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Why Did This Governor Have To Put The fence Up In The First Place? For Whom Is He Working?

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Published on: August 13, 2020

“deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” -Proverbs 27:6.

I have always wondered how it was that a politician in America, along with his partners in crime, namely the military-industrial complex, could convince the people in this country to send their young men to un-constitutional wars (Amos 4:10).  Obviously, they didn’t take the time to read the US Constitution, right? Neither did the politicians that sent them (John 8:44), nor have the people yet learned the kiss of death that falls from the lips of these criminal traitors.

The American Empire: 737 Military Bases In 148 Countries – There Are 196 Countries -Did You Know About This?

Let’s take it a step further.  How is it that they also convinced them that they, the soliders, were to be subject to all sorts of war brutalities without much needed protective gear yet, in America these same politicians that sent them to war are hidden behind bulletproof glass and armed security details, protecting themselves here at home from the people that they are to serve?

In America today, it is becoming clearer and clearer as to who is creating this continual warfare within our borders of this once great God-fearing country (Psalm 33:12).

If you open your eyes, you will see as I do that those who are to represent “We the People (Ephesians 4:14)” are the ones that are creating not only wars without, but also wars within.

These said representatives are simply not upholding constitutional law in restraining men from their sins (1 John 3:4).  Instead, they are the ones that are tearing it down because they cannot restrain themselves, which creates the warfare within, in an attempt to recreate this country in their own ungodly and foreign image.

Let me put the question to you:  Who is attacking the American people more than those who are to represent them? The said representatives and the mainstream media are, no doubt, and have been for many decades.

What do these politicians expect is going to come out of their un-American warfare on the people that they are to represent?

If Representatives Are Truly Working For The People, Then Why Do They Need To Be So Heavily Guarded?

One such criminal is Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, who is beginning to now understand that Minnesotans are not going to just go along with his un-American and Un-Constitutional edicts as he had hoped.  In other words, friends, sooner or later it is going to backfire, and so it is.

Tim has now put a fence to surround the state capital in which the reported “isn’t coming down anytime soon after all.”

“The temporary chain link fence that was put up around the Minnesota State Capitol might not be as temporary as hoped.
Two weeks after the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Administration said the fence would soon be gone, she is now recommending that it remain in place with no date for removal. A meeting is scheduled today by the Advisory Committee on Capitol Area Security to discuss the proposal.

The fence was installed by the state at the request of the Department of Public Safety after it discovered what it considered credible threats to the Capitol building following the homicide of George Floyd. The fence cost $23,119 for installation and eventual removal and the state rents the fencing for $274 per day. It seals the building from visitors and only credentialed lawmakers, staff and news media can currently enter the Capitol via adjacent buildings.
Alice Roberts-Davis, the commissioner of the Department of Administration, said she got ahead of herself two weeks ago when she said the fence would be removed “in the very near future.” While Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan would prefer that the fence come down soon, Roberts-Davis said Monday she now thinks it would be premature to do so.”

One should wonder why the fence had gone up in the first place. I wonder if that fence didn’t go up, in part, as well for his mishandling and toleration of the George Floyd riots? I bet it did.

Maybe it is because this treasonous governor has terror-tied CAIR representative Jaylani Hussein residing on his Council of law Enforcement, who is attempting to dismantle the Minneapolis police force (Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution; Leviticus 26:17)? I bet that it does.

Why Does Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz Have A Terror Tied CAIR Operative Named Jaylani Hussein On His Council Of “Law Enforcement”? (Video)

Minnesota’s CAIR‘s Jaylani Hussein Tries To Link White Christian Protestants To The KKK!

Maybe it is because he and criminal Keith Ellison would like to bring 300% more Somalis into the state and the people are now aware of this (Deuteronomy 28:43)? I bet that is the case.

Keith Ellison Wants To Up Trump’s Refugee Influx Into US By Nearly 300%

The Fix Is In! Who Voted In A Sanctuary State Governor? A Sodomite Sheriff? A Terror Tied Muslim?

Is it that fence put into place because of the Mayors Compact that is now coming to the attention of Minnesotans who now understand that there is an un-American alliance-taking place in the state (Isaiah 28:18)? I bet it does.

A Criminal Disguised As A Governor: Minnesota’s Tim Walz

Is that fence put into place because of his unconstitutional edicts when it comes to forced compliance concerning a perpetuated virus fraud? I’ll bet it is!

Pushing Forward, Tyrant Mandates Masks – Calls it “Voluntary,” But You’ll Get Fined If Not Obeyed – Then Says “Until There Is Widely Available Vaccine…” – Who Said Anything About Vaccines?

Could it be due to how he is working overtime, attempting to create enemies of the people that do not pretend with him (Revelation 12:10)? I bet it is!

Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz Working Overtime Creating Enemies of The State – Pretend With Us Or You Are To Blame!

Just think with me for a minute, he now has to protect himself from the people that he is to serve and why is that?  It’s because Minnesotans know that he is not serving the people but rather serving special interest groups in contrast to his sworn oath (Deuteronomy 23:23; Article 2, Section 1, Clause 8 of the US Constitution).

You see, friends, you can only oppress people for so long before they begin to see and deal with their oppressors (Judges 6).

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