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Flame On! White House Equates Bathroom Bills to Civil Rights Movement

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Published on: April 13, 2016

Never could I imagine in my lifetime that the issue of men dressing like women would be a source of contention regarding the use of female bathroom facilities. Who would ever conceive of something like that? It’s basic practice going back thousands of years – men use public facilities designated for men and the same for women. There should be no discussion, much less any “political” action taken, to accommodate less than one percent of the population. But, here I am watching States pass legislation allowing transgender individuals to use public restroom facilities matching their mentally ill perceived gender to the detriment of public safety. What is even more amazing about this entire scenario of insanity is the comparing of the issue to the Civil Rights movement lead by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

White House Press Secretary, Josh “less than” Earnest, had the nerve to invoke “civil rights battles of past generations in States that passed or are considering a similar law.” As it stands, federal agencies are poised to cut funding to States that pass what is now known as “bathroom bills.”

“Less Than” Earnest Josh said, “State’s like Tennessee and to a certain extent North Carolina and Mississippi have a long history — even over the last couple of generations — of working through questions of civil rights. President Obama has talked on a number of occasions about the important progress that our country has made with regard to civil rights. This is a good illustration that the fight for civil rights is not over.”

“Demanding equality for every American and ensuring those Americans are not singled out for targeting because of their sex or their race what their last name is or their religion or who they love or who they are is a struggle that continues,” he added. “The president, every time, is going to be on the side of equality and fairness and justice for every American.”

Where exactly to start on this pile of garbage is anyone’s guess. But, someone, with a working brain, needs to explain to the 99% of the population how keeping men out of women’s public facilities and vice versa even remotely compares to being barred access to schools, having separate drinking fountains, having separate entrances to movie theaters, or being denied service in a restaurant or harassed when trying to vote. If this nation has made any progress on civil rights, it has certainly all reverted back to the starting point because of this administration. This issue does not even come close to equaling the civil rights movement.

The civil rights movement did not endanger portions of the population through the rightful protest of discrimination based on skin color and the demand it be stopped. And, separate facilities for men and women have always been the norm. But, these mentally ill individuals will place women, girls, boys and men at risk of crime by nefarious individuals. No, this does not mean crime at the hands of transgender individuals. It means crime at the hands of rapists, murderers, thieves, and child molesters who proclaim to be transgender to gain access to victims. Why all of a sudden are these mentally ill, deranged individuals declaring they are “singled out” and targeted because of their DNA, when separate facilities in public have always been the standard? It’s not about discrimination. It’s about “public safety.”

Lying Earnest claims Hussein Soetoro is on the side of “equality, fairness and justice for every American.” However, whose side is he on when the safety of the public is at hand? He stands on the side of one percent of the population in overturning millennias of morality and standards.

Because of state laws that allow private business to set their own policy regarding public restroom use (which is as it should be) and “restrict local governments” from passing “bathroom bills” perceived as discriminatory, States could find themselves being denied federal money for schools, highways and public housing. No State should be getting any money from the federal government for any purpose. States should be footing the bill for their schools, highways and housing. The system in place now makes States beholden and subservient to the federal government when the federal government should be subservient to the States and the people.

Of course, the first individual to suggest withholding money from the States is none other than Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Fox. If you recall, Fox is infamous for his statement claiming sidewalks in neighborhoods provides opportunities to attain the American Dream. Joining the former Charlotte, NC mayor in support of withholding funds to the States are the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. North Carolina should hold fast on their legislation regardless of what unconstitutional federal departments want.

According to The Blaze:

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery warned that if Tennessee passed such a law, it could lose $1.2 billion in Title IX funding from the federal government.

Earnest said agencies are “doing this work in conjunction with the Department of Justice because there are important legal questions that have to be resolved.”

“Specific laws like this that seek to target and marginalize one small segment of the population is nothing less than mean-spirited,” Earnest said.

