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UK: London EMF Radiation Levels More Than 25 Times The Limit Considered Safe Due To 5G (Video)

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Published on: May 7, 2020

The numbers don’t lie, people.  Weapons expert and inventor Mark Steele, along with Sons of Liberty’s Health and Wellness expert Kate Shemirani went to London on Thursday and took electromagnetic readings in the middle of the city around the newly installed 5G antennas on top of lamp posts and the results were just as expected, meaning that the government is lying to the people about what 5G is actually emitting.

Take a look at these two videos that were provided by Kate Shemirani, whom you can hear each Saturday morning at 8am EST at Sons of Liberty.

Steele had his EMF (electromagnetic frequency) meter with him to just test it in the areas they were in and the results were shocking, but not to those paying attention to what is going on.

The meter read up to 5,000 millivolts when, according to Steele, the safe zone is supposed to be a mere 200.

And that’s just in one area of London!

Mark joined me previously to point out that 5G is nothing short of a weapon and given his experience in weapons development and heads up displays with knowledge of EMF radiation, he knows his stuff.

He has also pulled apart one of the 5G lamps to show exactly what it is.

Shemirani was let go from her spot on a local Uckfield radio station because she dared to point out the dangers of 5G and the effects is can have, demonstrating that the effects of people that had coronavirus or COVID-19 were the same kinds of symptoms that people would experience from exposure to 5G that poisons their cells.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has also observed similarities as well.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has also said the same thing.

There is a plethora of evidence that demonstrates that 5G has not been thoroughly tested and does pose a significant health risk to the population.

Already, many activists are targeting 5G towers and masts as a result of the knowledge they have gained.

We also know from history that there have been massive outbreaks of flu like symptoms when new radio frequencies have been introduced in the environment.

So, the question people need to be asking at this point is:  Is their government purposely working with big corporations (fascism) in order to depopulate the people via an “invisible enemy” and are the people going to simply sit down and be cooked to death or stand up and deal with the tyranny?

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