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Germany 1930’s-America 2020: Politicians Brought The Nazi’s To Power & Started The War – It’s Happening Again Right Here In America, Today!

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Published on: October 31, 2020

“Politicians brought the Nazis to power and started the war. They are the ones who brought about these disgusting crimes.” – Karl Doenitz, German admiral and would-be fuehrer after Hitler

Back on January 24, 2013, I had written an article titled “Are we as asleep as the Germans of the ’30s” in which I warned that if Americans do not take heed as to what is taking place here in this country, history would repeat itself.

Well, here we are several steps closer to what it is that I warned would come (Ezekiel 3).

Let’s fast forward to the present where we are now dealing with another created crisis concerning the current Covid-19 plandemic.

Any Questions Left Concerning The Coronavirus as Being a Manufactured Crisis, This Will Surely Put Them to Rest – 2003 “Dead Zone” Forecasted 2020 Plandemic Verbatim (Video)

Another One Comes Forward “CBS Reporter: Virus Is One Of The Greatest Frauds!

As you know, this is being sold to us as “for your safety,” which is exactly what the Nazis did in further stripping the people of their rights.  On the back end of their care and concern, we are being threatened with unconstitutional, forced compliance, which is TOTALITARIANISM.

Doctors: Not About Covid-19, Not About Science, It is About Control! The Video that Exposes the Government’s Narrative Concerning COVID-19 is Being Scrubbed From the Internet. (Video Posted Here)

Remember, this is also the same government, while illegally forcing businesses to shut down, that is also responsible for sanctioning the murder of 60 million babies (Proverbs 6:17), who also stated that during the mandated business shut down Planned Parenthoods were essential. Yet, again, the churches were forced to be shut down, or so they were told. Sound familiar?

When The Nazis Did It, They Were Crimes Against Humanity – When The American Government Does It, It’s Called Science!

The Correlation Between America Today to That of Germany in The 1930s – Mandated Vaccinations, Go to Church, Go To Jail, Bracelets to Buy and Sell, etc… (Videos)

Now They Want You to Turn in Your Neighbors, Snitches Get Rewards! Representatives Acting Like The Nazi’s SS – How Long are Americans Going to Tolerate This?

Don’t forget that simultaneously criminals were also released from prisons across America, endangering the lives of those that government is responsible for protecting. For your safety?  Think again! This now brings me to my point.

The michigancapitolconfidential reported:

Two Or More People Meet Outside Homes, Not Wearing Masks, Subject To $1,000 Fine

An exception would be if the two people were swimming together, but even then a face mask is ‘strongly encouraged’

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director Robert Gordon has defined a “gathering” in Michigan as “any occurrence, either indoor or outdoor, where two or more persons from more than one household are present in a shared space.”

The definition empowers the state to regulate gatherings of any two individuals who are not from the same household, with a failure to abide by the rules punishable by civil fines of up to $1,000. This implies that two friends who are not wearing face masks and walking together (not six feet apart) in a empty park would be subject to state-imposed penalties.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services imposed a new and more restrictive set of coronavirus restrictions on business and schools on Oct. 29.

I’m seeing a lot of parallels, friends, from the Germans in the 1930s to America in the present.

Modern Day Gestapo: If You Do Not Comply, “We Will Shut Off Your Water and Power,” But It Is For Your Good…

This came after the Supreme Court in Michigan had already shut down the tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her unconstitutional edicts (Psalm 94:20).  It’s interesting to note how the Department of Health, as they call it, is acting above the powers that the governor does not even have.

Power Hungry Governor Struck Down By The Courts Again! Why Are The People Still Wearing Masks?

Federal Judge: ‘There Is NO Pandemic Exception To The Constitution’ – Then Why Are Americans Going Along With It?

South Dakota Governor: I Don’t Have The Authority To Lockdown The State, They Are Attacking Our Religious Freedoms – What Is It That The People Don’t See Here?

What do these corrupt politicians do when the American people lawfully hold them accountable, even when they are shut down by the state’s supreme court?  They continualy assail them and then play the victim (Revelation 12:10)!

As The Assaults On The American People Continue, Corrupt Politicians Play The Victims

What is this leading toward?  As I have always said:  Those who are selling you the virus are the same ones selling you the vaccinations.

As I Have Always Stated, “Those Who Are Selling You The Virus Are The Same Ones Selling You The Vaccines!” – Look Who Is Profiting from Them

Have you taken the time to ask who it is that is selling you the virus?

Since When Did Bill and Melinda Gates Become Licensed Doctors? Gates Paying For Desired Outcome -This Is Illegal!

Bill Gates: Those Who Engage In Anti-Vaccine Efforts…They Kill Children! Ever Take The Time To Know What Is In Vaccines? (Videos)

Bill Gates’ Dad Was Head of Planned Parenthood (60 Million Babies Murdered), Inspired His Population Control Views – And He Wants to Help People? Get Behind Me Satan! (Videos)

As you can all see, the president is the one not only giving the Gates a platform but he is stating that he will unlawfully distribute them with the use of our government.

Out of His Own Mouth (Video): The President Wants to Mobilize Military Rapidly to Distribute Cornavirus Vaccination – Why Does He Need the Military to Do That? You Do Not Need To Force Health Upon the People!

In conclusion: What is the pill in all of this jam?  The same thing that I always said that it would be because they are too easily predictable:  vaccinations (Leviticus 19:19).

What is in the vaccines?

“If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.” –George Bernard Shaw (Jeremiah 6:16)

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