Important legal questions that have to be resolved? Gee, ya think! Will rape no longer be a crime, but an alternate lifestyle? What about pedophilia or child molestation? Will “indecent exposure” now be referred to as normal? Will someone be explaining how this is a “civil rights” issue? From where many of us sit, this “disallowance” of men in women’s facilities and vice versa comes nowhere near attaining the designation of “civil rights violations” protested by Dr. King. As a man of faith and as a minister, Dr. King would absolutely be appalled.

For one thing, no one is “marginalizing” a segment of the population by having men use facilities for men and women use facilities for women. It’s been this way since the beginning. Who is being marginalized is the 99% of the population who doesn’t have a mental illness. It is more than mean-spirited to allow grown men into women’s facilities to relieve themselves with young girls present. It is more than mean-spirited to open the door to nefarious activities by men against women and girls. It is downright evil to the core. If the transgender segment of the population were not trying to railroad the entire American population, States would not need to establish laws securing the laws of nature.

Democrats, like Hussein Soetoro, Hillary Clinton and gang, yell privacy when it comes to a mother seeking the murder of her baby in the womb. Why is that private but expecting some semblance of privacy in public as it relates to restroom facilities for women and men is not? Why is it that a man showing his genitalia in public to a child is considered deviant and a child abuser yet putting men in the same facilities as female children to possibly see male genitalia is not?

Get out your torches because here it comes. Transgender individuals and sodomites claim to want “acceptance” by society, meaning for society to consider their “condition” as normal. However, it goes against the laws of nature. Pushing and shoving something down someone’s throat and using the government to punish those who disagree are not going to grant societal acceptance of deviant behavior. In fact, it will push society to hate it, be intolerant of it as it billows out of the closet and into the mainstream of society, and garner more ostracizing than ever seen in previous times. In other words, you will get what it is that you want the least.

Most everyone could care less what goes on in someone else’s private life. But, when that private life becomes the source for which others are to be punished for disagreeing, then individuals who disagree have every right to challenge the normality or abnormality of the behavior when it is affecting them. Men using women’s facilities and vice versa affects everyone and the public has a right to protest against the disregard for public safety. For how is one to determine a man entering a women’s facility is transgender or not? Want to wear a badge? How about a pink rose or have an ID marked as “transgender male” or “transgender female?”

There is no way that anyone will be able to tell the difference between a “transgender man” or “transgender female” and a man dressed in drag or woman dressed in male attire as transgender. At the rate this is going, any attempt to try and identify “transgender” individuals will be discrimination as well. Congratulations for opening the door for rapists, child molesters, and other sexual predators. Oh, and kudos for bastardizing the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The push to have government sanction those in disagreement or who abhor the “lifestyle” is morally wrong and violates civil rights. Likewise, it is wrong to expect someone to go against his or her religious beliefs. It is a violation of the First Amendment by the federal government. And, the civil rights movement was not about elevating one people’s rights over another; but, securing the same rights for all individuals given in the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

The reason the transgender and sodomite community is met with perceived bigotry, hatred and discrimination is that the groups are forcing upon society that which is abnormal. These groups are seeking to supplant a millennia’s moral practice of privacy and public safety with potential for criminal activity. Who is going to reap the whirlwind when a woman is raped or a child molested because of the insanity of allowing males in female facilities? I guess it will be another “suck it up, buttercup” response to the victims.

The crux of the issue stands as follows – if you hadn’t brought it out in public, there would not be an issue. DNA and chromosomes cannot be changed. Deal with it and get over it by seeking medical treatment for the mental disorder. The forcing of the issue on the public will only result in tragedy. But, you all and the politicians couldn’t care less. When, not if, that tragedy occurs, it will be the fault of the victim, the victim’s family or just plain “tough luck.” No way will the unlawful “policy” have anything to do with it. Remember, the woman you encounter in the facility while being a “transgender male,” is someone’s wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, niece, daughter-in-law, or sister-in-law. There’s men out there willing to protect them if they cannot protect themselves. For whatever you in the transgender and sodomite community perceive is “your right,” your rights do not trump others’ nor do perceived, made-up rights trump natural rights.

Flame on!

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