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Boots On The Ground: Fighting Agenda 21 In Your Community

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Published on: January 10, 2021

As I mentioned in a previous article, nearly any city in the country has some form of a Comprehensive Plan. Not all plans are bad. The way you can identify one of the UN-backed plans is the language. Words such as SUSTAINABLE, SMART GROWTH, TRAILS, BUFFERS, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, OPEN SPACES, EQUITY, are clues to the identity of the writers of the plan.

Some of these by themselves, like Affordable Housing, are not always an issue. This Housing is often sold to the community with the promise to house the elderly, veterans and the handicapped. If you require that ONLY those groups will qualify, the bad guys will back away from the project.

If you discover many of the SUSTAINABLE TERMS listed above, you can show your elected officials the definitions from the SUSTAINABLE book (Tom DeWeese) that I mentioned in a previous article. The plan can then be amended to remove those terms. I would also suggest a short paragraph disavowing any connection with the 17 SUSTAINABLE GOALS of the UN. Do an internet search for them yourself.

Also, be on the lookout for plans with many long-reaching, grand schemes that you know that your size community would never be able to achieve. The planners will tell you that these are only SUGGESTIONS. Is there a Green Plan accompanying it? If so, check out Level 3, Step 6 (May be a different # in your plan) Ours stated that at this level, ALL SUGGESTIONS IN THE PLAN BECOME ORDINANCES. Of course, there is usually a nice grant attached. Once the Green Plan is in place, the simple, reasonable Steps 1 & 2 are usually done right away, but further steps will often be approached without telling the Public ahead of time.

That brings us to GRANTS. They are not FREE MONEY. There usually are no visible STRINGS attached. What you and your elected officials don’t see, and are not told, is that often, many Federal and State Regulations follow these. President Trump had begun to remove many that were added by Obama, but I suspect that Biden will move in to fast forward. The often extremely expensive regulations which need to be followed, will not be covered by a grant and will cost you, taxpayers, dearly. Maybe close an airport like in Silver Bay, MN.

So, as tempting as the grants are to lawmakers, demand that they refuse any that do not have a full list of regulations attached and state that if any others should appear, that your community is exempt from them. Your grant makers will back away.

Not all groups offering grants are bad. Some to watch out for are: Any of the FOUNDATIONS. Ford, Rockefeller, Hormel, Mcknight (and Initiative) Blandin, and also most universities. Read their goals carefully from their websites before working with any.


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