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White House Claims It Will Protect Suburbs In America – One Has To Wonder Since Major Cities Are Not Being Protected

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Published on: August 18, 2020

As crime rises due to a lack of state governments dealing with criminal looters and rioters, threats are now being issued against suburban America.  Sadly, in many states like California and New York, they are restricting the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms to defend themselves, leaving many at the mercy of the tyrants who fail to do their jobs and the criminals that wish them harm.  The White House has promised that if those in authority don’t get control of the violence that President Trump will.

President Trump and Ben Carson, who also theorized that people in the big cities didn’t need semi-automatic rifles, wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

The crime and chaos in Democrat-run cities have gotten so bad that liberals are even getting out of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Rather than rethink their destructive policies, the left wants to make sure there is no escape. The plan is to remake the suburbs in their image so they resemble the dysfunctional cities they now govern. As usual, anyone who dares tell the truth about what the left is doing is smeared as a racist.

We won’t allow this to happen. That’s why we stopped the last administration’s radical social-engineering project that would have transformed the suburbs from the top down. We reversed an Obama-Biden regulation that would have empowered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to abolish single-family zoning, compel the construction of high-density “stack and pack” apartment buildings in residential neighborhoods, and forcibly transform neighborhoods across America so they look and feel the way far-left ideologues and technocratic bureaucrats think they should.

We reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live. We believe the suburbs offer a wonderful life for Americans of all races and backgrounds when they are allowed to grow organically, from the bottom up. That’s how America’s suburbs are today—except those that have already been ruined by poor planning and policies.

It’s already happening, but there are no plans to form the constitutional militia, which is the lawful way to deal with these insurrectionists and those that break the law.  So, what should we really expect here?

To his credit, Trump has given plenty of time for governors to handle the matter, and I do applaud him for that, but there comes a time when it has to be dealt with and this demonstrates what the lack of following the Constitution to uphold citizens’ rights regarding the Second Amendment is so important and why there is a need for the militia.

“President Trump warned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio Sunday night that the federal government would act if his office fails to get a grip on the ongoing increase of violent crime in the city . . . [This weekend,] at least five people died in shootings across the city in at least 30 shootings,” Edmund DeMarche reports for Fox News.

FOX also reported:

The report indicated that since the beginning of the year, there have been 1,087 victims of shootings in the city, compared to 577 at the same time the previous year. The report said that there have been 263 deaths in the city compared to 196 in 2019.

The shootings prompted the New York Post to run an editorial titled, “We Need Someone to Run for Mayor Who Will Save New York.”

“By the beginning of the de Blasio era, the murder rate had fallen by nearly 90 percent. Today, Gotham is plummeting at warp speed — yet it’s eminently saveable,” the editorial board wrote.

De Blasio’s office did not respond to Fox News for comment.

Fox Business reported Sunday that thousands of  New Yorkers are leaving the city due to the challenges from dealing with record apartment vacancies, coronavirus shutdowns and the violence. The Hartford Courant reported that 16,000 New Yorkers switched their residences to Connecticut during the first three months of the pandemic.

I guess we’ll see what their metal is made of in the coming days.  So far, it’s been all bark and not bite.  My concern is that an unconstitutional measure will be put in place rather than a lawful measure to deal with the criminals.

However, something will need to be done soon and the president is within the law to call up the militia to put down these insurrectionists.

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