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2014: The Year of Christian Genocide

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Published on: January 6, 2015

Writing in Breitbart on Jan. 5, Dr. Thomas D. Williams has related a convicting and at times scathing account of how non-Christian and Third World nations stepped up their persecution of indigenous Christians in 2014. Many of these were Muslim nations, but widespread persecution of Christians was by no means restricted to them.

The year 2014 saw more global persecution of Christians than any other year in recent history, and can only be compared to the first centuries when Christians were hunted down as criminals in the Roman Empire. The policy of the Emperor Diocletian, in fact, who reigned from 284-305AD, was remarkably similar to that taken by the Islamic State and Boko Haram: “Convert or die.”

A look around the globe reveals an unprecedented pattern of persecution that has shifted from isolated incidents of hostility to a systematic campaign to exterminate Christians in places where they have lived peacefully for centuries.

From the kidnapped school girls and massacres in Nigeria and the displacement of thousands in the Central African Republic, to the believers arrested for having a Bible study in Central Asia, to Meriam Ibrahim being sentenced to death in Sudan, to the ISIS slaughters, to the couple burned alive for blasphemy and hundreds of girls kidnapped in Pakistan, Christians throughout the world saw a major escalation in persecution in 2014.

The Jerusalem Post has spoken of “the religious cleansing of Middle East Christians” and noted that “anti-Christian violence in 2014 saw a transformation from under-told news coverage, to routine reports of radical Islamists seeking to obliterate Christianity’s presence.”

The West in general, and the US to a greater extent, long served as a bulwark against the persecution of Christians worldwide. As Europe has become secularized, dhimmified, and overrun with death cult monkeys (Muslims), their participation in this area has dwindled.

A second-century Church Father named Tertullian famously said that “the blood of martyrs is the seed of Christians,” meaning that Christianity thrives under persecution. This certainly appears to be the case now, as Christianity is flourishing, for example, in China and Africa, while growth is markedly slower in Europe and much of the first world. If current trends continue, China will have the largest Christian population of any nation in the world in just 15 years.

So as Islamic extremists try to eradicate Christianity in its birthplace, and still others attempt to stamp it out in where it is growing fastest—Africa and China—the west seems somewhat complacent, and rests on the sacrifices of prior generations. Moreover, the western response seems often what has been called the “embarrassed silence of Christians in face of anti-Christian persecution.”

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Under the Obama administration of course, anyone with a beef against Christians has been given license to persecute them. Inasmuch as the White House – lousy with Islamists and radical leftists – has telegraphed their intentions (whether articulated or not), these nations now know that the American government will raise neither voice nor hand toward aiding persecuted Christians.

The “embarrassed silence of Christians in face of anti-Christian persecution” that Williams mentions is particularly disturbing. The courage of Christians in these countries – many of whom have little in the material sense – shames the hell out of comfortable, relatively prosperous Christians in America, who are too afraid of being called “intolerant” or “racist” to stand up to their socialist overlords – or the deviant Islamist criminal in the White House.

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