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Women Claim Heavier & More Painful Periods Since Getting Their Experimental COVID-19 Injections

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Published on: April 13, 2021

This issue was discussed both on the Saturday and Monday morning The Sons of Liberty radio show with interviews with nurses, as well as The Sons of Liberty’s health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani and Dr. Kevin Corbett.  Many women are now claiming heavier and more painful menstruation periods after having taken the experimental COVID injections, while others have claimed it has altered their cycles.

The Daily Mail reported:

Dr. Kate Clancy, an associate professor at the University of Illinois, tweeted in February that she’d been hearing talk of people who had experienced changes in their menstruation since getting one or two vaccine shots.

Her Twitter thread has prompted more women to share their menstrual concerns on Twitter, revealing their heavy flow, worsened cramps, and irregular timing — with one saying she spent 16 days bleeding after getting the Johnson & Johnson shot.

Dr. Clancy first tweeted on February 24, but her thread has continued to find other Twitter users who are seeking out explanations for their symptoms. 

‘A colleague told me she has heard from others that their periods were heavy post-vax,’ she wrote. 

‘I’m curious whether other menstruators have noticed changes too? I’m a week and a half out from dose 1 of Moderna, got my period maybe a day or so early, and am gushing like I’m in my 20s again. 

‘I’m on day 3 of my period and am still swapping out extra long overnight pads a few times a day. Typical for me at this time is maybe one or two regular pads (though extra absorbent, Always Infinity ones) for the whole day,’ she went on.

‘Does this have to do with the way the vax response is mounting a broader inflammatory response, possibly moreso because of the lipid nanoparticle or mRNA mechanism? Either way I am fascinated! Inflammation + tissue remodeling = extra bleedypants!’ she added. 

Soon, other Twitter users were chiming in with their own experiences. Though several have said that their periods have not changed, many who have taken the time to comment reported differences. 

Here’s the tweets.

Here were some of the responses.

‘I got J&J on March 15, then started my period about 2 days later — over a week early. It was heavier than normal,’ wrote one.

‘Two weeks exactly after shot number 2, my cycle started 12 days earlier and heavier than it’s been for the last three years,’ said another.

‘I am 3 weeks out from my first Moderna shot and started my period in the middle of a BC pack. That’s never happened to me in 12 years of taking the pill. I never even spot between periods,’ wrote one more.

‘My period following 1st Moderna dose came a week early and was the most painful I’ve ever had,’ tweeted yet another. ‘After second dose it came almost two weeks late and my cycle has been regular for years so I knew it was the vaccine but felt scared to say so.’

‘I thought I was going CRAZY,’ another answered. ‘I got the J&J shot three days before my period started and it’s now been…. 16 days of bleeding (normal period for 5 days then light but consistent bleeding for the rest).’

There is no doubt that people are bought into the entire fear porn and mind control propaganda regarding COVID have chosen the way of death and destruction rather then stopping and thinking clearly about the decisions they made concerning taking this poisonous injection into their bodies and in the end, it may cost them a lot more than discomfort or an embarrassing moment.  It may cost them their lives.

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