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Whitmer Signs Legislation Committing Michigan To All Renewable Energy By 2040

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Published on: November 30, 2023

The Industrial Revolution changed life around the world for most countries. Telecommunications, available/affordable electricity, and transportation changed the world. Most would say it changed for the better – it made life a bit easier, more convenient, and elevated the standard of living for the majority of individuals on Earth. However, the push now is to reverse this course by switching to what is called “renewable energy” to combat the anthropogenic climate change hoax. Unfortunately, too many globalists sitting in elected positions in the united States have bought into this “reversal to 1700s-type lifestyle” while promoting digital IDs, AI infrastructure, “electric vehicles”, computer-controlled everything, human implantation of monitoring chips, the “internet of things”, and a host of other hair-brained schemes. The “plan” is to get to net zero carbon emissions on wind, solar, and water power while implementing these high-tech, high-power usage technologies.

Never do these individuals explain how all the power needed to operate these schemes on unreliable sources of energy will occur. You are just told how much better it will be due to lowering costs, providing high-paying jobs, and “saving the planet.”

This is the latest in the “going all renewable” energy sources is the State of Michigan. Governor Gretchen “Witcher” Whitmer signed legislation pledging the State to 100% renewable energy sources by 2040. Michigan joins four other states – Oregon, Minnesota, New York, and Connecticut – that have passed legislation committing to 100% renewable energy on the same timeline.

According to the report, the Michigan legislation will transition utility workers, implement utility cost-saving programs, and create statewide commissions to approve local projects. If the cost savings will be significant with “renewable energy”, why do “utility cost-saving programs” need to be implemented? They always tout enhanced reliability and affordability for these “clean energy” schemes. But, how reliable is wind, solar and water? The current electrical grid powered mainly by gas and coal experiences outages and rolling blackouts due to demand in some areas. How does pushing toward unreliable wind, solar and water increase reliability? Moreover, all of the “renewable” energy costs much more to produce meaning affordability goes out the window.

Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist claims this will put “us in the driver’s seat in terms of leadership in responding to the climate crisis in America.” Who is the “us” to be put in the driver’s seat? That would be the State officials in Michigan through its commissions that will approve local projects.

And, you have “farmer” Clara Ostrander, who is now leasing her farm for “solar” power, stating these bills allow “small farmers” like herself to keep their farms and family heritage without resorting to selling their land. Growing “solar panels” really speaks to “family heritage.” In reality, she has sold her “family heritage” to the highest solar panel installer since she no longer controls what is done with her land. There will be nothing like driving through the State of Michigan farm country seeing all those solar panel farms “enhancing” the scenery or huge windmill “farms” killing off the birds.

It’s got to be difficult growing those windmills. How does one “recycle” or dispose of those huge blades? How many tractor/trailer rigs does it take crossing your “farm” to build just one of those monstrous windmills?

How do you “recycle” solar panels should they need to be replaced? Are these windmills and solar panels going to be built using “renewable energy? One can bet no one has thought about recycling or disposing of defective or broken parts that have to be replaced. Currently, all this “renewable energy” equipment is built using either gas or coal electricity. Talk about an oxymoron – building renewable energy products using “non-renewable” energy.

These “laws” are the perfect solution to nudging out small farmers growing food in favor of large corporation so-called farming, instead using their land for the solar and windmill eyesores.

Opponents of these laws are calling it “government overreach”. To say the least, it is government overreach. It is actually totalitarianism in combination with fascism.

Whitmer claims it will bring “billions of federal tax dollars home and private investment into our communities.” Do Michiganders actually pay billions of tax dollars to the federal government? Probably not. Those billions of federal tax dollars going to Michigan will actually be federal reserve-created fiat money that will put us trillions more in debt.

If you look at this interactive map, you can see all the States that have enacted some “renewable energy” commitment through legislation, board decision, or executive order by 2050.

Americans have not forgotten the fiasco during the Obama years with “renewable energy”. Many of those corporations touting creating equipment for renewable energy went bankrupt after receiving untold millions, if not billions, of federal fiat dollar give-a-ways.

A discussion with a friend on “clean energy” or what is termed renewable energy went the way of this friend supporting “clean nuclear energy”. As Einstein once said, “That’s a helluva way to boil water.” When talking about nuclear energy, no one considers long term storage of spent fuel rods that emit radiation for decades, accidents, or radiation that leaks around those facilities. From Hanover to Three Mile Island to Chernobyl to Fukushima, these plants have produced harmful effects worldwide due to accidents. For those residing close to these facilities, the harm is never truly revealed. This friend claimed that accidents are few and far between; however, three of these four mentions occurred during this writer’s lifetime. All occurred during this writer’s mother’s eighty-four years.

Imagine trying to run all industrial processes, all cities, homes, vehicles, supercomputers, AI infrastructure, transportation, etc. on wind, solar and water power. It would be better to harness all the “gas” coming from these allegedly elected officials, philanthropists, and brainwashed climate change cult to power everything – it would power the world for millennia.

This writer’s great-grandfather plowed his land up until he was in his eighties with a mule and plow because he couldn’t afford a tractor He provided everything his family and the animals needed to eat plus a cotton crop for cash. But, he didn’t have hundreds of acres. Imagine trying to plow hundreds of acres on a tractor that has to use electric power, instead of diesel or gas, where that electricity is provided by unreliable wind, solar or water power. Wonder how long it will take to “charge”?

Before his house got electricity, he had a well where water was provided by a windmill. When the wind blew, the pump ran, and water was available. Without the wind, water had to be drawn by bucket from the well. Cities will have to operate pumps to provide water to their residents using unreliable wind, solar or water. What happens when there is no wind, sunshine, or water to power the pumps?

Let’s look at this using a timeframe. There are only 17 years left until the year 2040. In 17 years, the State of Michigan is looking to operate solely on “renewable” energy. This means that in 17 years, residents in the State of Michigan will need to replace their gas appliances and heating units with all electricity using a grid that will be unreliable. No more gas logs in that fireplace. Get to chopping that wood, if you can.

Has anyone not thought this will place a much bigger demand on the electric grid that will be powered by wind, solar, and water? Let’s face facts here – heat pumps are totally inefficient and ineffective at certain temperatures. In milder climates of the united States, heat pumps are decent and considered “efficient”. But, when temperatures dip, heat pumps become inefficient and consume more energy to do the job. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit and lower, a back-up heating system will need to be employed. With this new legislation for total renewable energy enacted by Michigan, residents will no longer have an option for a gas back-up system and would have to use electric resistance heating which is NOT an energy efficient option. The “renewable energy” grid may not be able to handle the additional load.

But, that is not being considered at all. The climate change cultists don’t think ahead, weigh consequences, nor provide options. All that is considered is “saving the planet” which is currently “boiling” due to mankind causing this heat up of the Earth. If anyone believes that “man” has more effect on the climate than God and His design, Aunt Fanny’s diamond-encrusted bodice wedding dress sewn together with gold thread is up for sale for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day for thirty days.

As a reminder, all of this is unconstitutional – State and US. This is the implementation of totalitarian fascism.

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