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Woke America Begs For Joe Rogan Censorship As The Illegitimate Suit In The White House Marches Us Into WWIII

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Published on: February 1, 2022

While Joe Rogan has long been the target of woke hatred, since the beginning of the pandemic, his curiosity and willingness to explore topics considered taboo by the establishment, have put him in some much larger crosshairs. Even the Surgeon General jumped on the ban Rogan bandwagon as former music stars went from singing about freedom to begging for Rogan to be stripped of his.

Not surprisingly, the loudest calls for censoring Rogan come from the folks who have been spreading falsehoods since the beginning. The established corporate media has been lying to the people for decades. From echoing propaganda about WMDs in Iraq to parroting lies about Russiagate to calling for and carrying out the censorship of folks for COVID issues which have since been proven facts — the censorship class cares not about truth — it is clear their goal is control.

The good news is that so far, the establishment has been largely unsuccessful in silencing Rogan. Spotify — up until this week — has ignored the authoritarians and given Rogan his platform. But all that changed when Spotify CEO Daniel Ek promised the company would add a “content advisory” to podcasts with information about COVID that diverge from the narrative — including Rogan’s.

After Ek’s comments, Rogan himself came out with an Instagram video saying he supported the decision. For now, however, it seems that his show will be left alone and it will merely contain a warning like Facebook and Twitter have been adding to any post that even mentions COVID, which has since faded into the background and become as inconsequential as the ads nobody pays attention to on the sidebar.

As celebrities, politicians, and establishment shills devote countless hours to unsuccessfully silencing Joe Rogan, the Commander and Chief and the warmongers in Washington are carrying out their nefarious business as usual. For the last month, the Pentagon, along with their enablers in the establishment media, have been provoking war with Russia over the Ukraine. All the while, the folks who claim to care about humanity and who advocate for social justice, remain silent or are actually supporting it.

The claim that Russia is about to invade the Ukraine has been repeated ad nauseum by the Biden administration and it has been incessantly and unquestioningly echoed by the blowhards in the media.

In reality, however, Russia has said repeatedly that it doesn’t want to, nor does it have plans to invade the Ukraine. Their qualms are with the Ukraine joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. As NATO is a geopolitical alliance of states, largely controlled by neocon interests in the West, who has made it clear it has no problems pushing conflict with Russia, it is only understandable that they are opposed to a neighboring state being controlled by these people.

If you happen to be part of the extreme minority inside the mainstream who points this out, you are immediately dismissed as a Russian agent. Seriously.

Despite the refusal of US allies in Europe to support the escalation by the US, the Biden administration is marching on, revealing plans to deploy 50,000 troops to the borders of Ukraine and Russia — in what can only be seen as a provocation.

It’s not just troops either. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Joe Biden are threatening “severe economic sanctions” (aka an act of war) on Moscow. The sanctions would directly attack Russian banks, government-owned companies and the country’s import sector — deliberately crippling their economy — leaving Russia with no choice but to retaliate.

Russia is being backed into a corner with no way out of preventing NATO from coming to their doorstep. And as the warmongers in DC march to war — which could end life on Earth with nuclear war — the mainstream media, instead of asking why we are doing this, is marching in lockstep.

Given Russia’s new alliance with China, the idea of any sort of conflict, even non-nuclear, would be catastrophic to the global economy and cause mass suffering worldwide. Within just a few weeks, other countries like Israel, Iraq, Taiwan, and Syria would be dragged into the war as it engulfs the planet. Millions would die… Potentially billions.

Now back to where Joe Rogan fits into this. If you listen to Rogan’s podcast, he’s not very polarizing, but the people who hate him, do not listen to him, so he is a perfect tool for polarization.

In a guest essay for the NY Times, Thomas Edsall, quoting several authors, pointed out that “the United States is the only advanced Western democracy to have faced such intense polarization for such an extended period. The United States is in uncharted and very dangerous territory.”

As the essay points out:

The United States is quite alone among the ranks of perniciously polarized democracies in terms of its wealth and democratic experience. Of the episodes since 1950 where democracies polarized, all of those aside from the United States involved less wealthy, less longstanding democracies, many of which had democratized quite recently. None of the wealthy, consolidated democracies of East Asia, Oceania or Western Europe, for example, have faced similar levels of polarization for such an extended period.

Thanks to America’s dependency on the two-party system, between covid and the election shift, the perfect storm was created for the mainstream to drive a wedge between the country like we’ve never seen before. And, as Edsall points out, the only way out of this mass divide, according to the authors, is unity through an external conflict.

Any depolarizing event would need to be one where the causes are transparently external in a way that makes it hard for social groups to blame each other.

In other words, the only way to stop the United States from splitting in two is to direct this polarization toward a new enemy through externalizing it. With the right event, all the hatred and divide the establishment has whipped up using Rogan and the laundry list of other divisive issues, this polarization could be united under nationalism and directed outward — toward the perceived enemy.

A recent example of this was 9/11, when the United States was united against a common enemy in the Middle East. Highlighting the power of this directed anger is the fact that Iraq — which had nothing to do with 9/11 — and Afghanistan, were thrusted into a war lasting decades. Thanks to this blind externalized hatred, millions of poor and patriotic folks rushed to join the ranks of the military to take out hadji.

We must not buy into their hatred and divide this time as a global war would be magnitudes more deadly and catastrophic than drone bombing unarmed children in the Middle East. We have to stop being manipulated by suits on TV and in Washington and remember that we are all human beings sharing this planet.

Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding. — Albert Einstein.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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