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Government Wants The Power To Save You Even If It Destroys You

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Published on: April 3, 2020

The current belief by many is that the government has to order us to stay home or COVID-19 will spread so bad that many people will die. Ok, for the sake of argument we will act as if that is true. We will only call it true to evaluate if it should be allowed to continue. My position is that it does not matter if it is true or not true. The reason for that is because they have eliminated everyone’s rights, for their claimed goal, to save some people’s lives.

The problem is, many people have already died to protect our rights. In reality, they are saying the veteran’s lives that were given to protect our rights, no longer matter. Now all that matters is the lives that will be lost to COVID-19. If we only have rights when the government says we have rights, we really do not have rights. We only have what the government lets us have.

I could quote from the Constitution, which many do, however people seem to lose the meaning when that is done. My goal is to make you think. I have studied the Constitution and it is a wonderful document, but it only gets its power from the government obeying it. That is the problem. If someone shows up to your house, to rob you, and you pull out a copy of the State Statutes, and tell the thief he is not allowed to rob you, the thief will laugh at you. If you show the thief your shotgun, the thief will know, he is not allowed to rob you. The Constitution is no different. The Constitution is only as good as the government that is obeying it, and the people forcing the government to obey it.

Think about this, the people in the military protect the constitution with their lives. The judges in this country claim they interpret the Constitution, and then use the police to protect the Judge’s interpretation of the Constitution. I realize people mean well when they thank me for my service. However, it stabs me through my heart every time I hear it. Why, because I know what the judges have been doing to our Constitution. They have interpreted it to the point that we no longer have any rights. If the people thanking me for my service, really appreciate my service, and my military brothers and sisters who have been wounded or died, they would be demanding that the Constitution be obeyed.

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The isolating of people in and of itself is not the problem. Obviously, at risk people should be protecting themselves. Obviously, people and businesses doing things to not spread contamination are prudent things to do. The problem is in how the government is isolating people. If the government said lets come together and fight COVID-19 with everything we have. Then COVID-19 would be the enemy. What they have done with the mandatory lockdown is made the people and the Constitution the enemy.

The government is saying, your neighbor cannot be trusted, watch them and turn them in. The government is saying the Constitution cannot be obeyed because things are so bad that the government just needs to do what it takes. Think about that. The Constitution is just the ultimate rules that the government must follow. The government is saying things are so bad that they need to throw the rule book away. If the people cannot be trusted, then the government cannot be trusted.

After all, we are a government of the people by the people and for the people. If the government turns into, a government that must control the people, whatever it takes, with no rules the government must follow, we are already defeated. I do not think that is what my friends and neighbors want. I do not think that is what my friends and neighbors will allow.

We need to be a team, working together for the good of the country. When I say country, I am saying each other, as in you and me. Instead of U.S. standing for United States it needs to stand for us. If we come together, put political petty bickering aside, care for one another, this could be our finest hour.

The churches, instead of sacrificing our Constitutional right to worship God, could show our love for Jesus by sacrificing to care for the people who need us now. Instead of hiding in our homes being afraid, we could show people the bravery that comes from the confidence of being in the service of God. I know people in Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Ambulance Services. They will do their job, regardless of the COVID-19 situation. Pray for us, ask God to protect us.

Yes, things may be more dangerous. God’s protection does not give me permission to act like a fool. However, danger does not give me permission to act like a coward. Yes, we should be extra careful. Yes, we should develop procedures to be safer. No, we should not let the government throw the Constitution, (the rule book) away.

Aggressive force shows weakness and fear. The thief uses a gun and force out of moral weakness, because he will not earn his money, he takes money with force. The government only uses aggressive force out of moral weakness. Fear is proof of their lacking justice in their actions. Defensive force against an enemy violating the law is strength. There must be morality in the use of force.

When you look back in history, such as World War II, which gives you more pride in your country? The internment camps, because the government was going to do whatever it takes, or people willingly coming together to serve the country in its time of need. Which do you admire? Force or sacrifice. Victory gardens willingly planted in people’s back yards or internment camps. The people in the World War II internment camps were not willingly sacrificing for the good of the country. Those people were sacrificed by force, by the country, to the false god of fear. That really is the crossroads we are standing at. Do we turn down the road to unlimited power and act out of fear? Or do we rise to the occasion and serve with honor, pride and bravery. Force is not a choice. If the government takes away our rights, we cannot rise to the occasion. We can only obey and bray, like the cowardly sheep we will have become.

If you really care about this country, and our rights, fight for them now. Call all your state representatives, federal representatives. Call your governor and the president. Tell them you will gladly die for this country. Even if it is COVID-19 that takes your life in the name of freedom, as the song says, “all gave some, and some gave all.” Do not let them die in vain, please. Melt the phone lines down call the radio stations. Tell the people who are elected, if they do not stop this, you will. Tell them you will vote for freedom, and you will vote them out of office. Tell them you will organize to impeach the judges that have interpreted our rights away.

Our true threat is not COVID-19. Our true threat is they have taken our God given right to worship God. The government will not obey their own rules, the Constitution. They threw the rule book away. When they asked us not to attend Church it was our choice. Now that they ordered us to not attend Church, it is what we are told to obey, not what we chose. That right is gone. From now on it is obedience to immoral force.

When Patrick Henry said give me liberty or give me death, he knew that no liberty eventually means death. I would rather die free, from a virus, worshiping my God in freedom, than being a slave to fear.

Jesus said: “fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Fear God, not COVID-19.  Your soul is more important than your life. Freedom to worship God is more important than forced protection. Give back our freedom to choose going to church or choosing to stay at home, but let the choice be ours.

Where do you stand?

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