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A Feminized Society Of Gun Control & Communism

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Published on: January 1, 2020

Anytime you have Democrats or weak RINO Republicans in office, you lose constitutional rights, lose your income, illegals are welcomed, the 2nd Amendment challenged and your freedoms lost one tax, fine, fee, rule and regulation at a time. The same allows abortion, homosexuality, special rights for certain people and a gradual decline of a moral society, which even Stalin recognized as one of the attributes that made America strong (religion, patriotism and morality).

Christians must stand on principles, not for their wallets for free stuff.

Government should NOT be the agent to redistribute wealth.

They are doing what the Church used to do.

Government is a colossal failure in preventing poverty. Instead, it breeds it.

It has become a gargantuan behemoth, absorbing more money in its administration and workers than it gives.

Government is the biggest employer in the USA.

As the Democrat governor of Virginia threatens to use the Army National Guard to seize weapons from its citizens, I call upon those officers and men who swore to defend the Constitution to stand down.

Remember, it was the same excuse at the Nuremberg Trials the German officers gave after they massacred millions – “we were just following orders.”

Well, don’t!

History proves that once the government confiscates the weapons from its people, all manner of evil begins.

Communists always take your guns – that is exactly what most Democrats have become and too many Republicans fear to speak up.

We have become a feminized, easily offended society where freedom of speech is lost and now our guns may well be lost.

“Hate crimes” are special rights for certain people – all crime is hate.

Our schools have become indoctrination centers for the LGBTQ, socialism and a host of other “isms” that only weaken our society – and they do it because they are following orders.

Sanctuary cities are everywhere, encouraging more of the same.

The only thing socialists understand is money.

Such cities/states should be defunded.

Watch it end!

Well, I was taught as an officer to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.

The enemy is within and most people don’t care and put the same idiots in office, time after time.

If Virginia succeeds, other states will follow.

You can bet civil war is exactly what our enemies want and it is most likely to occur if Virginia succeeds in its nefarious plans to take weapons.

Even the recent church shooting proves that guns in the hands of citizens stops crime.

As an Auschwitz survivor once told me, “Never give up your guns!”

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