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Honoring a Fallen Soldier and His K-9

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Published on: July 13, 2015

In a video that continues to make its rounds across the internet, the Delta Airlines Honor Guard remembered a fallen soldier and his K-9 in a brief ceremony as the soldier was brought home.

The event took place took place on February 13, 2013, but has recently spread in viral fashion across the internet in 2015.

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A friend of mine, who is a pilot for Delta, told me on Sunday that Delta has been doing these types of things for well over a decade to honor our fallen.

“I’ve even made the announcement as we would land that we were carrying a fallen soldier,” he told me. “Often, I’ll call for a moment of silence and let people know they can either exit the plane or wait and watch as the soldier’s body is removed.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that this events began with employee volunteers in 2005. They took it upon themselves to make sure the fallen soldiers were treated with respect.

“I still get nervous every time I do one,” said Delta employee Brian McConnell in 2010. “I have to catch my breath.”

“I came from a family of servicemen. My father and uncles all served and my eldest son today continues his active duty service in the United States Air Force,” McConnell said in a Delta report about the ceremonies. “I have never had the honor of service but this is my way of serving and my way preserving the dignity and honor of those who have served.”

This particular event took place at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can see the people even in the terminal who are watching through the window as both the soldier and his dog are removed and loaded for their final destination.

These who give their lives should remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ who willingly and knowingly gave His life so that sinners might not face the wrath of God, but might obtain eternal life through Him. It is the King of kings who is able to wash sinners clean, empower them to obey God and grant them true freedom to do what is right.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. –John 15:13

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