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In Defense Of Kate Shemirani – Professional Nursing Isn’t Government Controlled

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Published on: June 5, 2021

Every Saturday, The Sons of Liberty radio show is guest hosted with our health and wellness expert Kate Shemirani.  She’s been giving of her time and knowledge for more than a year now since she agreed to come on and speak to our audience.  During that time, we have seen her be vigilant, vocal, passionate, informative and a no-nonsense approach to speaking to health issues, especially the unproven COVID-19 and the gene-altering genocide jabs.  She has been maligned in the media both in the US and the UK, even to the point of using one of her children against her, but she has stood strong, despite those in authority attacking her, her credibility and her lifestyle.  She’s even been arrested, charged and threatened with years in jail as a domestic terrorist for speaking out on the issue.

Taking up for her is Dr. Kevin Corbett.  Kevin joined us for months on the broadcast and his latest piece was written to defend both Kate’s honor and integrity.

Here’s the text of Dr. Corbett’s piece.

Given the grossly unfair judgement meted last week out on Kate Shemirani by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, it’s difficult to see how they can say that she’s “no longer a safe or effective nurse” when “no clinical deficiencies” were ever reported to them about her. 

This judgement is clearly an ad hominem attack on a brave Nursing soul who speaks out highlighting real scientific uncertainties, government lies and health risks. 

It’s Soviet-era shaming for speaking truth to power. 

To hit back at her they’ve extended her ‘interim suspension’ to prolong this politically-inspired show trial. Clearly they’re hoping to conjure up some real complaints. Even the lawyers hired by the Nursing and Midwifery Council know that to strike-off now for no clinical misdemeanour(s) under public gaze is too blatantly a miscarriage of justice. They know it may well be legally rectified, hence the interim suspension. 

How long does this charade go on for? 

Is all professional dissent now illegal? 

You may not all agree with Shemirani, but does that justify censorship and removal of professional registration? 

(If you agree it doesn’t, then write please write to the Nursing and Midwifery Council to formally register your disagreement and support for Shemirani).

And there’s much worse. 

Early last year, Shemirani, a self-starter and proud mother-of-four, bravely spoke out on her local radio station about the government’s science-deficient Covid policies, and the real risks of radiation exposures. 

Ofcom quickly censored her, and ever since, we’ve been living with that OfCom Covid-era censorship. All of her radio predictions subsequently came true. 

Shemirani then spoke out on the lack of evidence for mask-wearing, then she spoke out on the illegal Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders and prison-like quarantines, secretly slapped onto our elderly, infirm and disabled during lockdown. (One of my own family members died minus loved ones or even a priest for last rites). 

Then there was Shemirani’s iconic presence in Trafalgar Square which literally inspired thousands of participants. For that the police are still prosecuting her. More recently, she exposed the phase 3 ‘vaccinations’ which have been emergency-licensed and fast-tracked onto the market by the MHRA

It is these sorts of injections that are now being pushed onto all healthcare professionals on pain of disciplinary action or worse by government diktat. Many have joined the British Nursing Alliance co-founded by Kate Shemirani and myself to help give professional leadership and peer support because of the extreme workplace bullying and intimidation so many are continuing to frequently experience in the Covid-era but which regulators like the Nursing and Midwifery Council repeatedly refuse to address or even acknowledge. 

Where are these so-called professional healthcare regulators like the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the General Medical Council and the Health and Care Professions Council on these unethical issues like error-prone PCR testing, murderous DNAR orders, fast-tracked injections and ghastly workplace bullying / intimidation? (Answer: doing nothing but mouthing the government line). 

Generally less publicised is the fact that, last September, Shemirani was physically kettled in Whitehall by the London Metropolitan Police. This frightening treatment was captured on video. Later they arrested her on trumped up charges (quickly dropped) for merely speaking out in her own inimitable style. Her home was searched for health-related information freely available on the internet. This Gestapo-like action against her was followed by the BBC intruding into her family’s affairs. Shemirani loyally stood firm. She publicly supported (not denounced) the family member with whom the BBC collaborated in a tell-all salacious exposé. This BBC action backfired as public support fell heavily on Kate’s side.

The mainstream media are now cheerleading the mobbing of Shemirani for skilfully doing only what we’ve taught all healthcare professionals to do, namely: speaking out under their professional duty of candour. Readers may know that Shemirani previously exposed the pharmaceutical cancer lobby based on her 9-year+ experience as a cancer sufferer who continues to reject the orthodoxy of radiation/chemotherapy yet nevertheless has satisfactorily survived (and looks well). As such, she deserves a double spread colour feature in the nursing press but this week she only garnered a few biased lines. 

The mainstream media continue to misreport Shemirani’s extended suspension, and recycle the official vilification of her as an irresponsible ‘anti-vaxxer’, as they mechanically regurgitate the government’s party line, and play along to try to virtue signal and gain Brownie points. It’s all just cheap propaganda. Like the Covid fear porn propaganda produced by the government’s notorious Behavioural Insights Team, clearly designed to try to whip up greater lockdown compliance. 

One issue which was reported accurately by the Nursing Times is that the title ‘nurse’ lawfully used by Shemirani and others, whom the mainstream eschews, isn’t protected by any Act of Parliament. 

The title ‘Nurse’ – like the true profession of Nursing – isn’t the preserve of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, or any government, or its flunkies, like Matt Hancock to bestow. It is a valid title earned for life legitimately by those of us by virtue of the validity of our original nursing qualifications and our demonstrable career-accrued expertise. Neither is it ever due to the extortionately over-priced registration fees annually extorted from all nurses registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council. 

I think Florence Nightingale would be very proud of Kate Shemirani and would most likely think the Nursing and Midwifery Council is just another expensive, wasteful and vexatious government ‘poodle’ (no insult to real poodles). For Nightingale knew very well how Nursing – and real Qualified Nurses like Kate Shemirani – aren’t controlled by self-serving politicians, governments or their media lackeys. We’re autonomous critical thinkers, who will work outside of the Nazified straitjacket now being foisted upon health services by the government in the Covid-era, aided and abetted by the corrupted regulatory bodies like the Nursing and Midwifery Council.  

Amen!  I can attest that in the past year, I have seen Kate speak privately with grace towards those who have attacked her, spoke evil of her and maligned her in many ways.  She prays for them and while not a perfect person, she has been seeking to obey the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in dealing with her enemies and she remains bold as a lion in calling out those who are committing evil in our society and now have their eyes set on our children.

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