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How the Clowns In The Circus Of Politics Keep The Show Going-When Will Americans Learn? (Video)

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Published on: December 16, 2019

“Politics is just like show business.” -President Ronald Regan

Criminal Barack Hussein Obama, after acting as the sitting senator for a whopping 143 days, became the president of the United States of America, with his hand-picked rival for the presidency, none other than Hillary Clinton.

See, the feud begins on the campaign trail by dividing the unconstitutional party line in order to indoctrinate people to believe that there is a two party system so that they can be divided and to conquered (Mark 3:25).  Of course, you do all of this by contriving such a system to drive the American people into compliance. Simply drive them in this particular case to their favorite hand-picked candidate in hopes of putting them into the people’s White House.

Lies are contrived and stirred up about each other on both sides as were their fabricated victories.

Hillary Clinton said:  “Today, I am standing with Senator Obama to say yes we can.”

This, of course, is to delude the truth in line with the hopes that you will settle for the lesser of two evils, which were delivered up as your choice for the next president; not understanding that both actors in the circus of politics were delivered up by the same people/powers that be.

“Presidents are selected, not elected.” –President Franklin D.  Roosevelt

Hillary Clinton said to Barack Hussein Obama: “I was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor Resco in his slum landlord business in the inner-city of Chicago.”

The crowd is then stirred up as they cheer on Hillary Clinton.

In the end, Barack Hussein Obama won and then appointed his rival, at least that is what we were told, Hillary Clinton into the position of Secretary of State.

Barack Hussein Obama about Hillary Clinton: “I want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she’s played during the course of my administration.”

Folks, this is nothing short of pro-wrestling and the clowns acting out in the circus of politics with pre-scripted results.

Hand Picked Presidential Candidates – What About The Other 1,104 Candidates The Media Never Told You About? All Driving Support…

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” -President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Barack Hussein Obama then goes so far as to publically endorse Hillary as The next president of the United States.

“Politics in America is identical to Pro Wrestling.” –Former Governor and Pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura

This piece is about being principled, acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong (Deuteronomy 25:1), not about defending the politician with your favorite jersey on.  Hopefully, this helps to open your eyes (Acts 26:18) to the games that are being played with you, the American people, as the pawns on the game board by that of ill-designing men.

Again, this is not about your favorite politician, but about your being principled.  Remember what President Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “When a people value its privileges, above its principles, they soon lose both.”

Americans, we are to be patriots, not pawns.  A patriot is defined as a person who is true to God and to his country, to the Constitution for which hundreds and thousands have fought, bled and died ratifying concerning the enumerated laws found in the U.S. Constitution against tyrants in foreign lands (2 Corinthians 5:15).

“Patriotism means to stand by the country it does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country, it is patriotic to support him in so far as he is efficiently serving the country, it is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise, he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth whether about the President or anyone else.” -President Theodore Roosevelt

When I was a little boy, I remember when I and my brother and my mom and her boyfriend would go to the pro-wrestling matches. I can also remember when we would be inside of the auditorium and how I thought to myself how the roof stayed intact, considering how loud it would get inside of that building.

I would look at my mom and my brother and they would be yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs and at the same time, they would be laughing sadistically.  They were both laughing because we all knew that it was all a façade, fake, fabricated and fictitious.

After it was all over, we would leave the building and everyone’s voice was completely worn out. In the meantime, the pro-wrestling federation CEO’s were creating new rivals and scenarios to get you back into the building so that fans could be lied to on another day. What’s crazy about all of this is that people knew that this was all fake, premised on nothing but lies (Jeremiah 5:31).  Yet, the people keep playing the fools to their own financial demise.

“In my era of wrestling, there were no guaranteed contracts, it was inherent that you draw the crowd in to make money.” -Former Governor and Pro-Wrestler Jesse Ventura

Furthermore, you know the deceptive means that the Pro-Wrestling Federation would conjure up.  The bad guys that they created were feuding with the good guys that they created, and all of it was pre-scripted to entertain the public to bring about the outcome that they preplanned.

Behind closed doors, everyone also knew that these created arch enemies were the best of friends, and it was all devised to keep the circus moving forward in order to keep people at the door and buying their deceptions.

