into systemic medical murders that took place in hospitals during the COVID Panic and the nurses who fought back to save their patients. The book is written by Ken McCarthy, and I will be writing a review on it.

It is very difficult to read the book because nurses lost their jobs if they questioned protocol used in the treatment of COVID knowing it was killing patients.

We may never fully understand why our country was shut down and mental health outcomes crippled our country — but we will know in coming years. People will question why fear and manipulation were, in fact, culpable in deliberate misinformation resulting in countless deaths since autopsies were not conducted.

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