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Gun Regulation, Mental Health, & Marxist Utopians…Oh My!

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Published on: August 5, 2015

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Gun Owners of America president, Larry Pratt.  Gun Owners of America is a great organization whose members are on the front line in our battle to retain the second amendment for future generations.  The Obama administration has been waging a silent war on gun owners, attacking us in any way they can. Recent assaults we have seen include the attempt to strip social security recipients of their gun rights and the attempts to regulate gun related speech on the internet. Gun owners of America is taking the lead in fighting these issues, as they are one of the most effective gun lobby groups in the nation. It was a real pleasure speaking with Mr. Pratt—he is a very personable individual who seems to enjoy a good conversation. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the issues we face as a country, and, as a matter of fact, he and I actually have something in common. We spent a short time discussing my book, “Not on my watch: Exposing the Marxist agenda in education,”  and it turns out that both Mr. Pratt and I had similar experiences dealing with the academic left while in college. We both faced scrutiny for expressing opinions that were not considered politically correct. That realization laid the ground work for what was in my opinion, a great conversation.

We spent the majority of the conversation discussing various agenda items of the left and the tactics they employ in order to accomplish this agenda. The first topic was the issue of mental health and gun control. As we all know, the left is using the issue of mental health to try to limit gun ownership. One of the themes we discussed was the idea that when pro-gun advocates point out the fact that all mass shooters are doped up on psychotropic drugs, they are actually helping the lefts argument concerning mental health and gun control. This is because the left has the uncanny ability to twist anything to fit their narrative.  To continually point out the fact that mass shooters are all on drugs, we further the agenda of proving mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns. Obviously, some people shouldn’t, if they are that sick; however, this is already the law. We also discussed the fact that the issue of mental illness has been a long time tactic of the communists in an effort to discredit anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

The next topic we discussed was the point I was making in my article Psychopolitics in Social Work Education. Here, I cited a passage from the book on Pyschopolitics where one is led to believe that all literature found in our universities is purposefully controlled to push a communist narrative.

From the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics.

Technical papers should exist as to the number of cures effected by psychiatry and psychology, and whenever possible, percentages of cures, no matter how fictitious, should be worked into legislative papers, thus forming a background of evidence which would immediately rebut any effort to actually discover anyone who had ever been helped by psychiatry or psychology.

This article was motivated by the fact that I had come across some interesting information that seemed to give the above passage some real credibility. It turns out that only a few major corporations are controlling the content of academic research. You see, when you do research at the University level, you are, for the most part, limited to using peer reviewed research journals. These journals, it turns out, are all controlled by these corporations, especially in the social sciences, where most of your hard core leftists seem to be present.

The fields most controlled by this academic oligarchy include those dealing with chemistry, psychology, social sciences and the professional fields. On the flip side, biomedical research, physics, and the arts and humanities are influenced to a much lesser degree by these six corporate publishers, according to the study.” (Natural News)

One of the main themes of many of my articles is the idea that the left is using education as a means of “brainwashing” the gullible masses into accepting their liberal worldview.

Finally, we discussed the point I tried to make in my article, “The Democrats lack absolute morality and their actions prove it.”  At the end of the article, I made the observation that we can’t beat the left by playing by the conventional rules, and we have to be just as merciless in our attempts to win back the country. Mr. Pratt asked me to elaborate on that. What I was trying to say is that we are up against an enemy that is willing to destroy everything because they believe they can create a perfect “utopian world.”  They believe that the highest level of morality is corrupting themselves in order to achieve this vision. How can you beat that? You have to be steadfast and passionate in your defense of truth and not be afraid to stand by your convictions.  Sadly, these are qualities lacking in the current Republican establishment.

I was honored that Mr. Pratt took the time to contact me. The interview was recorded and will play on the Gun Owners of America radio, which airs on Saturdays, within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The date of the airing of the show is August 15, 2015.

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