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Cop 1 Shoots Cop 2, Then Blames Handcuffed Suspect – Both Cops Proceed to Execute Suspect in Apparent Cover Up (VIDEO)

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Published on: December 19, 2015

A video was released on Friday that show two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies murder a man after…. Wait for it… riding a bicycle with his headphones on. But how the murder occurred is the really interesting part, and we’ve got the video to demonstrate just what happened.

23-year-old Noel Aguilar, who was claimed to be a “known gang member,” was accused in the Orange County Register of having shot one of the deputies as they tried to handcuff him.

Cop 1 Shoots Cop 2, Then Blames Handcuffed Suspect – Both Cops Proceed to Execute Suspect in Apparent Cover Up (VIDEO)

That wasn’t all. A police report from earlier this year attempted to justify the shooting, but the video evidence seems to clearly contradict several aspects of the police report.

Attorney for Aguilar’s family, Angel Carrazco, was able to obtain video footage of the shooting, which took place on May 26, 2014 in Long Beach. The video was then released to the OC Weekly.

The footage shared by Carrazco’s Tustin-based law firm has been enhanced, slowed down in key spots and transcribed. “We got the video through an independent witness that was there,” he says. “This is evidence that we’ve had in the last twenty days.” Carrazco is handing the new evidence over to the Department of Justice, FBI, U.S. Attorney’s office and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office in hopes of bringing criminal charges against the deputies involved. The attorney is already in litigation for a civil suit brought on behalf of Aguilar’s family.

How the deputies handled Aguilar after he had been shot is also a matter of concern, Carrazco says. “He’s facing down after being shot four times and they’re on top of him,” Carrazco says. “There needs to be a medical conclusion to find out whether they were trying to get him to asphyxiate or bleed to death. By the video, it seems like they were trying to do both.” Aguilar can be heard screaming, “I’m dying!” while onlookers berate the deputies in English and Spanish that they shot him in the back and to get off him because he’s dying.

See for yourself the video, which has only been edited in order to slow down the frames and demonstrate who exactly has guns and who uses them as Aguilar is being handcuffed on the ground face down.


The two sheriff’s deputies, Jose Ruiz and Albert Murade, can be seen holding Aguilar down as they struggle to arrest him. However, Ruiz can clearly be seen holding the gun brings it between himself and the camera that is filming him and fires, then the gun can be seen in his hand again a moment later.

Murade yells out, “I’ve been shot” as Ruiz demands, “Where’s the gun?”

The sheriff’s deputy is clearly on top of him with his face down. It’s in your hands deputy Ruiz!

Aguilar protests that he didn’t shoot anyone as Ruiz pulls his gun back out, aiming it at Aguilar in a threatening manner, to which Aguilar responds, “C’mon man, why are you pulling a gun on me?”

Ruiz then shoots Aguilar in the stomach and Murade just can’t help himself. He unholsters his gun and fires three rounds into Aguilar’s back.

While Aguilar is dying and says so, deputy Murade keep crying about having been shot, but it was his partner who apparently shot him.

Ruiz continued to press his knee into Aguilar’s back as he tells Murade to “Go sit down.”

You can hear those watching begin to protest in both Spanish and English the brutality of the officers.

It’s clear that Aguilar had a long criminal conviction list, which included grand theft auto, felony reckless driving and evading arrest, contempt of court, possession of a controlled substance and driving on a suspended license. He was twice convicted for violating the terms of a criminal street gang injunction and was most recently charged with a third gang injunction violation on May 14, records show as well. However, though authorities later claimed that a gun was recovered, I see absolutely no evidence of that in the video at all.

Now, I don’t care who you are, whether you are just a person like me or a police officer of any stripe. If you will defend what is seen in this video, then you should immediately resign your position because there is absolutely no justification for this senseless and needless murder.

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