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COVID Evil is Not a Difference of Opinion

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Published on: April 3, 2021

Last night, my mother called me to tell me she has gotten her COVID vaccine. Then she started complaining that I needed to respect her opinion and that her and my sister’s opinion was just as important as mine. She also complained that our family does not get together because of my not respecting their opinion. She also said how my sister and her show respect to each other by my sister wearing 2 masks while my mother only wears 1 mask.

I am writing this article as I believe others are just as frustrated with the nonsense that keeps being thrown around as “respecting someone’s opinion.”  I believe God and the Ten Commandments. However, I do not honor my father and mother by participating in lies and the destruction of our society.  It’s a destruction that includes the obscene increase of children wanting to commit suicide (1 in 4 now) because they hate the world the COVID cowards have created for them. Just because someone is related to me does not make them right and if I truly love them, I do not remain silent as they hurt themselves and others.

I told my mother this is not a difference of opinion. I said: “We are not picking out Ice cream here.” The people who accuse me of not respecting their opinion are complaining that I will not wear a mask. They want to force me to do what they want, and then they claim I am disrespecting them. Typical of this woke world we live in. We now live in a world of spoiled children that never grew up and that includes people in their 80s that act like spoiled children. Go ahead wear your mask, but the minute you tell me I have to wear one it is YOU who is disrespectful. That also includes you Pro Vaccine Fanatics who want to force everyone to take the experimental vaccine. It has not been proven safe as it has not been used long enough to be proven safe.

This does not end with masks. This includes social distancing, business shut downs and all the other frauds committed by various governors. Real people have been hurt by these horrible atrocities. Hurting people is not a difference of opinion. A difference of opinion is you pick strawberry ice-cream and I pick vanilla, and neither one of our decisions hurts the other. The minute your opinion puts a new Hitler into power, we are arguing the difference of good and evil, and you can rest assured I am against evil.

I have personally seen people hurt from taking vaccines. I have personally been hurt by vaccines. Just because the pro vaccine fanatics deny science and rig the data does not make something safe. It is only safe if they honestly test the vaccine, and then report all the data. Vaccines used to take 10 years to be tested as safe. These were not even tested for 10 months. Getting all arrogant and proud of taking a vaccine will not make someone safe it just makes them look stupid.

For the pro vaccine fanatics that keep saying I have to respect their opinion, show me some respect for a change. Read the following information I received today, including the sources. The pharmaceutical companies are not honest companies. They have done a lot of bad things. They should not be trusted.

The Forbidden COVID-19 Chronicles
The Makers of COVID-19 Vaccines: Pfizer
Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

Since the year 2000, Pfizer has been charged 74 times with criminal and civil violations and paid a total of $4,660,896,333 in fines. The top offenses to which the company plead guilty are unapproved marketing of products, bribery, making false claims, safety violations, environmental violations, racketeering, and violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.[1]

In spite of a very long list of criminal convictions, Pfizer and BioNTech were given an emergency use authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine on December 1, 2020.

Here are just a few of the episodes in which Pfizer and its subsidiaries have been found guilty of egregious acts:

In 2001, thirty Nigerian families sued Pfizer, claiming that the company conducted an unauthorized clinical trial of an untested antibiotic on their children without their consent in 1996 during a meningitis epidemic. Eleven children died as a result, and others had brain damage or became partially paralyzed or deaf.[2] In 2009 the company reached an out-of-court settlement with the Kenyan government for $75 million dollars, and in August 2011 the company paid $175,000 to each family to settle the claims.[3]

In 2004, Pfizer’s Warner-Lambert subsidiary paid $430 million to settle criminal and civil charges that it paid doctors to prescribe Neurontin, an epilepsy drug, for conditions for which it was never approved.[4] In 2008 it was discovered that Pfizer suppressed research showing that Neurontin did not work for these conditions and that the company routinely spun negative data about the drug to place it a more positive light. Additionally, the company combined negative studies with positive studies to neutralize negative findings and hide the fact that Neurontin did not work for unapproved uses.[5] A judge ordered the company to pay $142 million to settle racketeering charges.[6]

In 2005, Pfizer agreed to stop advertising Celebrex on television and subsequently admitted that a 1999 clinical trial showed that Celebrex increased the risk of heart disease in elderly patients.[7]

Pfizer and its subsidiary company Pharmacia and Upjohn can boast that in 2009 it paid the largest criminal fine ever in the history of the U.S. (at that time) for any matter – $1.195 billion dollars. The reason for the fine – the company’s reps were marketing Bextra, a pain reliever, for uses and doses specifically prohibited by the FDA. Additionally, the company was forced to forfeit $105 million which brought the total settlement of criminal charges to $1.3 billion.

