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Hey Kids, If you are Diligent you Will Succeed in Life!

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Published on: September 30, 2014

Hi kids! I hope you are doing well! Today, we are going to talk about a kid named Charles Bullard. Last week, we talked about a kid named George Jones, who was lazy and did not do his work as he should. However, this week we are going to talk about a kid who was in the same class as George Jones, only he was not lazy and did his work as he should. This kid’s name was Charles Bullard. We need to make sure we seriously imitate Charles Bullard because of how apt he was to get his studies done, not to mention getting A’s on all of his tests.

There was a big contrast between Charles and George. Unlike George, every time there was a hard test, Charles would stay inside during recess to study so that he could get an A. This was very rare indeed.

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When recess was over, Charles would (for the most part) be the first one in school. Every time he was called up to read out loud, he would smile and read carefully. When recess came (and there were no hard tests for Charles to study for), all the kids would be very happy to have Charles on their side in a baseball game because he was very athletic too. Then, again, right after recess, he would usually be the first one back in class and would be ready to start his studies.

He was very happy as well and apt to get his work done in school and out of school. Charles was no different whether he was in school or out of school. By contrast, George (the lazy boy) was moody in school and out of school.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Charles was so good on his studies that he had much time for reading interesting books?

Finally, Charles and his class went to college, but George Jones (who did not study hard) was taken out of college by his father. In fact, Charles was so diligent about his studies that he was voted one of the best students in college. When Graduation Day came, he made a really good speech that inspired everyone, including his family. His family was so happy with who he had become and loved him more than ever!

Charles grew up to be a very happy, smart, and prosperous man. If we are idle, like George Jones, we will become poor and not smart at all. As a matter of a fact, George Jones grew up to be a poor man without any friends and he was not smart. This is what happens when you become idle and lazy. Do not become idle and lazy for this does not represent Jesus Christ and will result in living a miserable life that will ultimately lead to death.

Thank you so much for learning with me. I hope you had fun while learning about the difference between these two boys.  Always remember, don’t become like George Jones, be diligent and you will succeed like Charles Bullard. Thank You!

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