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Why I Took My Healthcare Into My Own Hands – Part 2

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Published on: May 7, 2021

In part 1 of Why I Took My Healthcare Into My Own Hands,” I explained why I have lost faith in most doctors, and why I am looking for ways to actually be healthy, instead of just being drugged to avoid symptoms that expose a greater problem. What “self-health” is to me, is maybe I will go to a doctor or maybe I will treat myself. If I do go to a doctor, my trust is conditional. I am very skeptical of doctors after the way they have been behaving during COVID. So, they better be able to prove they are competent and worthy of my trust. Considering that the third leading cause of death is avoidable medical mistakes, I have no reason to assume they will not make one of those mistakes on me.

I do not have an antenna on my television. I only have a video player, which I rarely watch. However, whenever I am ever near a television, I am always amazed at the pharmaceutical commercials. Healthcare has turned into somebody trying to sell as much as they can, so they can make as much money as they can. When I go to buy a truck, I do not assume the car salesman has my best interests at heart. Just because he is a professional car salesman, and is licensed by the state, does not prove he cares about me.

Considering healthcare is spending so much money on advertising to manipulate people into buying their products, I am going to assume doctors are nothing more than a professional drug salesman, who also is licensed by the state. They get a lot of money writing words on a prescription pad, and I do not know if that is for my benefit, or the doctor’s financial benefit. It is buyer beware for me. If you think I am being too hard on health care workers, go watch the video where they had the police hold mentally disabled people down, so some healthcare worker could give them the experimental shot. The shot that has not been fully approved, and only has been given emergency use authorization. If they need guys with guns to hold mentally disabled people down, I believe they are corrupt. Because medicine is so corrupt, I am choosing self-health.

One of the things I am doing to improve my health is to check my body’s Iodine level and check for any toxic things such as the Bromine/Bromide, Fluorine/Fluoride. These are toxic carcinogens and it is good to know how much is in a person’s body. If these levels are too high it will prevent the body from getting the proper iodine levels. However, the iodine will actually work to detoxify the toxic carcinogens, and then replace them. Then the immune system can function properly.

I read the book by David Brownstein, M.D. titled “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It,” which detailed our need for good Iodine levels. After reading this book is when I decided to check my levels. I went to and ordered my test. I purchased the Test:Combo I,Br,F& CI, which cost $203.50. Hakala Labs gave me a veteran’s discount, which was very nice of them. I chose Hakala Labs because they are a family business and they were recommended in Dr. Brownstein’s book.

When the test arrived it was simple to use, and I followed the instructions. Hakala Labs has an excellent website and I read all the articles they had on it, and I also watched the videos. I wanted to be as informed as possible, so it was very helpful that they had this information. I also am using their Lugo Tab 50 Mg Iodine, ATP Boost and CBN/CBD Tablets.

The test is not difficult to do, and do not let collecting 24 hours of urine to sample, psyche you out. If you want to know what you are doing, you need accurate testing, and taking samples is just part of the process. I just put the sample jug in a grocery bag, and took it with me. It really was not a big deal, and now that I have my results, I consider any minor inconvenience worth the effort.

I will share my test results, and tell you what I am going to do. This is not medical advice, as the whole point of self-health is that you learn what you need to do, and you stop believing anyone without being informed from multiple sources. My Iodine/Iodide level came back 44.04mg with the % excretion/24hr: 88%. Now this could lead me to believe my level is good because “Iodine sufficiency is achieved when the 24 hour urine collection contains 90% or more of the amount of iodine/iodide ingested.” This is according to the test, however, there is more to it than that.

This is why I chose a test that also tested my Bromine/Bromide and Fluorine/Fluoride levels. Bromine/Bromide and Fluorine/Fluoride can prevent the uptake of Iodine so high levels of them can show that my iodine intake may be blocked, instead of my having a sufficient amount. My Bromine/Bromide level was 6.54mg in a 24 hour excretion. The test points out that: “The national average for urinary Bromide is 1-2mg per 24 hours. Considering the desired number is 0mg, I want to get the Bromine/Bromide out of my body. I will get to how I am going to do that later, but I want to make the point that I try to eat organic as much as I can. I also have my own well, and I filter my drinking water through a Berkey Water Filter. After all these years of doing this, it shows me the importance of testing myself to make sure I am accomplishing what I need to do.

