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Women’s March In DC Drops By 98% In 2 Years!

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Published on: January 22, 2020

Remember when The D.C. Women’s March was a big news story?  Now it seems to be just an event that is struggling to survive.

Disrn reports:

The Women’s March took place on Saturday but made much less noise than past years as its number of participants continues to fall precipitously. According to the National Park Service permit, there were fewer than 10,000 Washington, D.C. marchers this weekend, while last year saw about 100,000, and the year before that — the inaugural year of the Women’s march — a half-million protesters took part.

There were also “sister marches” in other U.S. cities which, according to reports, also attracted fewer participants than past years.

The demonstrators identified three main reasons for their march this year: advocacy for abortion access, increased immigration, and action on climate change. Also, as each other year, opposition to President Trump featured prominently in the protests.

Amid numerous claims of anti-Semitism among Women’s March leadership, the group has recently seen dwindling support, the resignation of multiple leaders, and abandonment from sponsors — including the AFL-CIO, Center for American Progress, Emily’s List, and National Resources Defense Council.

There were also no speakers at event this year, in sharp contrast to previous marches which featured speeches from famous activists and celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Michael Moore, Cecile Richards, Ashley Judd, Van Jones, and Kamala Harris.

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With causes like increased immigration, climate change and removing Trump it is actually surprising that close to 10,000 attended.

In all fairness, we haven’t moved the needle much on the abortion debate in recent years.

People are waking up to the open borders and climate change scams, however.

Democrats need new causes.

Their current causes are worn out.

How about taxpayer-funded breast implants?

Color me sexist but we can pay for men to become women so, why not?

I’ll tell you why not…

Because women are beautiful just the way God created them.

The actions and attitudes of these women are despicable, however.

Why did 490,000 leave the march?

Because they likely saw the ugliness of it.

Also, they couldn’t convince Caitlyn Jenner to speak this year, so that likely put a damper on things. 😉

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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