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2021: The Year of the ‘Jab’ — In More Ways Than One

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Published on: January 4, 2022

We began 2021 with a ray of hope that the fraudulent election of November 3rd would be overturned, but that was not to be.  On January 6th, millions of patriots gathered at the US Capitol to present a “redress of grievances” to their elected officials.  But the massive rally was infiltrated by ANTIFA and other Marxist groups, who arrived on buses and were given police escorts into the event by DC and Capitol police.

Millions of Patriots were peacefully demonstrating outside when police welcomed many into the Capitol building, but many who entered were the ANTIFA anarchists who proceeded to threaten others inside and vandalize the building.  Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer.  Leftists called the rally an “insurrection” and the congressional certification of Biden as president was delayed until the middle of the night.

Following the rally, nearly 700 individuals were arrested simply for being at the Capitol on that day.  Still today, forty of them remain in the DC jail, where conditions have been described as “deplorable beyond belief.” Solitary confinement in 8X10 cells; they’re not allowed to bathe, see clergy or have a Bible; they’ve been restricted from seeing attorneys, family visitations are not allowed; they’re not given decent food or water and have been denied all due process while still being held in jail.

On January 13, Trump was impeached for the January 6 event, blamed for “inciting a riot.”  The Senate acquitted him in February.  On the 20th, Biden was inaugurated, as the Capitol was surrounded by a high fence topped with razor wire and protected by 25,000 armed troops.  The inauguration had the fewest number of attendees in history.

Biden immediately signed executive orders requiring masks on all federal land and buildings and for federal employees and contractors.  He quickly violated his own edict later that day when he visited the Lincoln Memorial without a mask.

He also rejoined the World Health Organization, extended moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions of those who hadn’t paid their mortgages or rent for over a year; he rejoined the Paris Climate Accords, he revoked the permit for the Keystone Pipeline, putting thousands of people out of work and causing us to depend, once again, on foreign countries for energy.  Also on his first day, he mandated “diversity training” in public schools, with an emphasis on LGBTQ people and on race.  He included illegal aliens in the US Census and put a stop to construction of the US/Mexico border wall.

A surge of millions of illegal immigrants began immediately at the southern border, which continues to this day.  Illegals have steadily been transported and “resettled” in towns and cities across the country, given free food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, education and cash.

February began with Ford announcing, on the 4th, that it would reduce the production of it’s F-150 pickup truck because of the global chip shortage.  On the 15th, millions of Texans were left without electricity as a winter storm blasted the southwest.  More than 200 people died. Radio Commentator Rush Limbaugh died on February 17th at age 70 of Stage Four lung cancer.

On March 11, Biden signed into law a $1.9 trillion dollar COVID stimulus package.  On the 15th, Pastor Tony Spell of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was arrested for holding church services in 2020.  While he awaited trial, he was forced to wear an ankle bracelet and placed on house arrest.  March 18: Honda and Toyota halted production at plants in North America because of shortages and transportation bottlenecks.  Then on March 23rd, one of the world’s largest container ships got stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking traffic for nearly a week.  Also in March, swarms of locusts swept across Africa, destroying everything in their path.

On April 20th, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murder in the May 2020 death of George Floyd.  He was sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison.  Reports of inflation setting in began that day as well, as consumer prices jumped nearly 5% from a year earlier.

As government and health officials continued to push the COVID jab, offering incentives like free ice cream, free beer, free college scholarships and “vaccine lotteries,” Facebook removed a social media page on April 23rd that featured stories from hundreds of thousands of people who had already been seriously injured or killed by the shots.

On April 29th, parents began rising up at school board meetings regarding mask mandates for children. The government and mainstream media immediately began labeling parents speaking at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

The Arizona election audit also began in April, which uncovered an astounding amount of voter fraud.  Nothing has been done about it.  Multiple other states have also pushed for election audits, to no avail.

On May 8th, Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother Dawid were arrested by police on a busy freeway in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as they were returning home from church.  He was charged with “inciting people to worship” after he refused to close his church on Easter.

There was a gasoline supply scare on May 13th as the main pipeline carrying gas and diesel fuel to the East Coast was shut down.  That same day, the CDC announced “fully vaccinated” people would no longer need to wear a mask.  Fauci would change his mind on that multiple times throughout the year.  On May 19th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill banning most abortions after six weeks of conception.  The law was immediately challenged in the courts and continues in litigation today.  And on May 28th, a 15-year-old girl was raped by a transgender boy in the girl’s restroom at a Virginia school.  The girl’s father, Scott Smith, was arrested when he expressed his outrage at a school board meeting on June 22nd. The same “trans” boy, after transferring to another school, was charged with sexual battery after doing the same thing to another girl at the new school.

