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When Businesses say they are “Giving Back to the Community,” ask them, “What did You take?”

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Published on: January 19, 2016

As some businesses give to charities, they often claim they are “giving back” to the community. A legitimate question for them is, “What did you take from the community that you are now giving back?”  Surely, those making this “giving back” comment do not realize they are furthering the socialist/communist agenda by using the term.

Businesses in a capitalist economy provide goods and/or services, which brings profit for owners, investors, executives, etc., as well as income for employees. Socialists see this profit as greed and stealing from society. Therefore, their goal is to convince society that profit making businesses must give their supposed “stolen” profit back to society through philanthropy and/or community service. (Some businesses even require their employees to spend time working in charitable organizations, all under that company’s name, but don’t pay employees for their time.) This, of course, counters the correct belief that contributions from businesses to charities are freewill offerings from earned profit.

Like the saying goes, “Today voluntary”, i.e., which implies that contributions are from supposedly stolen profit, but are being giving back to community and “tomorrow mandatory,” when government takes earned profit for redistribution of wealth.

Interestingly enough, America has had more charitable giving in our nation and sent abroad than any other nation because of our Christian roots. That is, of course, ignored by those who hate Christianity and hate capitalist profit. Plus, because of our Biblically based free enterprise, which hold that a man shall enjoy the fruit of his labor, people in America have been able to help others by earned income from their employer’s earned profit. Most people in socialist countries are too needy themselves to be able to help others like Americans have.  Therefore, businesses should not state their free will offerings to charities are “giving back.” Instead, they should let the community know their free will offerings are donations or contributions from earned income/profit.

Hopefully, readers will help educate business leaders on this term “giving back” so that they discontinue promulgating the socialistic propaganda to their own demise, and ours.

Readers are also encouraged to remind people that profit makers are not stealing but are providing jobs, as well as goods and/or services, too. Also, encourage them to thank God for those businesses!

Obviously, America will move closer to socialism/communism if her citizens think and act on the belief that profit is greed and theft!  It is the love of money which is the root all evil (I Tim. 6:10), not earning and having money.

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