For example, pro-wrestlers John Cena and Randy Orton would both debut in 2002.  In the years that followed, both would rise to major superstar status, having won 12 and 15 WWE Championships. John Cena and Randy Orton have been involved in one of the best feuds of the past decade, a contrived rivalry filled with personality, amnesty and hatred.

Paul Heyman serves as the advocate for Brock Lesnar while on camera at WWE, but away from the sideshow, Kaman is not just a mouthpiece for the beast, but a friend of the wild animal.

What about Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper?  They both go back a long ways. Coming face to face in the ring for many years before winning the World Tag Team Championship together later on in their careers.  Just so you know, the animosity and the rival, and the feud was all created.  In fact, Rowdy Roddy Piper stood as the best man at Ric Flair’s wedding.

Ray Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero had something that is hard-pressed to find in professional wrestling a true admiration and sincere love one for another.  While many other names could have been attached to Guerrero, Mysterio was chosen out of history and they worked together for years, both as a tag team partners and as bitter rivals.

No matter the situation, magic would happen when these two met in the ring.  In 2006, Mysterio would win the World Heavyweight Championship and dedicate the biggest victory of his career to his fallen friend.

Former Pro-Wrestler Chris Jericho said, “If Shakespeare was alive today, he would be writing wrestling shows.”

These actors know what their job is and whom it is for which they work. It’s just a show, all premised on deception, merely creating the illusion while leading the opposition themselves.

Wait a minute, did you just say “leading the opposition?”  Yes, I did!

Leading the opposition is a communistic tactic to control the opposition, said Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin.  He said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Controlled opposition is when a deliberate attempt is made to either create an opposing effort to an existing power base or to obtain control of any opposition to one’s own efforts.

Some protest movements in this country are actually being led by government and or corporate agencies.

Notice in the video below who is attempting to discredit what Pelosi is doing: The same mainstream media that has a long history of covering for conspirators.

Remember what John Adams said:  “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the Republic into two great parties each arranged under its leaders and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble, apprehension is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”

Did you know Vince McMahon, the WWE promoter and executive, is good friends with Donald Trump and his net worth is $1.93 billion?  I’m telling you this lest you have forgotten how wealthy they have become off their deceptive games with the public.

Do you remember when Vince McMahon and Donald Trump were put up as rivals against one another? Do you remember when Donald Trump body slammed, beat and shaved Vince McMahon at Wrestle Mania 13? This all started with Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump announcing the Battle of the billionaires, and the people foolishly purchased their tickets only to be lied too.

By the way, Linda McMahon, wife a billionaire Vince McMahon, was appointed small business administrator by none other than Donald Trump.

Last year, when touring the beautiful state of California, I and my family took the time to go to Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Museum there in Simi Valley, not because I’m a Ronald Reagan fan, but because I love learning the history of this most awesome country in which we live.

While I was there, I instantly noticed the slogan which Ronald Reagan ran his presidential campaign on:

“Let’s make America Great Again!”

Sound familiar? Due to the fact that Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign on the same exact slogan, flags are up!

When will Americans learn the tactics of pro-wrestling and circus politics with the same pre-scripted results in which they are caught up?  After all, Americans can blame no one but themselves, for it is their short-term memories that allow the show to go on. As a matter of fact, the very definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over again, only to receive the same results.

John Whitehead, lead counsel from Rutherford Institute, recently wrote, “It is so easy to be distracted right now by the circus politics that dominate the news headlines, but I’m telling you stop being distracted, don’t be fooled, not even a little no matter how tempting it seems.”

We’re being subjected to the oldest con game in the books, the magician’s sleight of hand that keeps you focused on the shell game in front of you while your wallet is being picked clean by ruffians in your midst.

This is how tyranny rises and freedom falls.

What characterizes America today is not so much dysfunctional politics as it is ruthlessly contrived governance carried out behind the entertaining, distracting and disingenuous curtain of political theater. That is the government today, and what a political theater it is: diabolically Shakespearean and, at times, full of sound and fury.

