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Coptic Plight Possible for American Church

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Published on: May 6, 2015

As a Baptist, it is difficult for me to use certain terminology.  To speak of a person’s spirit, simply means their motive or nature.  However, for many, this kind of terminology is used to mask sin and even justify that sin.  This is not what I am attempting to do here.  I hope that you will understand the spirit with which I use the term “spirit.”  I do not mean an evil spirit controlling a person or group, but a thought process and motivating force that guide the people we will discuss.

When we look at the situation facing the Coptic Church in Egypt, we see growing opposition.  We see a church forced to give up many of its rights and property.   We see this as the church faces more overt persecution.

Fox reports

Christians in Egypt are facing a new wave of persecution at the hands of Muslim extremists, and human rights groups fear the situation could be on the brink of exploding.

The Coptics, much like the Jews of Germany are being blamed for political defeat.  Because the Muslim Brotherhood failed to retain governmental power after their revolutionary takeover, they needed a scapegoat.  The Brotherhood found their scapegoat in the Coptic community.

“We are the weaker element in society, so if anything happens, we will be the first victims,” Mina Thabet, a Coptic activist and researcher at the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, told from Cairo.

If we look deeper into the activities of the persecutors and the governmental and police reaction, we will begin to see something very similar.  If we see the spirit of the persecution, we will see the same spirit in those who seek to silence the church in America.

Blasphemy is a crime in Egypt, but human rights activists say the authorities have traditionally used the law to persecute minorities, among them Christians.

“We have five Coptic children charged with blasphemy and insulting Islam,” he said. “We still have other open cases where Christians are charged with inciting violence as if they were the perpetrators, but where they were the victims.”

Police, meanwhile, chose the Orthodox Christian Good Friday April 10 to storm an Orthodox prayer house on the outskirts of Minya’s Maghagha City, confiscating altar artifacts on grounds the worshippers were praying without official permission.

These incidents are very similar to the events in America.  Though they are smaller in scale and violence, they have the same goals.  These people wish to silence and destroy the church in Egypt.  Meanwhile, the tactic used by Muslims and atheists alike have as their goal the silence and destruction of the church in America.

We have seen the eviction of a Church in NYC in 2013 for preaching against sodomy.  Christian businesses are forced to violate their consciences concerning sodomite unions.  Sharia law is enforced by proxy when people are persecuted for speaking out against Islam.  And the Media seeks to blame an art contest because Muslims attacked them.  And the list could go on and on.

The point is that this persecution is perpetrated in the same way and for the same reasons.  Pray for the Christians in Egypt.  We may be facing the same persecution here if things do not reverse direction, and soon.


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