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Florida: Sheriff That Violated Ethics & State Law Fires Clerk After Her Arrest & Policy Violations

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Published on: September 21, 2019

Yes, the irony is everywhere at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Southwest Florida.  The most recent example of hypocrisy and irony in the matter concerning the crimes and unethical behavior of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno can be seen in the recent firing of a Lee County Sheriff’s clerk who was previously arrested on a domestic violence charges and then lost her job after she was found in violation of office policies through an internal affairs investigation., one of the Southwest Florida media sites that refuses to actually report on Sheriff Marceno’s felony impersonation of a police officer for more than a decade, reports:

Sheriff Carmine Marceno withdrew the appointment of records clerk Laura Hudson as of Aug. 22 after concurring with the findings of the investigation: unlawful conduct and conduct unbecoming a member of the agency violations by Hudson.

Hudson was arrested the afternoon of July 15 in LaBelle after Hendry County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to calls of a domestic disturbance.

The victim told deputies that Hudson attempted to block his exit and scratched his neck before jumping on his car door when he tried to leave. He then said she backed a truck in his car multiple times before leaving the scene herself.

A witness told deputies she observed the parties arguing before Hudson drove her the truck into the victim’s vehicle three times.

The Sheriff’s Office became aware of the incident the following day after receiving a notification from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, according to the internal affairs investigation report.

At the time of the incident, Hudson was on paid leave, through the Family Medical Leave Act. When she returned to work on July 29, the Sheriff’s Office placed her on unpaid leave as it opened an internal affairs investigation.

The state attorney’s office offered Hudson entry into a diversion program, which Hudson accepted on Aug. 12. The victim told the sheriff’s investigator that he requested the state attorney’s office to drop the charge, calling it “an isolated incident.”

IA-2019-010 Laura Hudson Re… by Devan Patel on Scribd

Interestingly enough, the signature where Carmine Marceno is supposed to sign is actually signed by what appears to by the LCSO attorney John Holloway.

I must say that it is laughable that a man who pursues victims of crime that come to his office for help in those matters can sign a form with a straight face attesting to “improper conduct: conduct unbecoming Officer/Member.”  Furthermore, stating “Unlawful Conduct Offenses” is pretty amazing as well, considering that Marceno simply will not answer questions regarding his unethical pursuit of women, including Deanna Williams, engaging in sexual intercourse in his police vehicle, wanting his own child murdered, perpetrating a fraud concerning his education on the people of Lee County and violating Florida state laws concerning impersonating a police officer and committing perjury.

But there you see it with his own hand.

Furthermore, it’s interesting that LCSO, as well as the State Attorney’s office, which is now headed by PLO-terror-tied Amira Fox Dijani both agree that this is a crime that should be dealt with hand in hand with one another.  However, when it came to a woman making a complaint regarding grand theft of $200,000 neither of them wanted to accept the responsibility of arrest or pursuing prosecution, but admonished the victim, who was being pursued by Sheriff Marceno for a sexual relationship, to complain to the Florida Bar.

News-Press adds:

Hudson told investigators that she would have acted differently in hindsight but that was not enough to save her job.

Sgt. Holly Snyder wrote “Hudson’s actions brought discredit upon herself as an agency member” and noted how her actions escalated the situation when there were numerous times she could have removed herself the altercation.

Hudson is the second Lee County Sheriff’s Office employee to resign or be terminated as a result of criminal charges this year.

Let’s just hang on to those numbers as Sheriff Marceno is also under investigation for his crimes and unethical behavior after Former Sheriff Rod Shoap has made numerous complaints based on a FOX4, as well as my reporting and documentation of Marceno’s conduct.

Lee County just may see the appointed top cop who is running for election for the first time removed from his office and charged.  Time will tell.

For more documentation on the things that were addressed above, here are previous articles on the subject:

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