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Bradlee Dean’s My War Shows Up on the Big Screen

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Published on: December 16, 2014

Thousands of people have read Bradlee Dean’s comic book testimony My War. Even more people have viewed his My War DVD documentary series, which is airing on Dove TV this month. Now, a major motion picture has placed My War in the midst of a retelling of the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son.

A Long Way Off was produced by a husband and wife team, Gerald and Christy McGlothlin. The couple invested their own money, along with money from investors to create this modern tale of one of the Christ’s most compelling parables.

Their half million dollar budget allowed them to create the film, which Gerald McGlothlin told Sons of Liberty Media, “We just wanted to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.”

McGlothlin told us that the film was shown in a limited number of theaters when it opened in June 2014 in order to make it available for Netflix and to get it into Wal-mart stores and on DVD. For those who don’t have Netflix, it can be viewed instantly at Amazon. According to McGlothlin, the film brought in a little over $30,000. However, where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.

Having debuted on Netflix just weeks ago, the film is already getting lots of play from members. As of the writing of this article, there have been 44,739 persons who rated the movie. Obviously, there have been many times more people who have viewed the film than those who have rated it and now people will be able to own the film on DVD.

My War can be seen around the 40 minute mark in the film, as the main character, Jake (played by Jason Burkey, who also starred in October Baby and For the Glory), walks through a book sale with Summer (played by Zoe Myers, who played the Whammy Chicken Girl in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues). As they slowly peruse book, the camera slows as it passes by Bradlee’s My War comic book.

McGlothlin told Sons of Liberty Media that they handpicked each book they featured in the scene of the movie.

“We needed some books in the bookstore scene that would be positive books,” McGlothlin said. “So if anyone would see the books on the bookshelf in the movie and decide they wanted to go out and buy them, we would know that we would be helping them rather than hurting people.”

While the movie may appear as though things are random, McGlothlin said that each book and everything they filmed was purposeful and that all of the elements were “controlled.”

McGlothlin was familiar with Bradlee Dean before he sat down to write the script for A Long Way Off with Jon Macy (In the Blink of an Eye; Merlin and the War of the Dragons).

“I think it’s a wonderful way of reaching people, particularly young people, who might not ordinarily attend church,” McGlothlin said of the My War comic book. “It’s very straightforward and if people want to know the truth, it’s in there.”

The film also includes performances by Edie McClurg, Robert Davi and Johanna Jowett. Be sure to check out A Long Way Off and pick up a copy of My War to share with friends and family.

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