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FBI Informant Involved In Gretchen Whitmer Phony “Kidnapping” Hoax Charged With Another Crime

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Published on: January 1, 2022

Anyone paying attention to what took place in Michigan knows that those men who were charged were doing their duty to arrest her for her crimes against the people as evidenced by the Michigan Supreme Court slapping her illegal mandates down not once, but twice!  The FBI was in on it to set the men up.  Now, the FBI informant involved has been charged with another crime.

JD Heyes has the story.

The more we learn about the alleged “plot” to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the more we find out that not only did the FBI set this hoax up, but they also didn’t use very reliable people to do the job.

In fact, two people associated with the entrapment scheme — one now a former FBI agent and another who acted as an ‘informant’ — have been in trouble with the law themselves.

The most recent, Stephen Robeson, was charged in late December with allegedly defrauding a couple out of their SUV after he convinced them to donate it to a phony charity (because obviously the FBI and the shady people on the bureau’s payroll are all about hoaxes).

In addition, Robeson’s wife, Kimberly, has also been charged, and the two of them face up to three years behind bars with fines as high as $10,000 if the FBI allows them to be convicted.

Big League Politics reports:

Court records indicate that Robeson was particularly instrumental in setting up the phony kidnapping plot of Whitmer that was used as an “October Surprise” of sorts before the Nov. 2020 presidential election. He found the patsies who were set up, organized meetings that were bugged, and paid expenses for the poor saps to attend the events used to create the bogus kidnapping scheme.

It’s not as though Robeson is a newbie to the life of crime. Previously, Robeson was set to go to prison for a maximum of 10 years on a firearms-related charge but he cut a deal with the feds regarding the felony charge so he skated with time served and some probation. “As usual,” Big League Politics notes, “the feds protect their own and hold them to a different standard of justice than ordinary Americans.”

Meanwhile, in September former FBI Special Agent Richard Trask, the lead agent in the Whitmer kidnapping set up, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor involving a domestic violence allegation.

“The charges for assault with intent to do bodily harm stem from allegations that Trask beat his wife’s head against a nightstand following an argument that originated on the way home from a swingers party they attended,” BizPac Review reported, revealing, also, what kind of immoral character Trask was as well, since “swingers” are into partner-swapping for sex (doesn’t the FBI screen their agents?).

“His firing comes amid questions surrounding the FBI’s use of perhaps 12 informants, members of a supposed far-right militia group, Wolverine Watchmen, that appear to have driven the conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer,” the report continued, adding: “He was dropped as a witness for the FBI following comments he made on social media calling former President Donald Trump a ‘douchebag’ and a ‘piece of s—.’”

All of this comes as lawyers for five of the men charged with this bogus “conspiracy” have filed a request with a federal court over Christmas asking that the case be dropped because it has become fairly obvious the FBI entrapped the men.

The men — Adam Fox, 38, Barry Croft, 46, Kaleb Franks, 27, Daniel Harris, 24, and Brandon Caserta, 33 — face up to life in prison if they are convicted, but their attorneys argued in court papers they would not be facing any punishment at all had they not been set up by the bureau.

“When the government was faced with evidence showing that the defendants had no interest in a kidnapping plot, it refused to accept failure and continued to push its plan,” their attorneys noted, according to The American Wire.

“Essentially, the evidence here demonstrates egregious overreaching by the government’s agents, and by the informants those agents handled,” says the dismissal filing, which comes ahead of the March 8 trial date.

“The government initiated this case, despite the fact that it knew there was no plan to kidnap, no operational plan, and no details about how a kidnapping would occur or what would happen afterward,” the lawyers argued.

Our FBI is compromised, that much is plain; this case should go away.

Yes, the case should go away, but so should the FBI and every, single, unconstitutional, alphabet agency.

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