Clown Mitt Romney told Barack Hussein Obama, “You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack (In Benghazi) it was an act of terror, it was not a spontaneous demonstration? Is that what you’re saying?”

Clown Barack replied, “Please proceed,” to which Romney added, “I want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.”

Yet, in the end, signifying absolutely nothing, let me be clear:  We’re being ruled by a government of scoundrels, spies, thugs, thieves, gangsters, ruffians, rapists, extortionist, bounty hunters, battle ready warriors, and cold-blooded killers who communicate using a language of force and oppression, and this all behind the facade of your favorite politicians.

Unfortunately, our nation of sheep has given rise to a government of howling wolves.  Indeed, the US government now possesses the greatest threat to our freedoms, more than that of terrorism, more than domestic extremism, more than gun violence and organized crime.

The United States government remains a great menace to the life of liberty and property of its citizens than any of the so-called dangers from which the government claims to protect us. Sadly, nothing has changed for the better since Donald Trump’s ascension to the people’s Oval Office (2 Corinthians 11:14).

HL Mencken predicted almost a century ago, “All the odds are on the man who intrinsically is the most devious and mediocre, the man who can most adaptly dispersed the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. The presidency tends year-by-year to go to such men the office of the president presents more and more closely the inner soul of the people,the white house will be adorned by a downright moron.”

In other words, nothing has changed folks.

Do you remember when, on the campaign trail, Donald Trump said Obama will go down as the worst president in US history?

Donald Trump said, “Obama’s gonna go down to one of the worst presidents in the history of this country.”

Then, after winning the White House and meeting Obama, he changed his tune to that of a very, good man.

Donald Trump said of Baack Hussein Obama: “Mr. President, it was a great honor being with you, and I look forward to being with you many, many more times.  Thank you, sir.”

Do you remember when Donald Trump said that if he was to win the presidency that he would call for a special prosecutor to look into the “Clinton situation”?

He said to Hillary Clinton “If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it, and we’re gonna have a special prosecutor look into your situation.”

Then, after he won the presidency, he told the American people, “We owe a major debt of gratitude.  Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country, I mean that very sincerely.”

Hey folks, they’re not enemies, they’re friends.  They’re both working together to bring about the same results.

What are the promises of this current administration? Virtually every promise has been reversed since his incumbency contrary to the promises that he gave to the American people on the presidential campaign trail.

Do you remember that the wall was going to cost 4 billion dollars? Then, Donald Trump said that is was probably eight billion, then it’s gonna cost ten billion, then maybe twelve billion, then it went to “we’re putting down twenty five billion for the wall and who’s gonna pay for the wall? (Implying that Mexico was going to pay for the wall.)

Consider the 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill, for example.  This last week, I posted a picture of Paul Ryan and the 1.3 trillion dollar omnibus bill, which was passed under the guise of “nationalsSecurity,” which literally funds America’s enemies both within and without. This bill was drawn up under the criminal administration of Barack Hussein Obama on December 15th of 2016, when Paul Ryan literally signed his first legislative act by betraying the American people.

Well, when seeing this post, people began to call out Judas Paul Ryan, and rightly so a Judas.  Yet, the problem that the people overlooked was not so much with Paul Ryan, as if the suggest Donald Trump didn’t know who Paul Ryan was and what he was doing.  Well, this “national security bill” was signed by Donald Trump, not Paul Ryan.

Have you noticed that politicians, more than not, are found to be promoting behind closed doors what they are condemning publicly? Let me give you a couple of examples.

Leland Yee was rated A+ by the Brady Campaign, an anti-gun organization and a national gun control group.

Leland Yee said, “Whatever I can do to prevent the availability of these particular kinds of weapons, you know I want to do.”

The media reported on the surface the story of Leland Yee looks like a precipitous fall from grace. State Senator Leland Yee, considered by some to be a rising star in state politics, was then facing multiple counts of fraud, and conspiracy, money laundering and influence peddling.

