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Barack Hussein Obama Displays Values – They Just Aren’t American Ones

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Published on: February 22, 2015

Reading the news each morning can become a somewhat emotional roller coaster ride. There are some stories that will lift your spirits, some that cause you to shake your head in almost disbelief, others that cause frustration to erupt and then, the most powerful emotion of anger is triggered when one reads an opinion piece that resulted from that author reading an article that truly highlights the epitome of Barack Hussein Obama.

Jen Kuznicki’s article at, “America’s First African-American President Displays the Values of Neither,” summed up Obama’s basic incompetency to speak for any Africans and any American. Her basis for this summation is an article that appeared in Gateway Pundit that quoted Catholic Bishop Emmanuel Badejo from Nigeria as saying, “The United States actually said it would help Nigeria with Boko Haram only if we modify our laws concerning homosexuality, family planning and birth control.”

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Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, in a Wall Street Journal interview, outlined several issues keeping the Obama administration from helping Africa’s largest democracy, but did not mention any “moral issues.” Jonathan did say that Nigeria has been requesting military aid in the form of advisors and combat troops from the Obama administration since early 2014, without success. Of course, Rear Admiral John Kirby said the administration had not received any such requests and that no US troops are operating in Nigeria.

However, the US maintains a drone base in Chad and has provided some training and equipment to Nigeria, along with $80 million of support last year.

But, back to the reason the Obama administration would not help Nigeria, a country whose population is 50% Christian and nearly half under the age of 15, combat the Islamic group Boko Haram, which seeks to impose Sharia law upon the entire Nigerian population.

Bishop Badejo stated he heard Hillary Clinton, speaking as Secretary of State, say “the US government was committed to anything that would push the population control agenda.” He proclaimed that a “cultural imperialism” existed, that Africa was suffering from it, and it threatened to erode cultural values. Badejo claimed that “life is sacred” for Africans and what people are calling Western Civilization is “sick.” “What we say about human dignity and human rights is mere hypocrisy.”

Even some representatives in Congress have seen what Bishop Badejo claims. Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman leveled a similar claim as Bishop Badejo back in August 2014. Stockman claimed the “Obama administration was withholding aid to Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram in part over Nigeria’s ‘social policy.'”

This is anything but far-fetched in looking at what has happened in the United States. Our government has sanctioned and made legal the murder of innocent babies in the womb. Obamacare mandated “health care insurance” that requires every individual pay for abortion coverage and birth control coverage. Obama lied about his support for homosexual marriage in his 2008 campaign as he now openly supports it, along with many in government, and is trying to override the sovereignty of the people’s vote on this issue in each state.

Bishop Badejo went on to say, “There is a diminishing sense of the respect for the sanctity of life. And all of this is to be imposed on Africa, at whatever cost; we think that it is immoral and that it is unjust.”

Looking at what Bishop Badejo states and what has happened in America, what he is saying is correct. As Jen Kuznicki so aptly points out, “To the American left, from the President on down, too many Africans is a problem.”

Can we deny that statement from Kuznicki?

Let’s look at this from another angle. Obama’s administration and this government has denied the government of Nigeria help in combating an Islamic group until “they get with Obama’s programs on social issues.” Yet, Obama’s administration and this government maintain a close relationship with Saudi Arabia, where Sharia law reigns supreme, and Turkey, whose president stated, “Islam is Islam.” As a reminder, the Armenian population was wiped out in the country of Turkey in a mass genocide by Islamists. This administration berates Israel, almost openly operates to undermine our longest, closest Middle Eastern ally, and works to oust the current Prime Minister. The US government has assisted in the overthrow of Egypt during the “Arab Spring” and supported that terrorist regime until the Egyptian people and military ousted the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood government. Let’s not forget Libya, Yemen and this government’s relentless pursuit to oust Syrian president Assad.

One could say that not only does Obama view too many Africans as a problem but views too many Christians, Jews and others practicing anything but Islam as a problem, regardless of race.

While Obama touts himself as a product of both Africa and America, as he has a Kenyan father, this man honestly believes he is competent to speak for both. But, as Kuznicki points out, his stance on denying Nigeria help until they become less numerous, embrace homosexuality and adopt birth control, “exposes this president as neither competent to speak for the Founding values of America, nor those of Africans.”