In addition, Pfizer agreed to pay $1 billion more to resolve charges brought under the False Claims Act that the company illegally promoted four drugs – Bextra, Geodon (an anti-psychotic), Zyvox (an antibiotic) and Lyrica (an anti-epileptic drug) for off-label uses. The company was also found to have bribed doctors, paying kickbacks as incentives to prescribe these and other drugs.[8]

Subsequently, Bextra was withdrawn from the market after the FDA mandated a black box warning about cardiovascular and gastrointestinal side effects.[9] The company set aside $894 million dollars to settle claims for both Bextra and Celebrex.[10]

One of Pfizer’s biggest scandals involved defective heart valves sold through one of its subsidiaries that killed over 100 people. An investigation of this matter showed that the company deliberately misled regulators while seeking approval for the product. The company agreed to stop making the valves, but they had already been implanted in tens of thousands of people who were now at risk.[11] In 1994, the company paid $10.75 million to settle charges brought by the Justice Department that it lied to regulators about risks associated with these valves.

In 2012 the company settled charges related to a multi-million-dollar bribery scheme involving payments to government officials, health regulators, doctors, and hospital administrators in Bulgaria, Croatia, Kazakhstan and Russia. Pfizer used sham consulting contracts, exclusive distributorships and improper travel and cash payments in order to gain market share, and earned over $7 million in profits as a result of its illegal behavior. The fine – only $15 million.[12]

During one 3-year period, Pfizer Italy provided free cell phones, copy machines, printers and televisions to doctors; gave them paid vacations with companions; and made direct cash payments to doctors which were falsely categorized as speaker fees and professional training. The company paid a fine of $60.2 million which represents about one half of one percent of the company’s annual profits.[13]

And this is the problem. For Pfizer and other drug companies, paying billions of dollars in criminal and civil fines for misrepresentation and hurting and killing people is just a cost of doing business. Employees of Pfizer and its subsidiaries are not indicted and prosecuted, so there really is no reason for the company’s management to stop doing these things.

Would you purchase any product made by this company? I wouldn’t – not even mouth wash. Why? Because Pfizer could not even play it straight with a product like this. The company paid $70,000 in fines to 10 states to settle charges concerning misleading advertising for a mouth rinse called Plax in 1991.[14]

What on earth would possess regulators to allow a company like this to continue to do business in the United States? Or to grant an Emergency Use Authorization to a Pfizer vaccine? Regulators would not allow it, but business partners, of course, would. And it is abundantly clear that U.S. government agencies like the FDA and CDC are not regulators, but rather business partners for drug and vaccine makers.

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As you can see the Pharmaceutical Companies have hurt a lot of people as they have made obscene amounts of money. I thought being liberal meant we were against evil greedy corporations hurting people for obscene profit. I also thought being liberal meant we stuck up for the little guy. All I see now is Bill Gates and other billionaires making trillions from these fraudulent lockdowns, while liberals cheer them on. Also when the billionaires preach their great reset claiming we “will not own anything and be happy” people should be smart enough to know the billionaires will own everything and be even happier.

Look in the mirror and realize what you have become. Make the rich richer and crush the little guy to do it. Shut down small business and make Bill Gates even richer. This is not a difference of opinion this is real people suffering. Until any of you have witnessed firsthand the suffering I have saw from this sham fraud based shutdown, don’t give me your “respect my opinion” argument. That makes you sound like a spoiled 2 year old demanding your way.

Stop this nonsense. Turn all that media propaganda off, and start looking at other information. I have studied your opinion in detail. I have read more than 600 articles in medical journals and other sources. I have heard hundreds of hours of lectures on COVID. It is time for you to look at all the information. You should respect my point of view. This is not my opinion. This is detailed information from doctors and scientists. The only reason for censoring is to hide the lie.

Get over your fear and trust in God. If you have not joined and put your name in the data base, do so now. These evil people need to be held accountable for what they have done. Wrong does not become right even when my own mother is wrong. I grew up with her telling me what my grandma told her. “Wrong is always wrong, even if everybody does it, and right is always right, even if nobody does it.” I believe this and I live by it. I am more than willing to be punished for doing right. I will not ask others to be hurt to satisfy my fear. I will honor my father and mother by doing this even if they do not.

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