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Why Are We Not Discussing American Sovereignty in the 2016 Election?

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Published on: June 1, 2015

As we enter into the 2016 presidential election cycle, we see no candidate willing to address the issue of American sovereignty, which is directly related to the illegal immigration issue. If candidates do not discuss the sovereignty of the United States and its citizens, are they by de facto endorsing open borders? This article is a little long, but it is an important discussion on the future of our country and our children.

It is ironic that the same political and social climate exists in the US and the UK about the issue of illegal workers. We had a vote in 2012 and 2014 that saw the biggest shift in seats to Republicans as governors, the state houses, and Congress since 1928. Yet, none of these elected officials have announced a plan to rid our country of the illegal and unwelcome invaders. Republicans were elected to rein in illegal immigration.

In Chicago, Black unemployment is 52%, according to a study by the Illinois Policy Institute this year. Unemployment in the city is about 25% to 30% and the government agencies are more interested in hiring people that are bi-lingual than English speaking Americans. How crazy and discriminatory is that?

The United States economy loses $120B a year in remittances that means this money is not circulating in our cities, communities, or the tax base. It does not take a genius to understand that in order for the economy to grow at more than two percent a quarter, we need that money to stay here and circulate in the U.S economy.

As you read what David Cameron, Prime Minister of UK, is proposing to protect his citizens, it should make you pick up the phone and call your representatives in Washington at 202-224-3121 to protect us. We have heard the same illegal worker arguments here in America coming from Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals and the US Chamber of Commerce, all of which, have a stake in cheap labor for donors. Remember that the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, said that we need to lower premium wages i.e. high tech workers so corporations can make a decent profit. Therefore, the Department of Commerce increased the H1B visas by 600% in the last decade while laying off thousands of American high-tech workers in Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and the Golden Triangle.

Let us compare what the political narrative is in the UK versus the US and the approach of the newly reelected Prime Minister Dave Cameron. David Cameron won a landslide election for the conservatives, forcing Edward Miliband and the Labour Party to go scurrying into the cracks. One of Mr. Cameron’s first legislative agenda items addresses the illegal immigration/worker issue head on. In his first speech on immigration, upon being elected for a second term in office, Mr. Cameron announced plans for measures to give authorities power to evict illegal migrants from accommodations more quickly, extended policy of deporting migrants before they can appeal, and satellite tracking of foreign criminals awaiting deportation.

Mr. Cameron now controls a majority government whereas, in the last five years, he was in a coalition with the Centrist Liberal Democrats. Under existing legislation, migrants with leave to remain in the country, who are working illegally, are liable to a custodial sentence, a fine or both with those who enter the country illegally or overstay their visas are not subject to the same conditions.

Mr. Cameron said in his speech that it has been too easy to work illegally and employ illegal workers in Britain. Cameron said: “So will take a radical step and will make illegal working a criminal offense in its own right that means wages paid to illegals will be ceaseless proceeds of crime and businesses will be told when their workers visas expire so if you’re involved in illegal working, employee or employee you’re breaking the law.”

In Britain immigration has been a source of vocal debate since the net migration soar in the last decade after barriers were relaxed to certain Eastern European countries in the UK and not elsewhere some of argue that the influxes place huge strains on public services and the labor market at a time of austerity, where others and said that the migrants have tended to pay more in taxes than they were drawing welfare payments and have played a role in filling gaps in certain sectors of the economy” – WSJ May 20, 2015, Nicholas Winning

I ask the question, again, where is the discussion about American sovereignty? At Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing, the new Attorney General was asked if she believed that illegal immigrants had the same rights to jobs as American citizens. She categorically stated, “All people here have a right to work.” Well, that is not true because with our immigration laws, visa laws and work permit laws, it is certainly illegal to work in America without the proper documentation. However, public officials on state local and the federal level have chosen to enforce selectively our immigration and work laws.

We have a law on the books, which was created to keep black Americans from making a decent wage while displacing white union workers in the North during the Great Depression. That law is still on the book’s called the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. The law requires prevailing wages for labor on government projects. This law had a racial component to it because it excluded black men from jobs at prevailing union wages because blacks were barred from trade unions. I am not going to go into the details of the Davis-Bacon Act at this time; however, you can read a substantive overview by clicking on this link.

I want to see a presidential candidate who is very clear about the infiltration of illegal workers that are taking American jobs, and forcing this country into a Third World status with their lack of skills, education, and ability to assimilate into the American way of life.

The laws that Mr. Cameron is trying to pass in Parliament, we already have on the books. The problem is that none of our law enforcement agencies, or governmental leadership have chosen to enforce them. This is not a humanitarian or racial issue. This is a sovereignty issue.

Deportation is doable for 11 million or 20 million illegal people in America today. These people must be returned to their homeland, and if they return, they should be incarcerated along with their employers. The selective enforcement of labor, immigration, criminal laws has to in before our country is ruined economically and culturally.

Who stands up for my rights as a citizen when I know if I leave my home, operate my vehicle without my driver’s license and get stopped for a traffic infraction I will be placed in jail, to post a bond before I’m released back into society. Moreover, an illegal alien in the same situation are allowed to be on his or her way without any penalty for the traffic violation or operating a vehicle without a legal state license. The answer is not to legalize these people. The answer is to deport them.

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