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Where’s Rep. Joe Wilson When We Need Him?

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Published on: February 11, 2016

On several occasions since January 2009, I commented on my surprise at the speed with which Barack Hussein Obama began implementing his radical political agenda. By late 2009, it was evident to the astute that this Obama fellow was going to be really bad news – even worse than our 39th president, Jimmy Carter, to whom some quickly drew comparisons.

Thus, it wasn’t only unsurprising but gratifying to many when, on Sept. 9, 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., shouted “You lie!” during a speech before a joint session of Congress while Obama attempted to assuage the concerns of those who believed that White House health-care reform proposals would insure illegal immigrants.

Wilson was right, of course; as he would occur on innumerable occasions in the future, Obama was being willfully deceptive.

On Feb. 5 of this year, as Obama held court in the White House press room, he had the temerity to assert that the U.S. unemployment rate dropping to 4.9 percent was proof that his laughable “economic recovery” is a success.

The problem? As pointed out by radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh later that day, the White House is now using use “first time” unemployment calculations as its chief indicator for reporting on overall unemployment. The “first time” unemployment rate only reflects those who have become unemployed for the first time, and within a very short period that the administration itself sets. Not only does this serve to artificially and dramatically reduce the unemployment rate, but the government can pretty much adjust that rate to whatever they want it to be by further manipulating that already constricted temporal band.

So, the unemployment numbers as stated by Obama are a lie.

As I asked in an earlier column: With 96 million of out of a labor force of 158 million not working, what is the real unemployment rate? Do the math.

Then, as reported in WND, last Wednesday Obama stood before cameras in a Baltimore mosque and declared that “Muslim-Americans keep us safe.” Speaking at the Islamic Society of Baltimore (a mosque with ties to terrorism), Obama conveyed a gobful of Islamic apologist drivel, including his reference to an entirely theoretical handful of generic Muslim-American stalwarts who supposedly “keep us safe” while millions of their brethren plot our destruction.

“Muslim-Americans keep us safe. … They are our police. They are our firefighters. They’re in [the Department of] Homeland Security.”

– Barack Hussein Obama, Feb. 3, 2016

Yes, laughing boy – there are Muslim covert operatives in the Department of Homeland Security because you put them there to undermine our national security from within.

Obama compounded this lie with even more lies, among them his claim of “fact” that the word “Islam” means “peace,” when it is common knowledge that the literal translation of the word is “submission,” as WND columnist Dennis Prager pointed out.

Ready … Set … You LIE!

Indeed – where’s Rep. Wilson when we need him?

There are occasions upon which I fear more than usual that the time for legislative or electoral remedies to the endemic corruption and treason of our government officials has long since passed. The same can be said for western European nations, whose citizens value the traditional precepts of American society, which they have sought to emulate to varying degrees over the years.

This commonality gives rise to something I believe it would behoove Americans to recognize and take to heart: We in America are not simply dealing with a criminal administration and deeply corrupt culture in Washington while we observe the unfolding chaos in Europe. We are dealing with rapidly encroaching international socialism across the West. This might be more aptly designated “InterNational Socialism” so that people might make the very real connection between this doctrine and the national socialists (Nazis) of Hitler’s Third Reich.

Islam has always been a scourge upon civilization. It is is a primitive creed tailored to the sensibilities of those who are culturally more kindred to australopithecines than to Australians. As has been proven over 14 centuries, these retrograde societies always gravitate more toward perverse patriarchy and barbarism than industry or spirituality. This is why, contrary to progressive revisionist history, Muslims have never created anything. If you want to get into a metaphysical argument, I’ll maintain that if Judaism and Christianity came from the drawing board of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then Islam’s origins are almost certainly Luciferian.

To international socialists, however, Islam’s function is to present a sufficient threat to necessitate, in Americans’ eyes, the surrender of all of our rights under the Constitution. The cavalier, summary admittance of hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into Europe and the U.S. is simply the means by which ruling elites are hastening the plan to achieve sufficient numbers of Muslims to effectively manifest that threat.

Barack Obama’s perennially Orwellian rhetoric is not only a function of his political designs; it is an integral component to international socialist subjugation of the West. To the rational mind, it appears that this can only end in chaos, but the chaos itself is meant to give rise to the global socialist state – or at least a hard-line socialist collective of developed nations.

For my part, I can say that an insurrection in America – which would at least carry some hope of defeating the international socialists and their Islamist surrogates – would be far superior to Americans existing in the state of fear and increasing bedlam to which citizens are being subjected in Scandinavia and Germany, with the grimy followers of a verminous cult raping and pillaging at will, and the vile creatures who govern rushing to excuse this behavior at every available opportunity.

Article reposted with permission from Instigator News, the opinions and views shared do not necessarily reflect the views of Sons of Liberty Media.

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