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You’ve Got to Be Kidding! – Michelle Obama: “We Need Someone Who’s Honest and Plays by the Rules” for President

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Published on: October 5, 2016

In a moment that had to have causes a Saturday Night Live sort of laughter among many Americans, Michelle Obama actually stood at a podium in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday and declared, “We need someone who’s honest and plays by the rules,” as she supported known criminal Hillary Clinton for president.

At the event, which targeted young voters, Obama told them not to “play with” a protest vote by supporting anyone other than Clinton. In fact, I did find it humorous that she uses the opposition’s side’s claim that “a vote for anybody but Hillary Clinton is a vote for Clinton’s opponent.” It’s funny, when I turn that around on Trump supporters when they issue that, they claim it’s not the same thing or a logical fallacy, neither of which are true. It’s just propaganda.

Breitbart reports:

Throughout her speech, Obama never mentioned Trump by name, but made it abundantly clear who her jabs were directed at. She repeatedly attacked Trump’s ability to lead due to his lack of experience, maturity, temperament, and consistency, stating that the long election process is a way for voters to get to know the candidates. They will not change once they become president, Obama said.

Obama referred repeatedly to Clinton as the most qualified person to ever run for president, even more than Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, proclaiming that Clinton knows what it takes to be president and the responsibility that comes along with the job. In one direct jab, Obama stated that a president does not cry foul as she began to tap her microphone and smile, referring to the microphone troubles that Trump had during the first debate. This technical problem was first played off as Trump “crying foul,” but was ultimately proven to be true.

Obama also attacked Trump on the birther issue, claiming that her husband was indeed born in this country and the hurtful, deceitful claims were only used as a way to undermine his presidency. She went on to say that the damage caused could not be undone by an insincere statement at a press conference.

Ah, yes the birther issue. It’s interesting isn’t it? Isn’t Michelle Obama, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and even a Kenyan Ambassador birthers themselves? Take a listen for yourself.

Oh, I’m sorry, that was just some conspiracy theorists posing as Michelle Obama and the Kenyan Ambassador, right? Wrong.

Additionally, she has more recently couched her comments about her husband’s illegal presidency, but do you hear any articles of impeachment from Congress? Nope. What about from Donald Trump? Nope, he’s fine with letting Obama get away with usurping the office of president for the past eight years.

While there are some things I can at least appreciate about Trump, I can’t think of one good thing I can say about Hillary Clinton, not one.

As far as I can see, if Michelle Obama wants someone in the White House who plays by the rules and is honest, she should never have supported her husband and she should never support Hillary Clinton because both Clinton and Obama have been shown to be liars.

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