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Hero Trucker Saves Girl from Sex Traffickers Who Were Doing Unspeakable Things to Her

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Published on: February 21, 2015

Hero stories come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it involves guns and sometimes it doesn’t. The story of Kevin Kimmel is one that doesn’t involve guns, but does involve taking notice of your surroundings and acting quickly. As a result, he probably saved a young woman’s life.

Kimmel was parked at a truck stop in New Kent County, Virginia. Noticing a suspicious looking recreational vehicle with black curtains nearby, he caught a glimpse of a young woman’s face looking out, as someone else shutting the curtains.

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“Saw what looked like a young girl looking out the window, the black drapes didn’t make it look like a families’ RV, you know,” Kimmel said. “I saw a guy come up and knock on the door then go inside the Pilot–then quickly came back and knocked again, all of the sudden the thing was rocking and rolling.”

“When I saw the young girl’s face, I said that’s not going to happen, I’ve got daughters and granddaughters,” Kimmel said.

Assuming what was going on, Kimmel called the sheriff. When deputies arrived on the scene, what they discovered was beyond horrible.

The 20-year-old young woman found inside with an Iowa couple. According to WTVR, the young woman looked “disheveled and malnourished.”

But that’s not all. WTVR reports:

According to an affidavit, the victim’s feet had puncture wounds on top consistent with nails hammered into her flesh and numerous burns on her abdomen, groin and back consistent with being struck and stamped with a hot metal key.

Aldair Hodza and Laura Evelene Sorensen were arrested and charged with one count of abduction with intent to defile. They were later charged with a federal crime of sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion.

Scripture teaches what should be done with those who commit such crimes:

He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death. -Exodus 21:16

The couple used Craigslist to set up a meeting with another man, who joined Hodza in raping the young woman.

Joseph Burch, a fellow truck driver, said of Kimmel, “He’s a hero. I take my hat off to that because if it were me, I would’ve done the same thing.”

Another trucker said, “He saved that girls life and that’s awesome,” said a fellow trucker. “I have two kids at home man and if somebody messed with them I’d want someone to call the cops and tell me.”

As for Kimmel, he is modest at best, “I’m just happy I helped her.”

Sex trafficking has become more common in America today. “For every 10 women rescued, there are 50 to 100 more women are brought in by the traffickers,” said a 25-year-old victim of trafficking. “Unfortunately, they’re not 18- or 20-year-olds anymore. They’re minors as young as 13 who are being trafficked. They’re little girls.”

“Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day,” John Ryan of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children said.

Indeed, they are. Let’s make sure we are protecting our young people by teaching them to be vigilant and how to protect themselves, as well as being vigilant ourselves as Kevin Kimmel demonstrated.

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