Haven’t we learned that abortions are more prevalent among black American women? The American left and Obama support wholeheartedly abortion. Could not one say that Obama promotes “population control” of black Americans? His stance with Nigeria certainly supports the claim of his desire for a decrease in African population. As many black Americans identify themselves as “African-American,” only a few recognize this contradiction present in Obama.

Our “leadership” (using that term very loosely as we have none) promotes the face of America. It’s no wonder the world views us as lost – we are. Since the world views us through our president and governing body, their policies become the cloak of the American people, just as the Nazi flag and their policies became the cloak of the German people. And, just as all Germans were judged by the action of Hitler and the Nazi regime, so Americans are and will be judged by the actions of their government.

Listening to my Dad speak of his time in Germany while serving in the Air Force about 8 years after World War II, he tells stories of some of the older German men who spoke to him about Hitler’s Nazi Germany. It was fairly easy for my dad to engage them as he was a German descendent and used the German spelling of his last name while there, but I digress. In some of the pubs where they gathered, many told him they did not support Hitler or his Nazi’s as they remembered the horrors of the First World War. But, the Nazi’s targeted the younger of the population and the more “impressionable.” Despite their opposition, these men were still judged by the outside world by the dictatorial government that ruled them. Relating their stories to my Dad, these “wise” men related the one thing that kept those opposed to the Nazi regime from the very beginning from taking action – Fear.

Is it the same in America today? Are we bound by “some” fear that we do not stem the tide of eroding founding principles and the eradication of God-given rights along with the eraser of righteous and just law? Some may say it isn’t fear. Well, if not fear, then what is it?

Why are people not flooding the streets of Washington in protest? Many have jobs and need to support their family. They fear the loss of wages and the suffering of their family. Churches and pastors do not speak out regarding the lawless, criminal actions and the move to accept sinful lifestyles. They fear the loss of tax exempt status. Some fear retribution from the government in one way or another. Others fear being ostracized. Some fear getting involved at all preferring to let things play out. Then, some fear others will not follow leaving them as the only one risking their honor. Others fear loss of government assistance as that may be their only means of survival. Many fear for “national security” should we not forfeit some individual rights. It is not a concept many of us misunderstand – we get it.

Fear is Satan’s playground. And, if one were to be totally honest, fear is a powerful motivator. It keeps our hands bound and our strength sapped. However, what is more powerful is the strength gained in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in whose name we can do wondrous things. What is the wealth gained upon this earth compared to the wealth gained through Christ – eternal life in the Kingdom of God? While life here in the physical form is short, the soul is eternal. What is security worth here if we do not seek a place in the Kingdom of Heaven? Why is the fear of retribution from government stronger than the fear of retribution from God?

The fight for our founding principles is never an easy one nor is it quick. It is a continual battle – one that we, as Americans, have eased up fighting allowing dissidence to creep in through ideologies that are in opposition to our founding. That dissidence is now blatant, in our face, and try as we might, the little “skirmishes” we encounter and win are small in the ocean of anti-Americanism and anti-Christian sentiment that pervades this nation.

Why are we not loudly proclaiming against “this face” of America for all the world to see? Why are we not saying to the world, “Our leaders are corrupt; we are aware and we are not going to continue to allow them to subvert our heritage.” Do we fear invasion from outside forces should we engage in an internal struggle for our nation? Could it be that we have become so “diverse” in every imaginable way that we fear discarding smaller issues in order to engage large ones? Or, do we fear engaging the large issues so we continually fight the smaller ones?

Regardless of our religious beliefs, if all who support our founding principles, our Constitution, and the self-evident truths stand in unison, we can accomplish much. However, we should address whatever it is that stifles our action, whether it be fear or some other motivating factor.

Until then, the “face” of America to the world is the current corrupt administration and those in power who continually subvert our founding principles; the Marie Harfs, Jen Psakis, Susan Rices, John Kerrys, Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids, Eric Holders and Obama are the perceived America. What foreign nation would back a nation whose government has eroded the very tenets of its own founding and are seeking to erode other sovereign nations through bullying?

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