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Audacity: The Movie Ray Comfort Didn’t Want to Do Is Done!

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Published on: June 23, 2015

Evangelist Ray Comfort of The Way of the Master and Living Waters is set to release his brand new film titled Audacity on Wednesday, which will deal with the issue of sodomy.

Back in September, I reported on how this was not a subject that Comfort wanted to address.

“I didn’t want to do this movie,” he said at that time. When different people kept asking for one that addressed homosexuality, I said an adamant ‘No!’ and I was deadly serious. It just wasn’t going to happen. One of the major reasons for this was that to speak even slightly against homosexuality nowadays is tantamount to being a hate-filled racist.”

Comfort has taken on the subject of abortionevolution and Noah’s ark, but he believes that this film will be too hot for theaters to handle. In fact, he is expecting protests and boycotts from those in the sodomite community. This is to be expected, especially in light of the account of the city of Sodom in Genesis 19.

However, there are always those in sin who are willing to hear the truth and the message of redemption found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To that end, Comfort is putting out his film in hope that God will use it to free people who are locked into this behavior.

The Blaze previously reported on the story line of the movie.

“‘Audacity’ doesn’t stereotype or vilify gays in the slightest,” Comfort said. “This movie isn’t motivated by an ounce of hatred. It’s just the opposite. We love gay people, and that’s what we believe will be the conclusion of most who see it.”

The central plot will surround a character named Peter — a bike messenger who is “on the brink of losing his job.” Peter, a Christian, struggles to find himself in a culture that rejects the Bible and is faced with trying to discover truth and convey it to his friends in a loving way. 

“He’s forced into a clash between his most cherished convictions and a most volatile issue,” Comfort said.

Though it is scripted, there is one scene in the film that includes an interview between Comfort and two lesbians — an exchange that ends on a positive note, he told TheBlaze.

“There is a reality clip woven into the storyline of the movie where I interview two lesbians after I saw them kissing in Huntington Beach, California,” Comfort said. “At the conclusion of the interview they enthusiastically said on-camera that they really appreciated how I had spoken with them.”

Comfort’s film has already received praise from Fireproof and Courageous Director/Producer Alex Kendrick, The Dove Foundation and Answers in Genesis President Ken Ham.

“‘Audacity’ will rock your assumptions,” said Kendrick.

It will be two months before the video is released on YouTube. However, those interested in seeing the film can purchase a downloadable copy for $19.99. In addition to the movie, those who purchased from will also receive the following:

  • “Behind the Scenes” video (30-min. MP4)
  • “Love Can’t Stay Silent” music video (5-min. MP4)
  • Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle With God eBook (Mark Twain hated the God of the Bible and complained bitterly that He left sex out of Heaven. An Amazon reviewer said: “Ray Comfort moves boring history to page-turning surprise after surprise.”)
  • Audacity: A Novel eBook (emailed to you upon its release)

    Also, for signing up for Comfort’s e-newsletter, you can also get a free 32-page ebooklet titled “God & Sexuality.”

Check out the trailer below and head over to on Wednesday to download your copy of the movie that addresses one of the greatest sins that threatens the human soul and is currently threatening the survivability of our culture.

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