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Federal Judge Takes Action to Make Hillary Clinton’s Emails Public

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Published on: May 11, 2015

A federal judge has re-opened an open records case in order to expose some of former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails. This is the first occasion a court has taken steps in her email scandal.

The Washington Times reports:

Judge Reggie B. Walton agreed Friday to a joint request by the State Department and Judicial Watch, which sued in 2012 to get a look at some of Mrs. Clinton’s documents concerning a public relations push.

Both sides agreed that the revelation that Mrs. Clinton had kept her own email server separate from the government, and exclusively used her own email account created on that server, meant that she had shielded her messages from valid open-records requests.

Now that she has belatedly turned some emails over, the government offered — and Judge Walton confirmed in his ruling — that the agency should search them all to see whether any should have been released to Judicial Watch.

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has been at the forefront of the push to obtain Clinton’s emails.

“This is the first case that’s been reopened,” said president of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton. “It’s a significant development. It points to the fraud by this administration and Mrs. Clinton.”

While Clinton has turned over some 30,000 emails, she also has, at her own discretion and in violation of federal rules, deleted more than 32,000 emails, there have been allegations raised as to what was in those emails. Was there incriminating evidence against her and her Muslim Brotherhood-tied aide’s correspondence with the Muslims Brotherhood? Were there emails that would implicate her in criminal activity concerning The Clinton Foundation? Would those emails provide evidence concerning millions of dollars paid by Russia to the Clintons for Uranium, which is now being supplied to Iran or her Muslim Brotherhood connections? Was she involved in money laundering?

Both Clinton and her aide, Huma Abedin, have been caught breaking federal laws and are in violation of the Federal Records Act.

Benghazi Investigation Chairman Trey Gowdy recently released an interim report, which detailed his first year of investigation. In that report, Gowdy said that he had met with “obstacles and frustrations” in dealing with the current administration… to which Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ca) said, “Welcome to the club.” (Yeah, OK, Issa didn’t say that, but we all know that is what he has met with.)

“The State Department has told the committee that it cannot certify that it has turned over all documents responsive to the committee’s request regarding the former secretary’s emails,” Mr. Gowdy said in his report. He also noted the following:

  • Received more than 20,000 emails and other documents from the State Department that have been “never before released to Congress.”
  • Obtained “hundreds of pages of emails never before seen by Congress” from the White House, the Justice Department and intelligence agencies.
  • Acquired an additional 15,000 pages of documents after more than two dozen “classified and unclassified” briefings with Obama administration agencies.
  • Received communications to and from Clinton for the first time, including those showing that the former secretary had used “a private email account to conduct official State Department business.”
  • Produced nearly 100 hours of interviews and 2,500 pages of testimony from “survivors of the terrorist attacks and others who are giving indispensable first-hand accounts of what happened before, during and after the attacks.” Another 60 witnesses are to be interviewed “in the coming months.”
  • Met with the families of the victims of the attacks. “The meetings offered the families an opportunity to be heard and to provide their insight to the committee.” The panel has also “met with the respective agencies to discuss survivorship benefits to ensure the families of the victims received benefits to which they were entitled.”
  • Obtained nearly 50 reports from the FBI on Benghazi, including 18 on the “interrogation and prosecution” of Ahmed Abu Khattala, the alleged mastermind of the attacks who was captured last June.

It’s good to see a judge moving in the right direction and though I confess to being cynical about Gowdy’s investigation, I do understand that you have to have all your ducks in a row before you proceed with prosecution. To that end, at least he is documenting what he has uncovered.

Judicial Watch continues to be on the front lines though, doing apparently more than what we see taking place in our own government. They have recently filed seven new Freedom of Information Act requests, including records of Clinton’s iPad and iPhone use.

“This historic legal effort shows Judicial Watch is the only game in town when it comes to stopping and exposing government corruption,” said Tom Fitton.  “Congress, a compromised Justice Department, and a pliant liberal media won’t do the work of taking on Clinton and Obama corruption– and Judicial Watch is happy to continue its leadership role in exposing what the government is up to.  There is a rule-of-law and transparency crisis in Washington.  But our new FOIA lawsuits show that Mrs. Clinton and her co-conspirators in the Obama administration will be held accountable for the violations of transparency law, criminal destruction and mishandling of government records, their Benghazi lies, and the Clintons’ abuse of office for personal and political dollars.”

We already know that Clinton has lied about her email server because of emails that have been made public. With Judicial Watch keeping the pressure on, perhaps Judge Walton will see this through and expose what Clinton was attempting to hide.

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