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5-Year-Old Plunges to Death after Run Away Kite Launches Him 60 Feet (Video)

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Published on: March 17, 2015

A five-year-old boy met an untimely death as his leg got tangled in the string of a kite, which took wind and launched him some 60 feet into the air. The string broke and the little boy fell to his death.

WND reports:

According to published reports, little Van Minh Dat was helping his mother sell drinks at the Dong Dieu kite field in Ho Chi Minh City when his leg became entangled in the kite’s string.

He was then launched into the sky screaming before breaking loose from the string, tumbling back to the ground amid the shrieks of onlookers.

He died while being transported to a hospital.

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“Everyone was looking at them because the kite had fallen to the ground a couple of times as the weather was a bit erratic, and one of the lines that snagged a table near the drinks stand knocked over some chairs as well,” said the boy’s aunt.

“Dat had run over to pick up some of the fallen soft drink bottles and his leg got tangled in the kite string which just then took off when it was hit by strong winds.”

According to the boy’s aunt, the winds were “too fierce” and though others attempted to bring the kite down, they were unable to do so.

The boy apparently attempted to grab hold of another kite string once the one entangled around around his leg and the kite broke.

While a spokesman for the city said that children are often kept from kite, because Dat was working the beverage stand with his mother, he was overlooked. What a tragedy!

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