On June 2nd, Benjamin Netanyahu was defeated as Israel’s prime minister.  The Keystone Pipeline was abandoned by developers on June 9th, after years of planning and building.

On June 11th, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated it’s case against Pastor Tony Spell.  He had been facing 19 years in prison for continuing to hold church services.  Pastor Spell’s case against the governor of Louisiana will soon go to the State Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the churches in that court’s jurisdiction are now free from government intrusion on masks and closures.

On June 22nd, US home prices rose to the highest levels in more than 20 years.  And wildfires again erupted in the western US.

July opened with the announcement of the “Delta Variant” which was used to implement more lockdowns and restrictions around the world.  Here in the US, masking was again required in many parts of the country. Both Apple and Microsoft reported soaring profits, and Biden announced a mandate for federal employees to be jabbed on July 27th.  Two days later, he mandated all branches of the military to be jabbed or be dishonorably discharged.

On August 10th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he would resign amid sexual harassment allegations by at least 11 women.  His brother, Chris Cuomo, was later fired from his job as host on CNN when it was discovered he’d used his position there to bury the story in the media.

On August 15th, the government of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban as the US pulled out, leaving behind $85 billion dollars’ worth of sophisticated military equipment — and thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies were trapped behind enemy lines.  The Taliban immediately began to hunt down Christians there.  Meanwhile, thousands of Afghans were resettled here in the United States.

On August 18th, Pope Francis announced, “If you love your neighbor, you’ll get a COVID-19 vaccine.”  On the 29th, Hurricane Ida made landfall near New Orleans — on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  Also in August, the city of New York began requiring people to “show their papers” proving they’d been vaccinated in order to enter public spaces, including restaurants.

On September 9th, Biden announced his patience was wearing thin with those who refused to be jabbed with the experimental “clot shot” and declared a mandate for all companies with 100 or more employees to receive the jab.  Employers caught in non-compliance would face a $14,000 fine per violation. This mandate would affect 84 million workers across the country.

A huge volcano began erupting on September 19th in Spain’s Canary Islands, sending lava running through towns and thick blankets of ash covering entire cities.  The same day, we began hearing about the 17,000 Haitian refugees amassing at the Mexican border.  Biden vowed to return them all to Haiti, but most were soon resettled in various parts of the US.

On the 22nd, the FDA approved booster shots for people 65 and older. Five days later, Pastor Art Pawlowski was again arrested after landing at the Calgary airport, when he returned from several months of speaking engagements in the US.  The following day, thousands of healthcare workers who refused to get the jab and whose religious or medical exemptions were denied, were fired. The governor of New York announced they would be replaced by foreign workers and the National Guard.  Thousands of New Yorkers began turning out in the streets in protest over the jab mandates.

On October 1st, California announced it will require the jab for students to attend school. The next day, United Airlines announced that nearly 600 employees who refused the shot would be terminated.  On October 10th, Southwest Airlines had to cancel nearly 2000 flights, citing bad weather as the reason; most, however, believe it was due to the company’s jab mandate, as pilots and flight crews refused to be injected and were either fired or walked off the job.

Crude oil hit a 7-year-high on October 11th at $80 a barrel as prices had been surging at the gas pumps all year. Economists speculate the price of crude will hit $200 a barrel within a few months.

On October 13th, after container ships had been waiting off the shores of California and New York for months, creating a nation-wide supply chain crisis, the Port of Los Angeles announced it would begin operation around the clock to try to ease shortages. Also on the 13th, Pastor Art Pawlowski was sentenced by a Calgary judge for disobeying a court order and failing to wear a mask.  He was fined $23,000, sentenced to 18 months probation and the judge decreed that whenever Pastor Art speaks in public, including on the internet or in the media, he must state that his views are contrary to “public health experts and science.”

On October 14th, the FDA unanimously approved the Moderna booster shot.  On the 19th, Southwest Airlines announced it would drop its plans to terminate employees for refusing the jab.  And that same day, the Port of Los Angeles reported at least 200,000 shipping containers remained at sea off the California coast, unable to unload their cargo because of worker and trucking shortages — once again, caused by the jab mandates.

