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Florida: Vegan Couple Who Fed Their Children Only Raw Vegetable Diet Charged With Starving 18-Month-Old Son to Death

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Published on: November 16, 2019

This is sick and twisted beyond comprehension.

If not “sick and twisted” maybe it is simply a heart-wrenching story with a big lesson for all of us.

At 18-months-old their son was the weight of an average 7-month-old.

And they saw no problems with that?

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From The Daily Mail:

A vegan couple from Florida who have been feeding their four young children a strict diet of raw vegetables and fruit have been arrested on manslaughter and child neglect charges for allegedly starving their 18-month-old son to death

Sheila O’Leary, 35, and Ryan O’Leary, 30, were arrested last week in the death of their youngest child who had the weight of an average seven-month-old infant.

According to a press release from the Cape Coral Police Department, on September 27, officers responded to a report of an 18-month-old who had stopped breathing at his family home. Paramedics who were summoned pronounced the toddler dead at the scene.

The boy weighed just 17lbs at the time of his death. An autopsy later found that the toddler succumbed to conditions associated with starvation, including dehydration, a liver disorder and swelling of the hands and feet, reported The News-Press.

Detectives with Major Crimes Unites arrived to find the deceased boy and two of his older siblings, ages three and five, appearing extremely malnourished and small for their age.

A probable cause affidavit stated that both children were pale and had yellowish skin, and one of them had blackened teeth caused by dental decay.

A third child, aged 11, was also present at the scene but appeared healthier than her younger siblings.

Documents reveal that the 11-year-old, who is Sheila O’Leary’s daughter from a previous relationship, visits her biological father in Virginia every two months, which could explain her better physical shape, compared to her emaciated half-siblings.

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Here’s a Joe Rogan show that talks about some of the NEGATIVE consequences of a vegan diet:

When we make choices for our children we need to make sure they are sound choices.

If AOC and some other liberals had their way, all of our kids would be on vegan-type diets.

This over-the-top lifestyle just cost a baby his life because his parents made an alternative lifestyle choice for a child without learning how to properly protect the child from the numerous deficiencies that are common with the vegan diet.

I don’t care if you choose to be vegan, but please educate yourself and be careful with your children.

One couple did not and now they may be going to prison.

Even if they do not, they will live with the guilt of killing their own baby for the rest of their lives.

May this poor little child rest in peace and may his parents find wisdom in strength in their time of loss.

Many of us make bad choices in life and the blessing in them is what we learn from them and what others may learn from them.

May the death of this precious baby be a warning to others not to make the same mistakes and hopefully save the lives of others by raising awareness.

Vegan diets are dangerous if not administered correctly.

My kids are not and never will be on a vegan diet.

In my house lack of protein will never be a problem.

Too many carbs is something we battle, but my kids are generally healthy and kids stay healthy only when parents take time to educate themselves.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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