My Fluorine/Fluoride was 1.58mg in a 24 hour excretion. The test points out that: “Fluoride is neurotoxic, has a negative effect on bone, and interferes with iodine metabolism.” Considering the desired number is 0mg, I want to get the Fluorine/Fluoride out of my body. I will also get to how I am going to do that later. The important thing is I found out I have a problem, and now I can do something about it. These neurotoxins could be affecting me in numerous ways, and if all I was going to do is take drugs to hide the symptoms these neurotoxins are causing, I would just set myself up for a bigger problem latter on.

The last thing on my test was my Chloride level. My level was 9.66g in a 24 hour excretion. The range is 3.9g-8.9g/24hrs and the test states: “The amount of chloride excreted in 24 hour urine collection gives a good estimate of salt intake during the previous 24 hours. Salt intake can be estimated by multiplying the amount of Chloride excreted in the 24 hours by 1.6.” It is important to know the difference between unrefined sea salt and highly processed table salt. Highly processed table salt is unhealthy, but unrefined sea salt has many health benefits.

This gets me to how I am going to detoxify my body of the Bromine/Bromide and Fluorine/Fluoride. I am going to continue to drink plenty of water. I am going to continue to use my Berkey Water Filter. I had been drinking some coffee at our local restaurant, but I am going to start only drinking my coffee at home, so I can avoid the chance of getting Fluorine/Fluoride from unfiltered city water. A rough estimate of how much water to drink is your weight divided by 2, and the number is the amount of water in ounces you should drink. I work outside, in the summer I drink as much water as I can.

Considering I drink so much water I need to ingest a lot of unrefined salt. I like Redmond Real Salt, but I also use Himalayan Salt, as well. Dr. Brownstein recommends 1-1.5 tsp a day but in the summer when I am in the heat and drinking more than a gallon of water a day, I use more. I also take the unrefined salt to rid my body of the toxic halide bromine.

I also take antioxidants. I take 6 Vitamin-C 500mg capsules throughout the day. Dr. Brownstein recommends 3000-6,000mg a day. I do not take Vitamin C within an hour of taking my Iodine, because they should be separate. I like the Liposomal Vitamin C from Dr. Mercola and I buy it directly from Also, I get Selenium and Magnesium in my Multi Vitamin also from Mercola. I also take ATP Boost from

I am supplementing with Iodine. Dr. Brownstein recommends 12-50mg a day. I started at 12.5mg a day and doubled it after a week, until I am now at 50mg a day. I did this because if I took too much too fast, I started experiencing a detoxification reaction. In Dr. Brownstein’s book he says, “This can include headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, and palpitations.” The reason I am taking so much is Iodine will help my body release the toxic halides.

I get LugoTab 50mg from  I was taking Iodoral which is recommended in Dr. Brownstein’s book, but I switched to LugoTab to support Hakala Labs. They are a family business and I was impressed with their great service. I also buy J. Crow’s Lugol’s Solution for when I want liquid Iodine. When I take it for supplementing, I use tablets because it is more precise for the amounts. However, there are also times I need liquid, so I have both on hand. I researched these brands very carefully, and like them a lot. I will mention some of the times I use liquid in future articles.

Remember, the whole point of self-health is to know what you are taking, and why you are taking it. You need to make your own decisions and make sure they are good decisions. Dr. Brownstein said in his book: “Remember, the best results are achieved when you work with a health care practitioner knowledgeable about iodine and the detoxification pathways. If you experience problems, please seek advice.” I do not know of any doctors in my area that know any of this, so I am practicing self-health. What I have learned is many doctors do not know what they are doing, and my being an informed patient, may be better than being a blindly obedient patient of doctors that do not know what they are doing. Remember, the third leading cause of death is avoidable medical mistakes. Do not let the next one be you.

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