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Without This Quality, a 2016 GOP Win is Meaningless

He may not be your candidate in the GOP field, but Donald Trump has the one quality that everyone in the field must possess, COURAGE! He’s bombastic, he’s bigger than life, and yes sometimes he’s a bit over the top. But ask yourself this question. How can we ever hope to repeal Obamacare, fight ISIS (for real this time), stand up to China, Russia, and Iran (Israel…not so much), and stop spending money we don’t have without courage? Aside from maybe Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Scott Walker, every candidate better acquire and/or perfect their ability stand up to what has become an overwhelmingly liberal media in America. So how exactly do you handle a
Saul Alinsky 101 question? I’m glad you asked, you do it just like this:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

This isn’t about Donald Trump, this is about messaging. We also wouldn’t mind someday actually having someone follow through as well, but hey, baby steps. In the 2008 election cycle we watched as the Republican candidate ran one of the most politically correct campaigns in history. Think about it. We had a candidate who supported infanticide, sat in the pews of one of the most vile Reverends in America, and actually kicked off his candidacy in the home of a convicted terrorist. And what did the “Maverick” do? That’s right, he did this…

Then, after the “Straight Talk Express” derailed, we were all privileged to take in the sweet musings of the Mitt Romney campaign of 2012. In all fairness to McCain, I don’t believe that a single Republican had the slightest chance of beating any of the Democrats in 2008, but an honest effort would have been greatly appreciated. But in the Romney election cycle, the exact opposite was the case. Just like today, we had a horrible economy, high unemployment, and a foreign policy that makes former President Jimmy Carter look like a genius. So what happened? Well, the same thing that keeps happening over and over again, there was a severe lack of courage!

In the 2016 election cycle, the American people have had enough of this limp wristed, politically correct garbage that does nothing more than deny the realities that future generations will be hard pressed to resolve. Even if a Republican administration is elected to office, without courage nothing will change. So I offer this challenge to all who have entered into the GOP race. When the liberal media asks ridiculous questions like “should states ban contraceptives,” don’t take the bait. When the media tries to tell you what speech is “acceptable,” and what speech isn’t, replay the above clip for a little guidance and direction. Oh, and when they ask you about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, this is also a good messaging lesson…

This is what conservatives want in our next President, be it Donald Trump or anyone else. The birther movement was started by ardent Hillary Clinton supporters who were fearful of the Obama challenge. As it turned out, they were right to fear then Senator Barack Obama, but have you heard a single reporter ask Clinton if she now believes that he’s an American citizen? Of course, and don’t hold your breath. After 8 years of an administration that makes Mao Tse-tung look like a moderate, anything short of immense courage will only ensure that we continue down the path to a new America. Courage is an easy word to say, but its action we want this time. And without this quality, a 2016 GOP win is meaningless.

Don Smith

Don Smith is a business executive and fiscal conservative turned talk show host. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, and heard on various syndicated radio broadcasts around the country, “The Don Smith Show” takes the complex issues facing this nation and breaks them down into an easy to understand format. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for all the latest political news, and interviews with leading conservatives. Don is also the CEO of ACS Public Relations, representing some of the biggest names in the conservative movement. Follow Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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