On October 20th, Natural News reported that mass famine has been engineered into the coordinated takedown of America, and that most Americans are only nine days away from starvation when the food supply collapses.  Shortages of food and other essential supplies became the “new normal” in 2021.   Indeed, many things that we took for granted in previous years were simply not available — or costs had increased to outrageous levels this year.

On October 27th, Emergency Rooms in hospitals across the country began being flooded with “fully-vaccinated” patients suffering from heart attacks, strokes, organ failure, paralysis and other neurological problems, that came upon them shortly after receiving their COVID jabs or boosters.  Menopausal women began experiencing profuse bleeding.  There was a huge increase in cancers of all kinds, and pregnant women who’d been injected with the shot began losing their babies in record numbers.

On October 29th, the FDA authorized the Pfizer jab for use on children 5 – 11 years old.  But that same day, a district court judge in Washington, DC issued a temporary injunction banning civilian and military employees from being fired for not taking the shots.

October also saw thousands of Americans continuing to gather in mass protests against the forced injections. Teachers protested in New York; Boeing employees protested in Seattle; Southwest Airlines workers protested in Dallas; California parents protested mandates for children and police officers protested in Chicago.

Mass protests against forced injections, lockdowns and “vaccine passports” continued around the world, especially in European countries, in Africa and Australia.

But on November 1st, 9000 New York City firefighters and police officers were placed on unpaid leave for refusing the jab.  On the 4th of November, OSHA declared it would implement Biden’s jab mandate for companies with 100 or more workers.  That same day, the “energy crisis” officially went “global” as supply chains continued to break down worldwide, due to COVID restrictions and jab mandates.

Two days later, on November 6th, a federal appeals court blocked he Biden administration’s private employer COVID jab mandate.  And between November 8 and 11, hundreds of thousands of workers across the country went on a 4-day strike to protest the mandates.

On November 12th, the Los Angeles Police Department told residents to simply “comply” with robbers’ demands after months of “smash and grab” looting of retail stores.  Earlier this year, the San Francisco police department announced it would no longer even respond to calls of shoplifting if the value of goods stolen was less than $1000.  Stores across the country, from high-end retailers to Walgreens and CVS pharmacy stores have been attacked by bands of looters who simply descend on a business, take whatever they want and leave.  Store owners and employees fear for their lives should they try to intervene against the mobs.  Many stores have just closed their doors forever in cities that no longer enforce the law or protect citizens.

On November 13th, more than 190 countries reached a “Climate Change Agreement” aimed at cutting gasoline emissions around the world.  The idea of a “carbon tax” was discussed, which includes issuing “carbon credits” which would strictly limit the amount of gasoline and heating fuel people would be allowed to purchase.

On November 14th, Austria announced the country is placing millions of people who are not fully jabbed on indefinite lockdown.  The next day, Biden signed into law a so-called “Infrastructure Package” — in the amount of $1.2 trillion dollars.  Also on November 15th, the FDA asked a federal judge to give it until the year 2076 to fully release the documents tied to the approval of the Pfizer jab.  That’s 55 years.  (On December 8th, the FDA would ask for 75 years to fully release the information).

The “powers that be” love to intentionally keep us all off balance, as they continually change the rules regarding jab mandates.  On November 17th, OSHA suspended the vax mandate for private businesses after the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals called the mandate “staggeringly overbroad.”  But two days later, the FDA approved boosters for all adults.

On November 19th, Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all counts for his involvement in defending the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020, as rioters looted, burned, destroyed businesses and attacked innocent people there for several nights, while police and National Guard members “stood down” and let it all happen.

Then on November 20th, a leaked audio recording revealed two teachers at a California Teachers Association Conference mocking parents over their concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school.  The 7th grade teachers were also captured on tape telling other teachers how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs.

November 22nd: five people were killed and forty injured by 39-year-old Darrel Brooks, who plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin with his SUV.

The next day, news came out of Australia announcing the government is now actively rounding up citizens who may have been near someone who may have tested positive for COVID — and people are being placed in concentration camps.  Entire communities have been arrested and taken away to the camps, where they’re immediately injected with the COVID jab, even if they try to refuse it.  Three days later, the World Health Organization announced a new “variant” called “Omicron.”

On December 1st, the Epoch Times reported that despite a federal judge declaring Biden’s vaccine mandate unconstitutional, Penn State University will still require employees to get jabbed.  Those who object will be placed in a “re-education” program for “counseling.”

