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Wyoming Judge Refuses to Cave to Sodomite Bullying. Now They Want to Remove Her From the Bench

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Published on: May 13, 2016

We have seen this kind of thing over and over again. Bakers, florists, magistrates, and even judges have been harassed and sued for refusing to participate in a sodomite union. But what about saying that you could not participate? Is it a crime to just say that you could not officiate a sodomite union?

Apparently, a state senator in Wyoming seems to thinks that it is at least unethical.

Christian News reports:

A judicial commission in Wyoming is calling for the removal of a municipal and circuit court judge after she told the media in 2014 that she would not be able to officiate same-sex unions due to her faith.

According to reports, Ruth Neely told a reporter for the Sublette Examiner in 2014 after a federal judge struck down the state’s ban on same-sex “marriage” that she personally could not take part in the officiation.

“I will not able to do them,” Neely stated. “We have at least one magistrate who will do same-sex marriages, but I will not be able to. … When law and religion conflict, choices have to be made.”

Now, there has never been a time that Neely has been approached about officiating. No couple had their feelings hurt by this judges. She only stated that it was against her religion and would have to decline. But this has the sodomite thought police up in arms.

Christian News continued:

In January of last year, following a complaint from Democratic Party Chairwoman Ana Cuprill, the Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics launched an investigation into Neely’s remarks.

The commission has informed Neely that there will be an inquiry, as she is now being accused of having a bias. Naturally, if she would volunteer to step away from her spotless twenty-year career, then it will all be dropped.  Ruth has decided to see this to the end.  She is ready for her hearing.

Once again, this is another attempt to remove all Christians from public life. Pray that Judge Ruth Neely stands for her rights and against judicial bullying.

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