The media continues,

“the 67 year old had risen steadily in the ranks of debate area politics since the late 1980s when he was elected to the San Francisco School Board, he then went on to sit on the City Board of Supervisors and in the state assembly, the latter role saw him become the first Asian-American Speaker Pro Tem in 2004 making him the second highest ranking Democrat in the California Assembly, at that time from 2006 onwards he served Yee served as a state senator and was plotting a Secretary of State campaign when his political visions were curtailed by a federal indictment in March of 2014.

The arrests swept Yee and his associate Keith Jackson 51 up and charges alongside as some of them city’s most notorious characters, notable among them Chinatown’s gangster Raymond shrimp boy chow, he received a five-year prison sentence for accepting bribes and in trafficking arms.”

Well, we’ve all known for some time that many politicians have been engaged in drug trafficking while playing the hypocrite in advancing the war on drugs. It’s now being reported, not by the CIA-controlled media mind you, that the ping-may a cargo vessel owned by the in-laws of Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell was boarded by Columbian inspectors and they discovered roughly 90 pounds of cocaine in 40 separate packages. The Nation reports the seizure of the narcotics shipment in the Caribbean port occurred far away from Kentucky the state in which senator Mitch McConnell is now facing a career-defining election.

The Republican Senate Minority Leader has the closest ties to the owner of the ping-may, the vessel containing the illicit materials, the foremost maritime corporation a firm founded and owned by McConnell’s in-laws, the Chow family.  McConnell’s ties to the Chou’s go back to the late 1980s when James Chow began donating to the senator. In 1993 McConnell married James’s daughter Elaine Chao a Republican activist and former Reagan administration official, who would later serve as Secretary of Labor in the George W Bush cabinet.

By the way, Donald Trump recently appointed Elaine Chao as the new Secretary of Transportation on January 31, 2018.

Furthermore, that’s all you have to do is ask them how corrupt the system is.

Jim Hightower former Democratic agriculture commissioner of Texas said, “Today’s whole political game run by an absurdist nightmare of money elites is ridiculous, a game in which corporations are people, and money is magically empowered to speak, candidates trek to the corporate suites and secret retreats of the rich, shamelessly selling their political souls.”

Another point, isn’t it interesting how current President Donald Trump was groomed from the beginning to the present?

Television programs “Sex And the City” ‘Samantha a cosmopolitan and Donald Trump, you just don’t get more New York than that.” With the help of Hollywood and movies like “Home Alone,” the WWE and Pro-Wrestling’s Vince McMahon, talk shows like Larry King, Oprah and the list goes on, he has been pushed to the front of the American consciousness.

Oprah asked Donald Trump if he would ever become the president.

“You’ve said though that if you did run for president you believe you’d win,” she said.

Donald responded, “I don’t know, I think I’d win, I tell you what, I wouldn’t go in to lose. I’ve never gone in to losing in my life.”

Even his own show called “The Apprentice.”

By the way, maybe this is where the American people received their assurance from Donald, that he would be the one to drain the swamp, which he has clearly not done to date (Psalm 12:8).

Clearly, from his earliest public appearances, Donald Trump was laying the groundwork for a presidential run, refining his instincts, polishing his reputation as a businessman, and seeking out ways to raise his profile.

Simply put, we are being taken advantage of by a government of scoundrels, idiots, and cowards.

HL Mencken said, “Congress consists of one-third more or less of idiots, and two-thirds more or less scoundrels, three thirds more or less poltroons.”

The CIA-controlled media outlets give politicians all the attention needed.  In the end, and with the approval of the American people, they are put and kept into the position of power over your lives.

All we have to do is remember what Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Mason, said: “Whenever the people need a hero, we shall supply him.”

Tell me if this sounds familiar Americans?

Concerning politicians, both in the past and in the present, “Don’t blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome because they will have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions and laughed delightedly at his licentiousness and thought very superior of him to require vast amounts of gold illicitly. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the forum of the new wonderful good society which shall now be Rome’s, interpreted to mean ‘more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious.’

Same old talking points, same old results (Jeremiah 6:16).

In ending, how do the clowns in the circus of politics keep the show going? By entertaining the ignorant people that they mean to control.  After all, and as you can see, pro-wrestling and the circus of politics always bring forth the same pre-scripted results? When will you learn (Hosea 4:6)?

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