On December 6th, Twitter banned thousands of Christian and Conservative accounts from their platform in their latest purge of dissenting thought.

December 7th: Biden’s jab mandate for federal workers was blocked nationwide by a federal court.

On the 10th, US inflation hit it’s highest level in 40 years.  Also on this day, multiple tornadoes tore through Kentucky and five other states, killing nearly 250 people and wiping out entire towns.

That same day, the United Nations placed a giant statue in New York that seems to resemble an end-times “beast,” like something from the books of Daniel and Revelation.  The UN calls the statue “A guardian for international peace and security,” but this hideous thing has the head of a lion, the body of a jaguar, eagles’ wings and the feet of a bear.  It’s also painted in rainbow colors.

On December 11th, mayors of several Southwest states declared a state of emergency because of the influx of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants over-running their towns.

On December 12th, four states called in National Guard troops to help deal with the healthcare staffing crisis, as countless healthcare workers were fired for refusing Biden’s jab mandates.  Those states included Indiana, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.

On the 16th, Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines.  At least 275 people were killed, mostly by falling trees and in flash floods, with 56 others missing and 600 injured.

On December 18, the National Pulse reported that in the next legislative session, beginning January 5th, the New York Senate and Assembly is planning to vote on a bill that would grant permission to remove and detain “cases,” “contacts,” “carriers” or anyone suspected of presenting a “significant threat to public health” and remove them from public on an indefinite basis.  This bill gives the government the right to remove any individuals or groups of people through issuing a single order.  The orders only need to include the individual’s name or “reasonably specific descriptions of the individuals or groups.”

And on December 21st, the Satanic Temple installed a blasphemous exhibit in the Illinois State Capitol rotunda, featuring a “baby Baphomet” — a winged goat creature — displayed as a babe swaddled in a manger scene, clearly mocking not only Christians and Christmas, but Almighty God Himself.

On December 23rd, a San Diego, California judge struck down a “jab mandate” aimed at multiple school districts, where students would have been forced to be jabbed or banned from all San Diego public schools.

Under the heading, “it couldn’t possibly get any crazier,” the chief of the Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Department was replaced December 23rd — by a convicted arsonist. Ten of the department’s 13 firefighters quit on the spot.

On December 28th, New York City announced it will begin unleashing ‘vaccine enforcement squads’ to go door-to-door, coercing people to take the jabs.   According to reporter Mike Adams, this practice is set to expand to other states and rumors are flying that California will initiate aggressive new forced quarantines similar to Australia.  Meanwhile, the FDA is now allowing abortion pills to be sent by US mail, but they’re confiscating Ivermectin sent by mail.  Nutritional supplements, such as Vitamin C and D are already banned from being shipped by US mail to overseas locations.

And on December 29th, Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on sex-trafficking charges after the jury deliberated for five days.   Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six charges in her connection with Jeffrey Epstein’s child-trafficking island, frequented by Hollywood celebrities and prominent politicians.  She faces a minimum of 50 years behind bars and will be sentenced soon.

There were many more alarming events in 2021 — including “transsexual” men competing in, and breaking many records in women’s’ sports.  Violent crime rose substantially all over the United States, hitting all-time highs in some cities, including including Chicago, where we barely bat an eye anymore.  We’ve now seen over 2 MILLION illegal immigrants welcomed and resettled in the US in 2021 alone.  All this as New Yorkers are arrested for not showing their “COVID papers” while dining in restaurants.

Now, as we head into 2022, we’re warned of a coming global famine as our supply chain continues to be dismantled, farmers over-regulated and bankrupted and hyper-inflation sets in.  Interestingly, China is preparing for shortages.  The USDA has stated that China already has more than half the world’s corn and other grains stockpiled.  Here in the US, we’re doing the exact opposite: we’re shipping food to other countries, and the USDA has warned that in the event of a major national emergency, the very limited amount of food that the U.S. government has on hand will be gone almost immediately.  Truckers are being fired for refusing the jab as our food supply grinds further to a halt.

Only the Lord God Himself knows what the year 2022 holds in store for us.  As Christians, even in the midst of turmoil, WE, of all people should remain strong and steadfast.  Unmovable. Unafraid. And we should be ready at all times to provide answers to all who ask us about the faith that we have. The Holy Spirit will put the words in our mouths just when we need them; but ONLY if we do our part —  we must repent, pray and study diligently, and seek to serve God while we remain in this earth.  People will be looking to US for answers. I hope we’re ready and we represent our King well.

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