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Why I Protest Mask Nazi Menards

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Published on: April 19, 2021

I was at one of the Menards protests on Saturday. I need to clear up some misunderstandings people have. First of all, I do not disagree that Menards is a private company and they can make their own rules. Yes they can, and I can protest those rules. People seem to think private companies can do anything they want and not answer for it. It is time for Menards to answer for what they have done. It is time to protest them for doing what they did, and then hope they go broke and shut their doors.

I do not want Menards to let me in their store. I want Menards to know that I consider them vile and disgusting, and that I hope they go broke. Why, you may ask? It is simple. I did not spend 8 years of my life serving in the military and the First Gulf War for Menards to disrespect my rights. Menards could have respected my rights, but they did not.  Now, I want everyone to know they are vile and disgusting.

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Many say, “It is just a mask, what is the big deal?”  That is not true. Masks are a lie. Menards is saying the only way I can come into their store is to say a lie is true. The holes in the mask are so big that the virus goes through them like sand goes through a chain link fence. Menards should just sell products and shut up. If someone forced transgender people to admit their anatomy proved their gender before allowing them in a store, people would throw a fit. However, people ignore the fact that Menards forces people to act as if a mask with holes way bigger than a virus somehow stops the super small virus. If masks worked, theirs would protect them and they would not care what I do. This is all about control.

America’s Front Line Doctors has the videos about masks. The disciples of Fauci know this and all they can do is try and ban the truth. If the vaccines worked, yours would protect you and what I do would not matter. It has been a year and all that has happened is the disciples of Fauci have turned the country into one big insane asylum. This will only stop when we make it stop.

The other problem today is when people said it was unfair to compare this to Nazi Germany. I would ask them, why are you only looking at the end of Hitler’s reign? The difference between Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler is we put Manson in prison for life and people let Hitler continue to get power. History has proven it is dangerous to give people too much power. Not only is it dangerous, but it is irresponsible. My question to you is, what are you willing to do? Is their nothing that will get you up and saying “enough is enough”? If not now, when?

When this sham state of emergency ends, millions of people nationwide, who have not paid their rent for a year, will eventually get evicted. The courts will be flooded. Things will be bad. You better figure out who you are and of what you are mad. I was in Berlin a week after the Berlin wall came down. I saw what a country looks like where the government controls the people, instead of the people controlling the government. I toured Dachau concentration camp where thousands of people were killed.

Do you know what the first thing to die was before those people could be killed? Truth.  There could be no truth and lies had to be accepted. Even if people did not believe the lies, they had to obey the lies. Hitler said the Jews were infected. Hitler said he was protecting the public. Hitler lied. If people would have stood up for truth, Hitler would not have come to power.

If you will let Menards make you wear a mask when you know it will not protect you, what else will you do? Why does truth mean so little to you? Is your integrity only worth the ease at which you can get lumber? Is there anything that you will speak out against? Look at the last year. Would you have ever believed what has happened would happen? A year from now or 5 years from now, who do you want to be? The people who let a country go the way Hitler’s Germany did? Or the people who stood up for truth and stopped an atrocity?

There are two things very contagious in this country now: fear and courage.  Let’s infect people with courage.

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