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This Woman has a Message that needs to be heard in America today!

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Published on: January 6, 2015

As I post this, I realize that as soon as people see that this is a woman they will immediately not listen to what is said. I understand that sentiment as men are God’s design to lead and speak with authority to the people of God. However, men have become so feminized in our culture and particularly in the Church (just take a look at Billy Graham’s grandson as Exhibit A) that women, much like Deborah of the Old Testament, are standing up and doing what men should be doing. With that in mind, take a listen to a video I watched this morning. The speaker is Iona Locke.

I don’t know Ms. Locke’s theology and I certainly don’t agree with her being a “bishop” as the Bible is clear that a bishop in the Church is to be a man (1 Tim. 3:1-7). Her theology may be horrible, but I can tell you that the meat of the words she states in this video are spot on and her message is right in line with Jesus the Christ, His apostles and His prophets. That message to a sinful people is to repent.

At the beginning of the clip, Locke says that if the Church is approving ungodliness (whether openly or by its silence), then the young people will open their hearts and think it must be OK, since the Church approves of it.

“You can’t approve what God has disapproved,” she declared.

She then took on the music that is being played in the Church saying, “They play unholy music in a holy sanctuary.”

She also hit on one of my favorite topics and that is that people think that because they mention “God” or “Jesus” it must be the gospel they are talking about and the same God or Jesus of the Scriptures.

“Just because you put Jesus in a phrase doesn’t make it gospel,” she said. Many people think that though, don’t they? They deceive themselves with their unbiblical preaching, liturgies and lifestyles though.

“The gospel is an anointed story, authored by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost,” she continued. “We are worshipping God now with our heads. We are worshipping God with our intellect and God is upset because it’s destroying the pinnacles of the faith.”

I agree, if one only “worships” God with their intellect, leaving behind their heart, soul and strength, they are doing that. It must be the entire person who is worshipping the one, true God.

She then made her point. “We are becoming so engrained into the world to the point where you cannot tell the difference between CHRIST-ianity and Christianity.”

She said the difference between the two was made by a “high, moral integrity of discipline.”

Though she said it was difficult, it is because of “Jesus Christ within us that we keep making advances day by day.”

Then Locke lowered the boom on what is taking place in the modern church.

“If we let everything go so that she can have sex one week and keep going in the choir, and this one can have this brother’s wife and still be a deacon,” she said. “And this one can direct the choir and he’s a straight homosexual, and this one can sing because of their talents and she’s a lesbian; you know it, I know it we all know it, but nothing’s done. What are we handing the next generation?”

“The Bible says, “Contend for the faith that was once delivered!” she thundered. “This is not what Jesus gave us.”

Locke said that correction must come in the Church (Matt. 18) even if people are big givers, are talented and have many gifts.

“When you correct them, you save their soul and deliver them out of the gates of Hell,” she said.

Well, Amen! That’s what real love does, right? Don’t parents that love their children correct them? Is it because they love them or hate them? It’s because they love them. Sadly, in the Church and even in the world, correction is despised and abhorred.

However, the Scriptures teach us something about correction and discipline.

As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. – Rev. 3:19

If you are rebuked and chastened, it is a sign of God’s love. Therefore, repent of your sin. Don’t harden yourself to the loving, disciplining hand of God.

Locke pointed out that people who grew up in the Church as now contracting full-blown AIDS in the Church.

She asked what are we handing our teenagers and how are we going to promote a “Christian” night club. After all, Scripture says:

And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. –John 3:19-21

“Turn all the lights on and let’s see what we’re all doing,” she shouted.

When she rhetorically asked, “Well, how we gonna win ’em, we gotta give ’em something. What are we going to give them,” speaking of the younger generation, she said, “Give ’em what they gave us!”

Though I disagree with her “altar call,” as it is nowhere found in Scripture, I do agree with her sentiment of the “flesh being out of control.” Men need to repent and confess their sins daily before God. If a godly man like Daniel, of whom the Bible nowhere declares his sin, but in Chapter 9 of his book he is confessing his sin daily, how much more should you and I?

“Repent!” was her declaration.

Instead of a perfect, powerful Savior, Locke said the Church has put forth a “weak Christ.”

She asked how R Kelly and Whitney Houston could sing gospel, obviously alluding to their ungodly lifestyles. According to Locke, the Church just “smoothes it over.”

Locke then pointed out the hypocrisy of singing “Amazing Grace” on Sunday and “Knockin’ Boots” on Friday. “The devil is a lie.”

Would to God the men in the Church would get some testicular fortitude and stand and preach this kind of message from the pulpits this Sunday and every Sunday. Were that to occur and God grant to the hearers true repentance, we would see a drastic change in our nation virtually overnight because God’s people would no longer stand for the ungodliness and criminal activity happening in our nation.

However, though Locke is doing what the men should be doing, men would do well to heed the message, repent and see what the Lord will do not only in this generation, but in the one coming behind us. May He grant it!

As a final note, for the anti-theists who may take the time to read this and claim, “This isn’t news,” let me tell you that news is determined by the person proclaiming it and that Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is always… Good News!

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