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The Woman the Convention of States Fears: “They are scared of a little 70 year old lady who wears Glasses”

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Published on: November 27, 2014

We are hearing more and more calls from conservative talking heads for an Article V convention in order to rein in the federal government. However, one woman stands as a beacon of light to expose what is really going on with the so-called Convention of States. She goes by the name of Publius Huldah (PH) and she is scheduled to debate the Convention of States next week. The only problem is that when COS proponents heard she would be the one they were to debate, they stood down.

PH uses the pen name of Publius Huldah in order for people not to get caught up in the person, but rather deal with what she presents. Publius is the pen name used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay when, during 1787 and 1788, they wrote The Federalist Papers to explain the proposed Constitution and induce The People to ratify it. Huldah is the prophet at 2 Kings 22.  The Book of the Law had been lost for a long time.  When it was found, it was taken to Huldah who gave guidance about it to the king and his priests.

I have had a professional relationship with PH for quite a while now as we have corresponded back and forth via email and on occasion by telephone. She knows her founding documents and she knows the Federalist Papers well. She has also addressed the Convention of States in many articles and been challenged on several occasions.

PH has referred to the Convention of States as a “scam,” has taken pains to explain the origination of Article V and claimed that there is no need to have an Article V Convention in order to clarify the US Constitution.

In a matter that is somewhat related to the Convention of States, PH first addressed the Parental Rights Amendment put forward by Michael Farris to warn people of the danger it presents if added as an amendment to the US Constitution. As a result, Mr. Farris’ spokesperson contacted me, wanting to see if I would publish a rebuttal to her work. I said I would and did publish his response, which was more like self-aggrandizement and ad hominem attacks than a real rebuttal of what PH presented. However, once that was realized (something I pointed out to Mr. Farris’ spokesman prior to publishing the piece), Farris wanted another shot, which I told him I would be happy to offer once PH had replied to his article. He then asked for her credentials and when I would not provide them (something he and his team could easily access if they wanted to), he responded that they weren’t going to continue since they couldn’t verify her credentials. In essence, they were not able to refute her claims, so they stuck with the ad hom in order to not continue the debate.

Others have also tried to take her to task, yet they never deal with her arguments point by point. In the case of the Balanced Budget Amendment, PH has dealt with that issue in several articles as well. As you can see here, Nick Dranias from the Goldwater Institute attempted to deal with PH’s argument, but never really addressed her arguments point by point.

At every turn of those who have come up with alleged solutions to America’s problems, PH has always gone back and demonstrated the correct interpretation of the Constitution to address the federal government’s neglect for what they are limited to do and often their ventures into areas they are not authorized to legislate on.

“They are scared of a little 70 year old lady who wears glasses,” PH told FreedomOutpost. “They will get up on the stage against anyone else – but not me.”

According to the press release regarding the event, “If Congress doesn’t follow the Constitution now, why would they follow it if we change it? Let’s defend it, not amend it.”

The event is being sponsored by Restore and Preserve the Constitution and is designed to see whether or not the Georgia legislature made the right move to pass a resolution to petition Congress to call an Article V convention for the purpose of altering the Constitution.

“Georgia and other states backed away, rescinding their call for a convention back in 2004, and need to do so again.” said the group’s founder and chair Debbie Staver.

“People are so desperate to rein in runaway federal spending and the government’s gross overreach of its powers that they jumped on the convention bandwagon without really bearing in mind that it could result in wholesale changes to the Constitution that legitimize the powers the federal government has usurped”, says Staver.

Group member Richard Arena of Roswell explained, “Leading advocates for the Convention of States (COS) have been invited to present their perspective with equal time, but so far none have accepted the challenge.”

The December 3 debate will take place at Cherokee Cattle Company located at 2710 Canton Rd, Marietta, GA 30066 at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public. I highly recommend the CCC’s fried pickles!

After having engaged in a debate of my own with a friend who represented the Convention of States project in Gastonia, North Carolina this past September, I am convinced that even the amendments that are being proposed by conservatives are actually limiting the people, not the government and not doing anything to actually bring about adherence to the Constitution. For those who are able to attend, I assure you that even if there is no debate, the lessons learned from PH will be well worth your time to hear.

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